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  1. I have to agree with here CobaltWolf. I would rather only have one download then remove the parts I don't want.
  2. Would it be possible to make two different PID based on size, trust, what not? Like what works for a smaller craft doesn't work for the much bigger ones, and maybe what works for the bigger ones doesn't work for the smaller crafts. If you find what works, you could make it switchable. Sorry, most likely not helpful..
  3. I had a few ideas.... (about this...) My simplest idea would be.. to be able to edit the waypoints(TCA path-points). That way we could get the information off of WPM and use that manually to plot the course.
  4. Your ranger advance probe isn't connected to the CommNet. That's why it isn't working.
  5. Hey everyone. I have been looking at this for sometime and through many play through, and I just don't get it. What does all this mean? and how can I make a node with one of the node editors?
  6. How well does this work with the mun's SOI? like I launched a payload and went about 46000km from kerbin and back. How would it handle me selecting mun's orbit and it happens to be in mun's SOI? I figured out how the deploy works, so how does the transport? could I only transport the amount of resources that I send up? like if on the transport mission I only send up LFO, could I send up rocket parts? Does the transport's LFO not touch the payload's LFO?
  7. I think this mod is very interesting. My only problem was the cost of the GNparticle as emptying one Condenser Drives and putting it outside with some solar panels, and that's a good 10k right there. So I ended up nerfing it and increasing the cost of the different drives. For fun I made an over-priced battery for the GNparticle. That and making a simple craft, recording the flight with Kerbal Space Transport System, and I got a very cheap way to get anything to space. btw. I didn't watch the show.
  8. Hmm.... I have a large request... could you make a video on the use of the macros? I know how much you love videos.
  9. I'm kinda having that problem.. all command modules show "TCA: unavailable", but all modules are unlocked and it all works from what I use.. I thought it was because of the MM I made up to unlock at start. EDIT: Status in the manuel says that it's all on... btw
  10. That makes much more sense.. thank you. The pictures were just what I needed. Maybe Allista could integrate them into the wiki. So what would you guys do for shuttles? lets go stock... how about the Dynawing? and the Slim Shuttle?
  11. I can't seem to get my pictures to capture... how about this.... I normally just leave any engine pointed down at default. But I don't know what to do with engines that are pointing another way. And it's mostly like just me..
  12. I have a few questions.... Is there a way to target waypoints and fly to the waypoint? like accepting that mission and flying to it? or using waypoint manger? Is there a simple way to have tech at the start node? without going through the TCAtechtree.cfg and changing them all to start? could I use an MM to make it patch friendly? How does this mod work with servo mods? like using an engine that has VTOL mode and a normal mode? And lastly I'm still a bit lost on the Engine modes, and I can't wrap my brain around when to use what. Could someone like take a screen shot of a
  13. Could be because you got it from spacedock? the spacedock version is .0.3, github is .0.4. hope that helps.
  14. Every large update has broken(most) mods. Think of when they updated to 1.1... that update broke all mods that use a GUI, or the one that changed the way parts were loaded in the game, it too broke mods... it's the way it is... Besides not all mods are broken most part pack mods still work and many mods already have been updated.
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