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  1. Did Boris find Moose and Squirrel first?
  2. Holy guacamole! That is a very comprehensive triple shell of satellites......
  3. It is really interesting to see what you're doing in your save. If I may ask, could you post a view from your tracking station to see where everything is? Thank you!
  4. I like the Police reference... Interesting read so far. Edit: Also nice to follow the program of someone who's close to where I am in my career
  5. I'll have to take a look at those. They are gorgeous. Thank you for the info and reply!
  6. You use Textures Unlimited for the stainless steel....? If so, would you be willing to share the settings? Much appreciated in advance!
  7. Dude.... Something went by? Until the new version comes out.... (And I excitedly wait Like This.....) Does the currently released version work with 1.8?
  8. Everything dies baby that’s a fact but maybe everything that dies someday comes back....
  9. Well, lets see here..... Today was a mix of glorious.... Uhh.... Well, none of my launches were technically successes.... Ok... The Launches themselves were good..... Lemme back up a sec. I started a sandbox session in 1.8 with a few mods (Mostly the near future set) Anyway, the first rocket took off, and I headed for the Mun. With Jeb at the controls, Valentina as first officer, and Bill and Bob there to keep an eye on things. I was quite pleased with myself for getting an encounter without messing with a maneuver node. The ship had space for 6, and 10k dV so it was a little over kill... Probably. Jeb got to the Mun, and proceeded to try to land. He apparently wasn't paying as close attention to altitude as he lithobraked at close to 100m/s.... Good news for the crew was that Gs knocked them out before they all died..... Yup all the orange suite's got wiped out in the first mission....*Sigh.* SO! Secound launch of the same rocket--The design was sound, just pilot error... Did have to use a node this time, but the Other Guys got to the Mun, and landed with a touch over 400m/s of dV left. I wasn't certain if that was enough to get back so I cobbled together another lander to refuel the landed ship. That launch went just fine... Right up until I found out that I needed a decoupler between the fairing base and the Munar Transfer stage. That changed the dV I thought I had (thought I had about 1500m/s or so.....) to just 150m/s..... Plus about 450m/s in the actual lander. Mucked up the landing on that and killed another poor kerbal. Last mission I sent up was a repeat of the one that just failed... With added decoupler! Yay! Got to the Mun.... I had never landed close to another vehicle before, so I landed within about 30km of the craft I wanted to refuel. I had drills and a ISRU on this lander so I figured I could just fill the tanks of the refueler and then hop closer. It probably would have worked except there wasn't any ore to be had at the location I had landed at, and the refueler lander only had 30m/s after I had landed. So.... Furnburry Kerman got out, and used her suit thrusters to fly as far as she could to the first Mun lander. She got to about 20km before her fuel ran out.... and then walked another 3km before the person controlling her had to pack it in and get ready to get a flight way too early in the morning tomorrow in RL. Oh yeah, I have TAC-LS installed, but fortunately the Kerbals in the first Mun Lander have over a year of supplies and plenty of electric charge. Assuming they don't kill each other, they should be fine until I get something there to refuel or get the crew back to Kerbin...... Got some pics but it's late and I'll have to upload them when I get home tomorrow.
  10. Love the Fishbed and Freedom Fighter!
  11. Today I restarted my career...... I did a lot of engine testing.... More Engine testing.... Followed by a successful sub-orbital flight and a run about in a small rover. Last flight ended up having to use the abort system due to the controls going haywire. Valentina had a splash down that was a little early, but she is none the worse for wear. She's off for the next 7 Kerbin days to recuperate.
  12. Awesome! Thank you very much; I'll add that to my list of mods! Speaking of which, started a new game this evening. Pretty simple little craft, a Mk I capsule, some goo canisters a parachute.... and a Flea. Spent 7 days building it (I have KCT installed) got the A-1 onto the pad... and the booster failed to light. *Sigh* Thank you Oh Scrap..... >.< Ah well, we shall see what the next launch attempts bring. Edit: The 6th attempt, the booster lit off and Sidlun became the first Kerbal to be spam in a can over the shores east of the space center!!
  13. Very cool pics! What mods are you using for your bases?
  14. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! You just made my KSP year!
  15. Cry baby, cry! Make your mother sigh! At least that's what comes to my mind....