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  1. Yep! Got the Nyan Cat flying around my loading screen which was amusing if nothing else. *Tongue in Cheek* Oh yeah, I also got a message saying Kopernicus isn't working.... Maybe we should wait till that's updated like Galileo said.
  2. I suppose for those of us who've no clue how to check it out, we have to trust the creators to not dump extra stuff on our machines. At any rate, I picked up ckan and got the mods that way. Thank you for your help! Again, I appreciate your work on these mods.
  3. It complains about KIS/KAS and the lights.... Haven't tried any others yet Edit: Tried Planet shine as well, and a no go with that one (4 of 4 mods haven't worked with curse. Not sure if it is a browser thing or something up with Curse.)
  4. Is there another location to download the file? Using Opera, my system is saying there is a virus detected when downloading from Curse.... I love the mod and it is on my must-list. Thank you for your hard work and your time!
  5. I just wanted to thank you for the vid demonstrating the features of the mod. I never actually used this mod before because.... Quite frankly, I found it intimidating, but if I could have understood it before, it would have made life soooo much easier. Thank you!
  6. Using the flight computer you can schedule multiple commands. You can also use MJ to set up the maneuver nodes and then use the EXEC button in the flight computer to execute them in a linear fashion. I actually don't like doing this however, because my short term memory is crap and I forget which commands are already queued or alter them after they are set. (If I may make a suggestion, some form of graphical indicator showing what commands are in queue would be great. I don't know how hard that would be to do though.) Honestly, the flight computer is great for the initial set up of comms networks. It's very powerful, intimidating tool..... (Your experience will vary.) Hope that helps. A thought struck me right after I finished typing the above. Right now, as things stand you need a crew of 6 and the large (2.5m--I think it's the RL101 core but my memory is failing me.....) probe core to be able to ultimately control other unmanned craft. May I suggest a change or at least an altered feature. Instead of having this one way of controlling other craft, may we get an option to use a smaller probe core and smaller crew to be able to control a more limited number of unmanned craft? Obviously there are other problems that me as a simpleton user can't see. (Again, I don't know how easy or difficult something like this would be, especially if it was an optional rule set within the mod that I think would be the best way of implementing it.) Anyway, great work on keeping the mod around. I just can't see playing KSP without this. P.S. I am assuming this works with 1.3.1
  7. My figures are all arbitrary (meaning I chose them based on what sounded reasonable to me) If there is enough feedback (and given inflation, there will be) this will change. I want to create a thread where one can get an idea what they need within a few posts. I want to create something that people don't have to comb through thousands of posts to figure out. So I hope to keep the 2nd post up to date with what is current thought.
  8. Greetings fellow Kerbals and friends! It's getting to be about time for me to get a new computer and instead of just getting parts and mashing them together-- (I know! I know! How un-Kerbal of me! ) I figured I'd see what you fine people thought! I also thought that this could be a tool to help people who might be looking for ideas or don't have a clue where to start use to help them get said clue. Would have loved to have seen a thread like this idea back when I built my last machine. Just a couple notes though. When suggesting specs and machines, lets think of a price bracket for the recommendations/thoughts. Call them Low, Middle, High, and Fantasy (Greens for low/entry level machines, Blues for middle of the road, Reds for high end machines and Purples for machines where price isn't an issue. Hence Fantasy. You can access colors by clicking the A underscore icon and I will suggest price brackets further down in this post.