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  1. KerrMü

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    This is one of the few times when I envy some people for having a few years more on the clock than me . I am still getting goosebumps when I hear " Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The eagle has landed." I wish I had seen it live. [Development comment starts here] Hey Squad, I´m very curious about that revelation you mentioned. So push 1.4.5 out the door quick. I think I read something about some updated parts. I´m looking forward to that. And bugfixes are always welcome. I hope development goes swiftly without too many complications. Just one little thougt: If it´s a new DLC/update, please don´t let it take a full year again.
  2. Hi dr.phibes When I build a new plane, the most tweaking I do is to the angles of the wings, stabilizers, control surfaces and so on. When you put wings on your plane, they are by default (most of the times) parallel to the body of the plane, but if you increase the angle of attack of the wings, this can have a pretty substantial effect on the performance of the plane. This is always a compromise. The higher the angle of attack, the higher the lift factor, but also the drag. Simplified: high angle of attack for slow planes, low AoA for fast planes. Also making your wings dihedral or anhedral can have a huge impact on the flying characteristics/stability/maneuverability of your design. The same is also true for stabilizers. Enable the good old Center of Lift-indicator and watch it when you change the angle of your horizontal stabilizers for example. You simply have to play around with that a little. Soon you´ll have a pretty good idea what change will lead to the desired effect. sometimes you want more lift at the back of your plane, sometimes you might even want a little bit of downforce. With this little technique I can build my planes so that they can fly on SAS set to prograde and hold (mostly) course and altitude. Yeah, I´m a very lazy pilot. Other factors to play around with: Center of Mass, where to put the engines, control surface authority limiters and fuel distribution. I hope this helps a little. Have fun building lots of different plane designs. (quick pic of a plane, since pic of ... something else was expressly not permitted)
  3. KerrMü

    What did you do in KSP today?

    OMG! that looks amazing. Mine looks like trash compared to that. craftfile gimmegimme! Hmmm, that´s what I´ve done today. I built a trashy lookin helicopter. Now I´m very tired and my brain hurts. Sweet bed I´m coming! Good night folks.
  4. Hi folks First: I haven´t built any turboprops for almost a year (Imgur says 11 months), so I don´t know if anything of this is new or even a little bit exiting. But I´d like to get back into stock propeller crafts, and helicopters are always fun and lot´s of hours to tinker with. So here is my first project and in general my first helicopter that is actually not quite bad. This is where I stopped yesterday evening: Fixed rotorhead heli. It could hover and land pretty accurately as you can see, and I liked the looks. But flying forward? Not so much. It was semi stable up to 25m/s, but very hard to control. past that point it rolled left and went out of control. So when I went to bed I knew, if I wanted to improve it, I´d need a new rotorhead to at least in part neutralize the loss of lift by the backward moving blades. (sorry, not a native english speaker, no plan what the special terms might be) So, a rotorhead that allows individual blade pitch, self regulating and not toooo hard on the bearings... ouch. Recently I watched luizopilotos exellent and amazing video with his Hue-64 Skycrane using advanced grabbing units as blade pivot points. I downloaded his craft but couldn´t fly it. (every time I tried, one of the blades didn´t connect) So I built my own version and changed the angles on the claws a little bit. Surprisingly it kinda works. Here is a pic of it in motion. The helicopter is descending at this point with very little thrust. The angles are usually not that extreme. So this design gets up to 50m/s in level flight with 10° nose pitch. Could it go faster? No idea. haven´t tried yet. How stable is it? Well, today I flew to the Island Airfield and back, and my longest testflight took 30 minutes until something collided with something. I´ll certainly play around with it some more, but for the next 2 days I´ll be out of town, and I wanted to post this tonight, because I´m already pretty happy with it. Again, if this is all old, boring stuff, I´m sorry. Here is the craftfile if you want to give it a try. Any suggestion on how to improve this craft are more than welcome. Standard helicopter controls. Hit space to attach the blades to the rotor head. Action group 2 for switching control over to probe core 1 for horizontal flight. SAS on radial out. AG 3 for 5° nose pitch, AG 4 for 10°s. Control course with Q and E and by adjusting the angle of the rudder. You know the deal About 70% of thrust is enough to take off. Funny thing: The higher you fly, the less thrust you need. To be honest, I was surprised how little thrust was needed at 4000 meters. It got to the point, where the Junos didn´t produce enough electricity to power the SAS modules. That´s why I put a fuelcell on the latest build, but I didn´t have time to test it yet. That´s it for now, have fun Cheers, Mü
  5. KerrMü

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Thanks man No mods on the "Doodadlus", but lots of MH parts and autostruts. I´ll upload it to kerbalX tomorrow. My hangar over there is too empty anyway. That´s a gorgeous - and functional - Excelsior btw. Let me know if you make any progress on those bearings. At the moment I´m using RCS-ball bearings and rings of 8 thermometers around stayputniks. If I find time this week I´ll try the ladders. Haven´t built stock propellers for a while now, but the Duna plane reminded me of how much fun it is to tinker around with those. Have read through the last pages of the turboprop thead today. I think I have to get back into Helicopters soon. Cheers
  6. KerrMü

    What did you do in KSP today?

