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  1. It's from several months ago, patch 23.5 I believe. Didn't play much since and lost most of the good screenshots. Craft file if you're interested. Uses AJE, StretchySRB, pwings, FAR, probably B9 gears.
  2. Has anyone at all tried this in RSS full realism mode with Advanced Jet Engines? A google search through the thread's 145 pages doesn't tell me much, unfortunately.
  3. Back in .18 or .19 I believe, pic taken at the highest mountain of Tylo on the equator the station passes over in its stable, circular, extremely low orbit. Constructed using then maximum possible realism, including RT and TAC LS. Great view for the crew, relatively safe, minimum Dv required for mining operations. Best part was docking the parts together at that altitude.. nerve wracking crazy.
  4. I have no experience with this, but sounds like IRC channel to me.
  5. Typing so many FIXEDs must feel so satisfying! Keep up the good work and don't forget to enjoy it yourself. If this fix would have RPL feel playable to the common player, I would suggest using an alternative way, perhaps a custom mission in MCE to grant a major science boost, or a custom science probe hidden from general release (separate download?) to grant lots of science.
  6. A good start, I can see you have experience building planes, and with 25 years of experience and such a setup, piloting them is a cakewalk for you. If you truly want the hardest of plane challenges, Dirt_Merchant and I often challenge each other with some miscellaneous things in Kerbal Live Feed. Feel free to drop in! Examples would be to get a plane to land the way you did it, but still allow the same plane to reach speeds of mach 3 and up. Another, and by far the one I learned from most, was building a helicopter using IR's free moving docking washer, with jet engines mounted on the Pwing rotors powering the thing. Had to actually get a swashplate working to steer the thing.
  7. This I always imagined to be the biggest moodkiller for any mod author. I have deep respect for those patient people who continue through it all and even help out people whose posting attitudes appear negative in the first place. Not weird. Experienced or lucky to have good intuition, or limiting yourself to general planes. Many people have trouble just taking off without crashing at all. You got to mach 5.5, but could always optimize your plane. The more specific a task you need your plane to accomplish, the harder it gets to design it. The worse you design it, the harder it gets to fly it. If you want to challenge your plane building skills, try an STOL capable of horizontal landing on the VAB helipad without rocket assisted landing or vertical thrusters). Many things that can make designing and flying a plane much harder, even for the experienced engineer.
  8. AIES is your best source of small engines, I recommend you install it.
  9. About the planes: keep in mind that many people consider planes incredibly hard in ksp. That's because they are. While some may love the idea of planes (I support plane experiments fully), some may not like the idea. I would suggest keeping the plane experiments optional, especially if you choose to balance them with AJE (ever tried to merely reach mach 4 with just AJE's jet engines?). With MCE, it's fairly easy to keep the plane mission tree separate from the rest, while with custom experiments, it's hard to keep balance for all players due to some skilled pilots exploiting the science from the atmospheric flights, while others shun it and try to avoid any atmospheric level flight altogether.
  10. Cryogenic fuels evaporate over time and need to be vented out to relieve the pressure, I think. When in the atmosphere, the tanks are affected by the surrounding air, slightly warming up despite insulation. Same with sun exposure (not sure whether this is simulated in-game). You could have the launchclamps top your rocket off by having them constantly generate resources, or consume negative resources. I think it was a fairly easy alteration in the cfg to get this effect. or make an MM file with @part[LaunchClamp1] { RESOURCE { name = LiquidOxidizer amount = 1000 maxAmount = 1000 } MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = LiquidOxidizer rate = 10 } } } Suppose you would need TAC fuel balancer to pump it out of the launchclamp to distribute it over the rocket, and add these lines for every desired resource. Also double check the code, I don't really do this sort of editing a lot..
  11. I was under the impression tweaking the maximum thrust of an engine would be unrealistic. With my very limited knowledge of rocket science, I would assume that an unthrottlable rocket engine could only have reduced thrust with reduced efficiency (lower Isp). Though this is purely guessing, so it's very possible NK will correct me here.
  12. This is correct, some experiments require the ship to be at InSpaceLow location, which is by your mod's standards, I think, the previous RSS 105km(ish?) altitude. When the experiment is performed anywhere between 105km and 180km, the experiment will fail, telling the player that it is not available or can't be done right now, consuming the data gained in the process. Likewise, the data resource can be obtained while in that altitude range for InLowSpace data generation probes. Don't quote me on those numbers, they're out of the top of my head. Also gonna call it a night, so good luck!
  13. He made it possible to make them so sexy himself by making stretchytanks so awesome. Those conic tanks really allow some creativity with different shapes, this is unfortunately the only and the least impressive design I have a screenshot of. btw, did anyone ever try an SSTO spaceplane in RSS, with AJE, FAR, DREC & RO? This design took me 12 hours from initial design to final touchdown on runway after full orbit to get right. Very nice challenge!
  14. General note: may want to fiddle with PROCFAIRINGS_MINRAD in Keramzit\ProceduralFairings\common.cfg considering the small payloads we start with as opposed to stock tech trees.