-- Please code your set ups you submit!) This also assumes that KSP is the game you're primarily using it for, but it might not be the only one. There are people who like AMD and there are people who like Intel. That's cool. I would ask that you refrain from bad mouthing your competition though or going on a bloody rant. Please keep in mind that these thoughts are for other people's consumption and to help other people get the best equipment for their buck. Not to score points. Also I expect that there will be people just looking for recommendations for certain parts (Video Cards come to mind....) Carrying on about how Intel/AMD is a better processor isn't particularly helpful to them People aren't going to rebuild their entire computer because of 1 aspect isn't working they way they want it. Usually. Um.... Yeah, I think that covers it except the price brackets *LOW: Less or equal to $500 US Dollars *Middle: $501-$1000 US Dollars *High: $1001-$2500 US Dollars *Fantasy: $2501 and up US Dollars *: I live in the U.S. and these brackets are arbitrarily chosen. For those of you who deal with other currencies, I apologize. I expect these will be different. For now the US Dollar is the common benchmark and I am a jerk so I won't be changing it if that does change. I should also say that these are all estimates. One might find prices when you come time to buy your machine vary. Also keep in mind that people want to get the best bang for their buck. I want to maintain at least 1 build (if possible) for either AMD or Intel in the next post per category with a price for each, and to maintain those recommendations. I won't guarantee they are equal in capabilities, but they fall within similar performance, based solely on budget. (Basing it on performance assumes that people have unlimited wallets. This isn't the case, so we must judge performance upon what we can AFFORD. It doesn't matter if a chip can make cookies and run nuclear tests if the user cannot afford to buy it. There's my bias, so take it with a grain of salt.) In the next post I will try to keep the most popular set ups listed. These will be updated around once (1) a month-- Hardware and the game doesn't update sooner than that. Might be less frequent if I deem it appropriate, (or those I appoint to maintain this in future deem it appropriate.) I hope the Devs. will help in this regard in suggesting changes in hardware beyond those already posted. Premise here is that that KSP is a primary or major component in the requirement in deciding the specs for a new computer. I will post the specs of the machine I am looking to get SOONTM (This may neither be the cheapest nor most expensive out there) (Will Edit once I get a design I like) When Making a suggestion, please let us know which bracket (with color) you are suggesting it for. It will make my life easier. Than you all for your help! If I have missed anything, please say so! Again, thank you for your help!
  9. So this is not compatible with RSS (the Kerbin scale version) so I expect it won't be compatible with RO either. Just for further info.
  10. Wierd.... Whenever I've clicked it; it's failed to connect to the page... I'll try it again. Aaannnd it's working now.... Figures. Nevermind on that now!
  11. Found this mod the other day and it... is.... AWESOME!! However, I did notice that the download link in the OP is dead. Is this on purpose? (I did find a link in one of the posts later in the thread) --Glitched on my end! Also, is this compatible with RSS/RO? If not, any thoughts about it being done at some future date? I don't want to be a pest, but it would be really cool if it became so. Thank you Daniel I and Seanth for this glorious mod!
  12. This is not the case in game. (I hope that is clear....Please ask if it isn't.....)
  13. Bare with me for a bit. When you put your hand outside a window while traveling in a car, you experience lift from the deflection of the airflow deflected from your vector of travel. That's because your hand is being propelled forward by the car. Generally speaking once the car is at cruising speed, it is 1G. Equal force opposing the constant acceleration of the car. Now that is horizontal acceleration. That is what it is because the point of thrust is horizontal. Meaning it is along the surface of the Earth. Now, when you launch a rocket in this game and mod, the atmosphere seems to behave in a similar fashion to sticking your hand out a window of a car. That is to say, that the horizontal travel is more important than the direction of thrust. I posit that horizontal force is less than the force applied by rockets along the direction the force is being acted upon. This isn't being modeled properly in my opinion. It is my theory, that action upon an object going to orbit will find more force being applied to towards its direction of travel based on it's length. Meaning it will not be deflected off track by random atmospheric forces while a constant source of thrust is behind it.
  14. It is a linear 3 engine design. The outboard engines are responsible for Roll. The Center engine controls pitch and yaw. That said, atmospheric forces seem to apply more on the nose, than the section applying the thrust. Like I am launching during a hurricane. Edit: Not going to a 3rd party, so yes I understand that I can post to Imgur.....I won't because I do not wish to go to a 3rd party.