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  1. @JPLRepo Hey man, thank you for the quick fix. I installed it 3 days ago and it stopped the drifting, hurray. However, I noticed another small problem since then. Remember the bug that caused docking ports to lock up when an undeployed fairing is present on the vessel? Well, it´s back in my career save. > I can`t undock anything from space stations or the fleet I was just about to send on it´s way to duna when there´s a fairing on the vessel - almost all of them. May I kindly ask if you think this mod could have anything to do with that? It´s the only thing I changed since 1.12.2 and the only other mods I´m running are EVE, Scatterer and WaypointManager. And has anyone any ideas how to fix this? So far I´ve tried to reverse it by testing older save points, removing mods and reinstalling the game, but without success. I´m sorry to bother you with this, but I´m out of ideas.
  2. Let´s recapitulate: Duna has less atmosphere and less gravity than Kerbin. So you need very little thrust, but a whole lot of surface area to stay aloft. Oh, and the terrain is a little difficult for long take off runs. Let´s keep that in mind, too. Something like this works: I found that if my designs could barely take off on Kerbin than they were probably right for Duna. Oh, and reducing the Prop RPMs a little bit works wonders. Have fun designing and show us your results pls
  3. Oh, flags are great. A simple system of building blocks that allow the creation of more complex shapes. I wonder if the devs could include some that would make the creation of spherical shapes easier. One can dream. I´ll have to test what happens to the sub after uploading and downloading. If the fairings hold their shape and that sort of stuff. If it holds up I´ll edit the link into the original post. Maybe later today. But it´s a bit messy and clippy under the skin. Sometimes my philosophy changes from "build it clever and clean" to "what do I have to do, to make this work?" when it gets late.
  4. Yep. the phase when you take 20 ore out of one tank and put 30 in another... Man, you´ve nailed the propotions of that Delta and the bow and stern made from flags? Just wow. If you don´t mind me asking, how many parts does it have? I had one batch of versions that still had wing parts as stern dive planes. When those hit the water hard enough it would launch the crew cabin almost reliably into space.
  5. Thoughts when I saw this: 1: wow, that´s cool. 2: Oh god, how many hours? 3: I WANT ONE!!! One weekend and 28 versions later: At one point late in testing and tweaking I forgot to put crew on board, so I wasted an absurd amount of time trying to remedy that. Made a lot harder by those scatterer waves. Not nearly as cool and sophisticated as Yukons Delta, but I´m still pretty happy with it. (And it´s really really quiet ) 16 crew max. Top speed around 22knots. Powered by 6 big fuel cell arrays. I´m thinking about making a nuklear version but it would need 80 RTGs (!) to power the motors alone.
  6. Hi At the moment I´ve only got two planes to show for. 1: My humble attempt at a DC-3 and 2: I just built this today. I don´t think it´s finished yet, but my bed is calling and it´s already cool to fly. And parked side by side: Brilliant!
  7. I know, I know, I´m too late for the challenge, but this thing drove me a little bit more insane today, so I hope you don´t mind if I post a few pics anyway. This was a lot harder than I thought. Gratulations to NASA for the succesful landing and everybody who participated.
  8. After a few weeks without KSP I´m finally back in the game. My graphics card died. This time for good, and yes, it happend while playing KSP. Why do you ask? So I decided to give my PC a few shiny new parts while I´m already on it and what followed was an unpleasant eternity where nothing went to plan. 6 weeks later (!) almost everything is up and running again. Now I can finally test some ideas I had in the meantime. Today I tried to build my favorite helicopter. The look came out better than I expected, but I was absolutely sure that it would fly like a pig. But hey, at least it would look nice and shiny while doing so. So after hours of building I hit the launch button for the first testflight and to my absolute shock and amazement... it flies beautifully. In fact it flew over an hour without SAS on, just with trim and minimal pilot input and then smoothly landed on the roof of the VAB. I´m absolutely stunned! This is still very much a WIP but here are a few pics anyway. I also built another heli and a new shuttle: this time with a working Canadarm and KAL controlled booster thrustcurve/separation (it´s nice when you can concentrate on flying ) and it´s in about every aspect better than any shuttle I ever tried to build. Launch: smooth, roll maneuver: unproblematic, orbital operations: just cool, reentry: very stable, glide slope: absolutely awful. So yeah. It´s a proper shuttle. And I´m on and off tinkering with a little walker. Not bad so far, but there´s still room for improvement. And I can´t for the life of me think of an adequate and cool name.
  9. First time that happened to me. Hey, congrats to reaching your antipode coordinates. The strange heli platform is a really nice touch. Oh guys, I´ve been staying up to watch the SN8 flight. absoulutely incredible. But now it´s bedtime. More flying tomorrow. Good night/day to you all.
  10. Leg #2 from Dessert Airfield 6° 31' S, 144° 1' W to the Crater Rim Tracking Station 9° 26' N, 172° 6' W. It was an uneventful but beautiful flight lasting 103 minutes. We´ll be staying here for the night. I wouldn´t want to cross the ocean in the dark and the view is amazing. Btw: The crew consists of Mirke, Elson (pilots), Philemy and Roley (flight engineers) who are smirking all the time. We´re just having a lovely time. Edit: Don´t park on the tracking stations. Bad idea! I just hit m and the heli exploded. Had to F9 for the first time in this endeavor to my first landing spot and suddenly there are trees everywhere.
  11. Today I decided to participate in the Kerbin Helicopter Circumnavigation challenge. (and to recreate this gem of a gif) It´s gonna be a wild ride
  12. Thanks . Yeah, pretty much spot on. Top stable speed at sea level is around 66m/s. At 5000m its around 80 but on average I tried to keep it around 75. Six km from the Dessert Airfield during the descend the speedometer hit 110 when the heli made a half loop and fell out of the sky. I barely managed to recover and flared out at around 30m above ground... I don´t want to repeat that. EVER! (sry, I just made that gif. couldn´t resist ) You have my utter respect for doing this in a stock bearig helicopter. BRAVO! My bearings were never quite stable enough. Keep it up.
  13. Cool! Probe core delivered. First leg seen above: Starting point: KSC 0° 2' S, 74° 43' W End: Dessert Airfield 6°31' S, 144° 1' W Duration: 172 minutes. I´m in . Gonna top up the 19% fuel I´ve used so far and carry on later today. (will probably take a little while though) You too mate, you too. Godspeed
  14. Hi @Hotel26 Great challange. Quick question: Would you consider a flight that was not meant to be a first leg as such? I´ve been toying around with tandem helicopters lately and one design just kept on going and going and at one point I thought, let´s fly to the dessert airfield. climbing up to the mountains - cape dessert - almost there I didn´t think I could participate because with my other helis this would take far too long and I could throw my wrists in the bin afterwards, but at one point during this flight I said to myself "wow, this one could do it." One problem: There is no probe core on this craft, so no coordinates so far, but I think I could clamp one into the cargo bay if you would find that agreeable.
  15. Finished my little weekend project today: "Try to build a helicopter cockpit that looks ok." Was not meant to be a Huey, but turned out to be one. (UH-1k) After 2 evenings of building (don´t put flags directly on hinges. I´ve never seen the Kraken work so fast. Lost quite a bit of progress there.) today was flying and tweaking time. To my surprise this thing turned out to be pleasantly stable and precise to fly. At least 2 hours of flight time on the clock and I haven´t gotten cramps in my left hand. And you know what? There´s still an hour before bedtime and I think I want to fly it a bit more. I´m really liking this one.
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