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  1. @richie_macrophage I just download from spacedock and the Launchers Pack exist in arhive, if too difficult to install the mod I suggest to use CKAN
  2. Hi @linuxgurugamer, I have same problem as @Apelsin Please check the images: https://imgur.com/a/uysRvYJ Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmuqpublh5sob41/KSP.log?dl=0 Output Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6v67rmf5lb17cd/output_log.txt?dl=0 Thanks
  3. Go to Base Version spacedock website using the link from OP and download old version from changelog. If not wait for new config.
  4. hi, @ShotgunNinja you can adding the specialization at the Details page -> Thanks.
  5. @Irenicus No I not use the RSS+RO.
  6. I just tested the shuttle with the craft file and I not used the MechJeb. for orbit at 200x200 without any problems and return again. Right now if you use MechJeb sometimes is not working great, so I suggest to launch the shuttle manual without MechJeb. The shuttle are very good control to can launch easy. PS. be careful at angle.
  7. no. enter in arhive and copy the Canadarm folder where you see alongside the ModuleManager.2.6.25.dll that's all
  8. archive have structured: Canadarm-1.71\Canadarm\Gamedata\Canadarm check again in the gamedata if you have folder in folder. because for my is working great.
  9. I have few questions about ISS part and Shuttle. 1. Truss 0 -> Truss 6, the node is working to put it on the shuttle? for me not goes 2. Truss 0 with Destiny module, can be attached it (open connector), I not see any point on module where to can put it. (maybe is needs to be connect with Z1, port, without any port, but to working only with node. ) 3. Z1 port doesn't work, I think are something wrong in config. 4. all Truss, have ports for couple, to can use with canadarm, and to assembly in space without problems ? I want to know about all or I not doing correct. Thanks.
  10. check the Canadarm folder, to not wrong with it.
  11. Use the links from Dev page, You can find it at first page.
  12. Read the few pages back and you can find to fix the problem.
  13. Download from Dev page.
  14. hey, @Mike-NZ in the future you have a plan to change at Soyuz U First Stage to put decoupler (for not using the stock or from other mods) and on fairing? Ariane 5 the node is not working, Proton Rocket is not stable at launch (bend).
  15. @Mike-NZ of course not to overworked, don't worry. Now I want to use the ISS Community and is not working good at KSP start, because the configs all are wrong and must be reworked. after that I can test again if is working good.
  16. Welcome back @Mike-NZ , you can update the ISS Community and the other mods? Thanks.
  17. I just tested the Launch Pad 39B (v1.1.2.03) with the Stock Dimension Version (v1.1.2.01) from CKAN and I saw the pad is too big for the rockets, and I can't launch for the pad. I looking for the new config for stock dimension version, to can launch for this pad. Thanks.
  18. From my side. yes To see the texture of cockpit and cargo, I have this settings: Render Quality: Beautiful Texture Quality: Half Res If I change the render and texture to less, I see the black one. You can try it, to see if that is works for you.
  19. I have same problem, but I know from what is happened, because I changed the Graphics settings (render quality and texture quality) to less.
  20. Thanks Kartoffelkuchen for the videos i need it.
  21. I found this video with solar panel rotation: It's made rotating automatic. also, the JEM ELM have a litle problem with node.
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