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  1. You got the other military mastermind Sun??
  3. Thank you for pointing that out.... Zekes if you use that I will shoot a private spot off and feed it to a dog...
  4. No, just no XD the selfie is my thing. I'll leave after today so Elad?
  5. Nah man Rarity show us your beautiful face!!!
  6. Yep, that's a pic of me .-. I'm hideous but I needed a new pic 8/10, Dem eyes!!!
  7. Battle update!!! The ANV Union intercepted the HMS Rhineland and fired two "Drek breakers" which had little effect on the mini nuisances. The second shot damaged the barrel and knocked the weapons out. (Sorry I didn't get a pic of the second shot, I was focusing) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tukon15xvc0e3r/persistent.sfs?dl=0
  8. Ugh, Part count is lagging my game out and causing glitches .-. MAKE A NEW SHIP, THE DREK IS OUT OF DATE!!!
  9. This aircraft is amazing!!! I love it.
  10. They used to be able to. They don't anymore but I made an upgrade and came up with a new missile based on the High Acceleration.
  11. Are those my old HAC missiles in there?
  12. C'mon Zekes let's battle, I'll set up...
  13. You realize that's considered a kill in a battle right? Fine let's settle this little argument shall we???
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