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  1. Its a derivative of an English slang saying, Canine Sphericals or and I apologise know 'the dogs b*ll*cks', meaning its exceptionally good in a cleaner manner.
  2. You might want to check that as there are no CRAFT files in the download. Edit: You have them in the source code download not the v0_1.zip file
  3. Needs some craft files to work off, how are you separating the individual stages of the MAV as per the film?
  4. Bob I have recently taught my Air Cadets about Rocket Propulsion and told them all about your feed hopefully you should of got more visits from us Brits.
  5. Is that the original NASA Kiel design for the ISS kerbalised?
  6. GUID = 3014e6c0-1006-460a-8fc2-1469c596cdb6 NAME = STORNOWAY AIRPORT LAT = 58.216012 LONG = -6.330201 ELEV = 308 NOTE: LIKELY LOCATION OF SKYLON AIRCRAFT AND HAS HAD VERY LARGE TRACKING STATIONS IN THE PAST GUID = 299503fe-0e5d-4c17-b45b-062897f3a964 NAME = FYLINGDALES LAT = 54.359372 LONG = -0.669135 ELEV = 580 NOTE: RAF SPACE TRACKING STATION
  7. And in my opinion the best KSP Shuttle mod lives, IT LIVES!!!! And to top it off the new extended version is the canine sphericals!
  8. Outstanding, lets hope Squad see the light and let him revue all space station parts.
  9. Looks interesting. Works nice, +1 Question is there a way in the roster to sort out the professions placing pilots, engineers and scientists together in the list?
  10. I would rather see this mod brought upto date and working in 1.0.2 than wasting time on FAR and DRE patches, that can come later and for me STOCK is more than adequate. And starwaster people might have inertia to your idea because of the way you are pushing it, you are comming across way way to aggresive.
  11. I found a little problem, 3.75m SAS unit in the cfg is set to large construction which doesnt exist I changed mine to veryHeavyRocketry.
  12. What about using it as a PAM (Payload Assist module)?
  13. This has been in development for a long time and the big giveaway would be '(WIP Experimental)'. Edit: After looking at your posts it would seem you have a habit of asking for eta's and everytime you are told the same, if you dont like the response wait in silence!
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