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  1. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    How cool is that?!? Thanks man.
  2. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Wow, that chute looks sweet! Is it steerable??? I know what I´ll be doing first in the new update. (Wheeeeeee) I´m still wondering how you´re going to pack the LRV into the Lander descent stage, btw.
  3. Rate of climb not achieved in airplane

    Hi Arpitshah1 Welcome to the forums. It´s not easy to make recommendations on how to improve your plane without screenshots, but I´ll try anyway. You could try to angle the wings a little bit upward. This should raise the lift quite a bit. In KSP straight wings are (almost) lift neutral, so that you can use them as fins on rockets as well. The other tip would be: Keep experimenting. Building good planes is a bit tricky, but very rewarding if you get it just right.
  4. KSP Challenge: A Very Kerbal Kerismus Challenge!

    Man, you can´t do this to me. It´s late at night over here and I laughed so hard, I think I woke up everybody else in the house.
  5. KSP Challenge: A Very Kerbal Kerismus Challenge!

    Hey folks To be honest, I didn´t think I would participate in this challenge, because I had absolutely no idea what to build for this one, but after a LOT of glogg at the local christmas market I suddenly had a very stupid and silly picture in my head... This must be Kerbins first Christmas-Tree-Topping-Star Destroyer. The "Celebrator". Here shortly after docking with the topping. Launching it was really, really, stupidly hard... ...landing - not so much. So Merry Christmas everybody. May you have the most wonderful time of the year (and not too much stress with your relatives ).
  6. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    To be honest, I expected something like " we had a major earthquake over here, get off our back, we´ve got bigger problems right now!". And that would have been perfectly fine. My english isn´t nearly good enough to write down all my thoughts and feelings right now. I´m very glad that you´re well, and I hope that the damage to your personal properties is at least manageable. ^ this! Hang in there.
  7. Stock submarine

    Hi rtdu24 welcome to the forums. That looks really good and practical as well. Awesome little sub. I particularly like your entry hatch.
  8. KSP Challenge: The Mun Arch Speed Challenge!

    Hey Folks, late entry: 169m/s 171m/s 565m/s Nothing spectacularly fast, but I got all three arches in one flight. Sorry for the makeshift video, but I ran out of time. I got all preparations done last week, you know, finding the arch that I´ve never seen before, driving rovers over there, getting an extra-fuel-module for my Beagle to the Mun and so on. But my weekend has been pretty buisy and so finally, yesterday I found some time to do the flight. Man, not easy! But a lot of fun.
  9. KSP Weekly: Taking a ride to the Moon!

    Good solid news. Mobile launch pad? At first I thought this may be a mobile launch stability enhancer to drive from the VAB to the Launch Pad, which would be cool by itself, But with the ability to level terrain? Interesting to say the least. Congratulations on that cliffhanger. It´s a big one. I urge for reading more about it.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi folks. Last weekend a mission that I started in January came to an successful end. It was my very first attempt to fly a Jool 5 mission. Here is a little album with some of the adventures on this endeavour: After entering the parking orbit around Kerbin a Spacebus came over to ferry the crew (Jeb, Val, Bill, Bob, Geredith, Sitha, Keneny and Alanee) over to a transfer station and from there they took an Orion Personell Transporter down to the Surface. Switching off the lights on the Kubrick got a surprisingly moving moment, and in this sentimental mood I decided, that just recovering the crew would be a little inadequate after all the time we spent together. So I set up a little welcome committee... ... and sent them on a little caravaning holliday to my favorite spot on Kerbin. They have earned some little time off, don´t you think? That´s what I´ve been doing this week in KSP. Have fun with whatever you´re doin. Cu Mü
  11. KSP Challenge: Landing on Duna!

    Thanks. now I´m blushing. But it was a lot of work. And it is interesting how fast you get spam comments on youtube.
  12. KSP Challenge: Landing on Duna!

    They are, they really are ... so let´s do it without. Here is my entry and very first try with editing videos. Not as nice as I would like it to be, but hey, sleep is important, too. As always, lots of very cool entrys so far.
  13. KSP Weekly: Kerbal Burazāzu

    Hi Squadies Those new engines look absolutely cool. You know me, I love those preview pics. And lots of juicy information this time as well. Thanks for that. If you are looking for tricky bugs to squash, the only one I am running into on a regular and very frustrating basis is the one where the claw and docking ports lock up. For example when you can´t decouple an asteroid, or modules from ships, stations or bases. If you need more information just pm me. If that one could be solved, that would be amazing. For now I´m trying to record my entry for the Duna landing challenge and learn how to make a video. Very nice challenge. Keep up the good work
  14. KSP Challenge: All praise Cthulhu!

    It has been written a looong time ago, that Cthulhu was roaming Kerbins oceans, ripping apart the ships of those unlucky early explorers that crossed its way. Kerbals feared and worshiped the beast for its powers. One day Keracles Kerman set off to tame the demon, but Cthulhu was tenacious. After many hours of fierce fighting, Keracles got hold of one of the krakens tentacles, and he slung it so fast into the sky, that the creature never came back down, so they say... This was considered a myth of course - until - Kerbalkind explored Bop, where they found the place where Cthulhu landed. This incident had a great impact on the Kerbal society. It triggered a renewal of both, the Kraken and the Keracles cult. Alongside with a very interesting entry in the Kerness Book of Records and a great depression among hammer throwers.
  15. KSP Challenge: Place the groundstations!

    I think that´s a great idea. I still have quite a few ideas in mind and will definitely keep this save.