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  1. Also seeing this issue on Gentoo . Screenshot and logfile. Fresh install, no settings changed, just jumped right in to collect data. This is more than a cosmetic problem; really causes issues in gameplay when you have all the techs unlocked and have many parts to scan through.
  2. I have seen the same thing, on Gentoo Linux. I installed using CKAN so a few dependencies were brought along with GPP. After a fresh install of KSP and GPP through CKAN, it was resolved, and then I lumped in mods from a .ckan export for a saved game of mine. Something in there broke the rings. I tested by removing KSP, and installing a fresh copy. Installed GPP with CKAN, and the rings were broken. Removed KSP entirely, again, and downloaded a fresh copy. I installed GPP with the above instructions (install Kopernicus, install GPP, and install GPP Textures with nothing else) and had the same issue. Below are logs and a screenshot and I'll try reverting to 1.5.8 in the morning to test. A cursory read of the logs seems to show that the Tellumo ring texture is never even tried to load but perhaps someone can read into that more than I can. Let me know if I can provide any additional info. https://imgur.com/a/1eYVo <-- visually broken rings https://paste.ee/p/R7MTN <-- Log files, check near the end for tracking station view focus on Tellumo EDIT: Confirming that seems to work fine.
  3. It would be great if science results set to be transmitted queued properly per-ship. It seems that if I set a science result to be transmitted, while my only antenna is retracting, the science result is lost forever. Usually I can rerun these experiments, but I can imagine a scenario in which I blow my materials bay because my antenna is retracting when I set it to transmit.
  4. Not a bug. You have to hold F9 down for a few seconds to load, and you have to be careful to know what you are loading. It is PEBKAC if you load the wrong save. Alt+F4 and load your most recent persistent if you make an oopsie. IMO, it isn't "quickload" if it prompts you after you press the button. Does Skyrim ask you when you press F9? No. It just loads.
  5. Great call. This does improve performance quite a bit, and reduces some weird coloring on solar panels that I noticed.
  6. As in the title. This bug has been around since the dawn of time. If you move a part that had symmetry and had actions in an action group, only the once instance of the part remains in the A.G. The parts placed symmetrically lose their A.G. membership if you move the part at all.
  7. I installed this mod over top of EVA and other components which were installed via CKAN, and the result was no clouds. I installed this mod carefully to a clean install of KSP and found the performance to be pretty poor: Specs: Core i7 4th gen @ 3.2 GHz 16GB RAM Geforce GTX 765M Gentoo Linux Any way to dial in some settings to appropriate levels? Edit: Blowing away scatterer helps immensely. I miss its effects, but it is apparently too much for my system. :|
  8. Running KSP.x64 on Gentoo, and FF takes forever to load at game start. KSP sits at a black screen, and the last line of the log file is something about 'Loading Final Frontier'. FF was installed via CKAN and is up to date. Uninstalling allows the game to quickly jump to parts loading screen and run as expected.
  9. Gentoo. Gentoo is what some would describe as an insanely difficult-to-manage distro, but it gives me the power to do things my way. You can call me a masochist all you like, but working with Gentoo since mid-2005 has given me the chops to take on an IT career. Trial by fire, I suppose.
  10. Sometimes I get into a funk like this. I will have a stretch of not playing Kerbal for a week or two, just because I am busy or because my career game is at a bit of a sticky or boring point. I also find that I am less inclined to play Kerbal when I am drunk (or really, really stoned... being normal-stoned makes KSP pretty awesome though) or tired. I don't have the enthusiasm I need for a sandbox/project game. My favorite, most productive, and most enjoyable moments playing KSP have been early in the morning. Nothing like 7am on a Saturday, drinking tons of coffee and launching all kinds of interesting vehicles. For whatever reason that is when I am in the optimal Kerballing mindset. You might have your own peak mental state for playing KSP. If you can identify it, just wait until things settle and then play KSP at your peak state. That always breaks me out of my funks.
  11. In CKAN 1.8.2 I am seeing the following error when updating only the Outer Planets Mod: The only mod in the changeset is OuterPlanetsMod. I do not have KopernicusTech or any other Kopernicus* mod installed, and none are referenced in my installed-default file. I do see a Kopernicus directory in GameData but have not installed any mod manually to this instance of Kerbal. I assume the GameData/Kopernicus directory was pulled in by OPM which packages its own version of Kopernicus mod.
  12. Hmm. I just received this error from CKAN: I do not have KopernicusTech installed (or anything Kopernicus* for that matter). I am still tracking down the issue - maybe it is CKAN-side - but wanted to mention it in case others have the same issue and turn here first.
  13. CKAN crashes with an unhandled exception when the partition is full during download. (Linux 4.0.4 - Gentoo)
  14. As far as I have seen, there is a bug in which an asteroid which has been grappled cannot be re-grappled. For instance, if I grab the asteroid, release it and reposition the craft, the grabbing unit is unable to re-attach to the asteroid. I've tried fiddling with the savegame, hoping it was something fixable like the docking port bug (in which you simply have to change the port's state back to 'Ready'). I see the PotatoRoid part has a few hundred (!) lines of "attN = grapple, -1" after attempting to re-grab. I have also left a small adapter (grabbing unit and docking port) in a 'roid, but could not re-dock with the docking port. I've tried editing the save file to make the docking port 'Ready', and although the magnets pull the docking ports together and seem to hold, the ships do not become joined. Using KAS pipes to connect the ships also does not result in connecting the ships.