    How cool is that??? And very handy, this old girl will need some place to refurbish when she get´s home. (Disclaimer: I used infinifuel for this one. Yeah, I´m a dirty cheater, but partcount is already high as it is, without putting a hundred xenon tanks on this thing.) In other notes: I´ve had a pretty constructive day today (the weather was just awful where I live). I´ve tested a new Duna plane by flying through the canyon, testing service ceiling, practicing landing, aso. . So far no issues, and thanks to the inflatable MH docking ports it is completely reusable. Hey @Azimech, how reliable is your ladder bearing? It could help getting the part count down on this little beauty. Next I set out to claim the Dessert Airfield by setting up a bit of infrastructure over there. I thought a fuel refinery, an aircraft refueling/tow-truck and a crew bus might be useful in the future.... .... because: Could it eventually be possible, just maybe, under certain circumstances,... that aerial refueling is friggin´ hard??? I´ve tried it serveral times this week. So far no cigar. I´m really thinking about buying a flight stick for this. (My old one died 2 years ago. Cables and office chair rollers don´t seem to get along nicely)
  7. KerrMü

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    If you wonder why squad usually doesn´t provide release dates... this thread might be a good indicator. Hey dev´s, take the time you need. There are still lots of people out here who appreciate your work.
  8. KerrMü

    What did you do in KSP today?

    How cool is that? I watched a movie on sunday, on monday I just started to put some parts together, today I made a movie poster:
  9. KerrMü

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi folks Shortly after the dlc hit the servers my internet died and couldn´t be resurrected till yesterday. So this post will be about all the things I have done in that period. Don´t worry, I didn´t have much time. I think I flew the same missions as a lot of people did with the new parts. You know, boring stuff. First, the obligatory Soyuz mission. To celebrate my first launch at the Woomerang site, I added a little bit of stuff around it. So this took me 3 days. After that I wanted to get used to the new structural panels and thougt of another historic mission... (I think Jeb didn´t quite understand a crucial part of the mission briefing) At least he looks happy, and yes, I´m going to send him to Duna. It´s his own fault! So another 3 days later I finally started on planning - of course - an Apollo style Mun landing. (I told you, the boring stuff) Here´s the catch. I wanted it to be fairly accurate, and I wanted the LEM to carry a Mun rover. Inside the descent stage. Preferably it should come out of the correct side. And so on. In the last 4 days I´ve been building and throwing away a lot of designs, flew 2 test missions to munar orbit and just above the surface, like the real Apollo program. And 2 hours ago I finally touched down to test the LEM in its natural habitat. This is what I came up with. It´s not completely accurate, and it burps out the rover rather than unpacking it gently, but I´m pretty happy with it. I think now I will try to get the crew home, and after that I´ll check out a few of the stock missions. Have fun with your endeavours, Cheers Mü
  10. KerrMü

    A real Tail Fin

    A good part of the lift produced by a wing in rl is because of the curvature of the wing profile. -> lower pressure above the wing than under the wing. On quite a few rl aicraft designs the stabilizers at the back are "lift neutral" in level flight. For a simple example: The first balsa wood model glider I built as a kid had no stabilizer wing pofile at all. It was just a straight surface. In KSP it works a little bit different. Every part that has a lifting property designed into it (for example all wings) change the Center of Lift indicator in the editor. You can work around that with changing the angle of attack of the wing a little in most cases though. I would agree, that the ability to change the lift property of a wing on a plane design slightly (not drag aso. just lift) could be useful. But I doubt it will happen so late in the development of the game. (I´m sorry, this is a complicated subject, and I´m not a native english speaker.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. KerrMü

    KSP Weekly: The Space Twins Study

    This is huuuuge! You could build a lot of stuff using those new panels. A LOT of stuff. Counting the days guys.
  12. KerrMü

    KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    How cool is that?!? Thanks man.
  13. KerrMü

    KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Wow, that chute looks sweet! Is it steerable??? I know what I´ll be doing first in the new update. (Wheeeeeee) I´m still wondering how you´re going to pack the LRV into the Lander descent stage, btw.
  14. KerrMü

    Rate of climb not achieved in airplane

    Hi Arpitshah1 Welcome to the forums. It´s not easy to make recommendations on how to improve your plane without screenshots, but I´ll try anyway. You could try to angle the wings a little bit upward. This should raise the lift quite a bit. In KSP straight wings are (almost) lift neutral, so that you can use them as fins on rockets as well. The other tip would be: Keep experimenting. Building good planes is a bit tricky, but very rewarding if you get it just right.
  15. KerrMü

    KSP Challenge: A Very Kerbal Kerismus Challenge!

    Man, you can´t do this to me. It´s late at night over here and I laughed so hard, I think I woke up everybody else in the house.