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  1. Same problem here. I've had to stop playing on PS4 because of that. Simply having a robotic part (disabled or active) is sufficient to create phantom forces and drag that make vessels gain orbital velocity out of nowhere and/or spontaneously flip out and rotate.
  2. I bought KSP on PC when it was a few boosters and a capsule (and no map) and as a result got all the DLCS for free. I actually ended up buying KSP again on PS4 when it came out as the enhanced edition and ended up forking up for the two DLCs because I thought it was deserved. I don't actually remember a time where I've played vanilla KSP on the PC without at least a dozen of game changing mods, so there is something very refreshing being able to toss kerbals into space from the comfort of your couch and get to experience the game as it was meant by its makers in its pure form.
  3. Thanks for the help guys, I got confused with the whole Bob/Bill thing : it is definitely Bill the engineer on-board the capsule, so this should make things a little bit easier. I will look into sending some tools and supplies up there next time I get a chance to play it, hoping that I can build and launch the probe in time (using Construction time also to add to the challenge). I will post some screenshots if I can get to them.
  4. Hello fellow rocket scientists (if there is such a thing in the land of the Kerbals...) Jeb has obviously been drinking the evening before the launch again and has forgotten to pack the cheese cake sandwiches freshly prepared by Valentina. As a result, Bill and Jeb are now finding themselves in orbit over Kerbin, with 9 days of food and supplies when their mission stipulated that they should be staying up there for a grand total of 12 days... Enough with the intro, I am basically trying to figure out a contingency plan to bring more supplies to Jeb and Bill, in the shortest amount of time. I play with TAC, KAS and KIS (quite new to those two) and am trying to figure out whether it is possible to transfer fuel and/or supplies without a docking port on the capsule? Any ideas, or suggestions on how to get those two poor souls (or soon to be) out of their predicament? Thanks in advance,