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  1. MoonMan22

    Rocket Design Help?

    With 1.6 as you design the rocket, each stage will display the amount of DeltaV on the right staging panel. At the bottom is the total for the whole rocket. Use that plus This Delta V Map to design rockets that will achieve what you want.
  2. MoonMan22

    Reusable Rocket Trajectories

    Hey check out my vid. Might help. Also this vid I actually re-use the booster.
  3. In this series, I make KSP replicas of real life rockets. Todays rocket is Arianespace's, Ariane 5.
  4. Someone suggested trying to land a rocket on the helipad on top of the VAB. I did that and then took it a bit further by flying a 77 Ton rocket up to space (71,000 m) and then landing it on the helipad.
  5. MoonMan22

    Fully Recoverable Launch System (Both Stages)

    Haha Thanks! Maybe in a few years it will!
  6. So I decided to take on the challenge of building a fully reusable launcher in KSP. Second stage recovery proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought. But in the end I'm happy with the result. Both the Booster Stage and Upper Stage are fully recoverable, in the configuration in the video the crewed module is also reusable. The only piece of discarded hardware besides the fairings is the O.M.P or Orbital Maneuvering Pack. The Skywalker Booster is designed to return to the launch site for LKO missions. In the event the Skywalker Booster needs to be used for GTO missions or beyond, it can be recovered at an alternate landing site downrange. The Skywalker Launcher can also be used for Polar Orbit Missions with recovery sites prepared to accommodate both stages.
  7. The latest part in the KSP Fun with Jets Series!
  8. MoonMan22

    Video Wednesday: Having Fun with jets!

    Thank you all for the love. Part 3 is now out!
  9. The first video in my KSP 1.1 Career Series. In this part, we launch our first rocket and get to orbit.
  10. So now that 1.1 is officially out, I thought id have some fun again.
  11. MoonMan22

    Reusable Lifter Challenge

    I made a video a few weeks back doing this, Only used mods for the cranes. Don't know if it qualifies.
  12. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
  13. So I decided to send a base to Minimus. The design worked really well. Hope you guys enjoy!
  14. MoonMan22

    Invert control surface

    Hello Nich, You can actually right click on the control surfaces and invert them, in the VAB, SPH or once your flying. Hope that helps.
  15. Ha actually yes! my FPS was between 4-8!