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  1. Have you ever gotten a hamburger at a fast food joint that looked anything like the one on the menu? You seem surprised to have received a product that's inferior to what was promised in all the marketing hype. Steam charts showed on Friday that over 25,000 people were playing KSP2. That's over $1.25 million gross on day one. I'd say that all those promises you quoted worked exactly as intended, just like the pictures of that tasty hamburger. Now that you realize that marketing never reflects reality, all you can do now is decide if you're hungry enough to try the fries.
  2. I've watched a lot of the videos on ksp2. In-space ship building, wind generators, roads multi-player, etc. I feel like I was told I was gonna get the BigMac that was on the fancy menu and what I paid for is a burger that looks like it's been smashed by steam roller.
  3. Just ran some tests. It's not the particles. Either way, 6fps sucks.
  4. Have to admit, Atlas had the most horrid launch ever and it ran better than this.
  5. Asus laptop Ryzen 9 6900hs - 16gb ram - RX6700S w/8gb vram In Kerbin orbit kss station core - 25fps looking toward Kerbin - 50fps looking away. Stock jet 4 on the runway 25fps - flying looking skyward 45fps - flying looking at ocean 27fps - sitting in the vab 50fps Simple rovemax rover sitting on the mun 25 fps. GPU stays at 100pct, vram t 6.6 gb I would expect better from this machine.
  6. Didn't have nearly that issue when using other jets.
  7. So, I'm running a laptop with a Ryzen 9, 16g ram and a 6700m. Not a great gaming machine but no slouch either. Frame rates have been pretty lousy but playable (I expected much better). That is till I tried rapiers. Built a pretty basic ssto with 4 rapiers. Soon as I fired them up on the runway, frame rate dropped to abt 2 fps.
  8. Yep. Already took a look at hydrodynamics and wow. Not only are wave physics pretty insane, under water visibility is pretty much 0. A lot of this will need fixing before I even think about a new Maritime Pack.
  9. I initially got permission to work with the code for Vertical when I started 1869. After looking it over it didn't do many of the things I was interested in so I wrote the code for 1969 from scratch.
  10. Thanks Mav. Still have a little delta V left.
  11. Not at this time. I'm waiting on KSP2 before I do any more modding.
  12. Had issues with CKAN years ago with them publishing my work without my permission. Haven't looked at it since.
  13. From what I read, many of the Boeing engineers played KSP and T2 provided them with the plushie. I'm assuming this was not a money thing.
  14. Even more proof that his potential contributions to every field of science as a highly calibrated instrument are utterly boundless.
  15. Not scientific? Can you think of another instrument that would have given a better representation of the lack of gravitational influence AND could easily survive explosive decompression AND be smiling about it the entire time? How dare you underestimate the unwavering devotion of Jeb. He IS the ultimate scientific instrument!
  16. If you're using say, Chrome, top right, 3 vertical dots, print, save as PDF. That will create one PDF per web page. From there, you'll likely need the full version of Adobe Acrobat to edit and merge them.
  17. Dunno if you guys saw this, but Jeb went up with the Boeing Starliner to dock with the space station. He was the 'zero g' indicator. https://www.space.com/boeing-starliner-oft2-kerbal-jeb-zerog-indicator
  18. I am currently patting myself on the back. I read all the pre-launch hype about the Starbase MMO and thought hard about buying it but didn't. It looked like the perfect mesh of Eve Online and Space Engineers. Build space ships, write programs to have them do cool things, build bases. It sounded amazing. They had weekly video updates of all the cool explosions and ship building. And when they announced the first delay, fans riding the hype train told them, take your time, get this right. Last week, only 9 months after release and mixed reviews, they announced they were all but shutting down work on updating Starbase to go on to more profitable ventures. I fell for the Atlas hype and I almost fell for the No Man's Sky early hype (though I did eventually purchase that one). @Nate Simpson I am going to take a gamble that goes against my better hype judgment and ride this train with you all the way to my wallet. There's already been 3 years of delays and can wait longer. I'm hoping you've taken your time getting it to release so that you do get it right. So, please keep the Starbase, Atlas and No Man's Sky sagas in mind. If you do release a crap product, very few companies have pulled a Hello Games hat trick and dug themselves out of a mostly negative review hole. And I'd really be liquided if I had to slap Jeb with my own negative review. I'm older that you and I'm quite satisfied that V'ger eventually did return.
  19. The problem isn't getting 1 light and 1 emissive to work. Lights like that are easy enough as Module Lights will do both the light and the emissive without the module color. It's when you want multiple lights with emissives. Module lights requires the exact light name so it won't do 2 lights (like a spot light and a point light). Animate generic won't do the emissive because you can't put the emissive on the animation any more and module color will do the emissive but it won't do the light and it won't consume a resource. And, if you try to combine any of the above you get multiple buttons to turn lights on and off. I have one part that has like 6 animations, 6-8 lights and an emissive. I simply gave up on trying.
  20. Ok @ColdJ, finally got a little time to play around with these emissives. 1. Your technique doesn't work all the time. I have a part with 3 point lights and 1 emissive. No matter WHAT I did, I could only get one point light and 0 emissives to work with animateLights. 2. Nothing seems to work now with animating the light intensity of point lights. You have to animate the color. Sooo if you're like me and animated intensity for just about every single part, all of your lights are busted. 3. The module color changer does work for emissives. But here's the problem. It costs the player nothing to turn the lights on. Color changer has no way of draining a resource. For a game buried in realism that kinda seems silly. This is the part about modding for KSP I always hated. Every patch they ever came out with modders ended up spending more time un-breaking their mods that they did to create them in the first place.
  21. Thanks, but aren't ships normally named for people posthumously?
  22. It's simple. The Sony copyright bot on Facebook flagged it pretty much as soon as I ended the stream. 5+ hour stream and because they claimed 2 segments 15 secs each were theirs, the entire video, all 5+ hours, in 249 countries and provinces was blocked from being viewed. It got blocked on Friday. I put in the dispute on Friday. They didn't release the block and drop the claim until Thursday of the next week. So, that's almost a week. I seriously doubt if they changed their bot because of my dispute. So it'll likely block more KSP videos requiring more disputes. My solution so far is simple. I turn off the KSP music and use royalty free music provided by Facebook as a sound bed. Now as for ambient sounds, I can't stop those but maybe the sound bed behind it will be enough to throw the bot off. I'm pretty sure it's the space center ambient it's triggering on. Any original sound, music, writing, etc. can be copyrighted. So yea, if you went and recorded crickets then it's yours. You can't claim a copyright on all animal sounds but you can on the ones you record. It's considered a unique work. That ambient in the space center is enough like an ambient from Everquest 1 that I immediately thot EQ1 when I heard it. And that's how copyright works. If it's a recognizable work and they can prove it's the same or even a portion of their work, then they can legally pursue it. The only copyright dispute I've seen not held up legally lately was this one: This monkey took a selfie with a photographers camera. The photographer couldn't claim copyright because the monkey took it. The monkey couldn't claim copyright because it's not human. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_selfie_copyright_dispute
  23. Yea, here's the problem tho. If I stream with KSP music volume up, I risk getting the video banned for a week.
  24. Took them almost a week but Sony removed their copyright claim and released the video.
  25. You ever make the mistake of googling yourself? I never saw this before. https://kerbalx.com/gerula/USS-Fengist-Cruiser
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