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  1. mai traiesti vere ?

  2. Why you think that? The old source. By the way, we post a new L.O.G. source, we working at it when we have time ... GitHub. The L.O.G. is partially dead ...
  3. Sorry everyone for this little holiday ... We start to working again on it Markus is still here, but he is ill
  4. Uhh, yes... We make some promising ... We will try to make something, but WE NEED DEVELOPERS. If someone know C# and want to join us please PM me. I speak with about that. If I will find some devs, we will start the work again.
  5. Yes, we take a long break. We have some problems with team (don't ask why).
  6. Yes me and Carrot stop temporarily working at L.O.G.
  7. Hey all! After promises that we will launch L.O.G. unfortunately be disappointed this time. I'm very sorry for that, but something happened to us. No argument but for now I've temporarily stopped developing L.O.G., as my colleague Carrot. Happy new year everybody! *END OF THE MESSAGE*
  8. Yes, the server will keep all data until it is open and when it will be closed. For the moment I don't know about how to make the log, I mean to save it in each folder with player name or save it in same folder. Client won't download the log from server, it will save own log. With sended data and received (text and maybe vessels data). Sincerely I don't remember about the time warp. Right now it is disable now ... So, you can't warp and time will be global on server. "Are vessels that have been interacted with in the future banned from interacting with the world?" - I don't understand it ... Sorry ... Yes we will try to make it different as against KMP. For now we try to makeing the server, we find the bug and we try to fix it. (We will release it in Pre-Alpha, but I'm not sure if Markus want.) Edit: Mefi282 - "witch are both from the same vessel" what you mean? And yes you will be able play with your brother .
  9. Merry Christmas to all! Sorry because we can't release L.O.G. in Christmas Eve or in Christmas day ... We working hard on it and try to fix some importants bugs. We try to release it before new year, we can't promise anything. Me and L.O.G. team we want to wish you a happy holidays with your loved ones. Santa has not yet appeared in some of us ... So I'm still waiting. In Christmas Day, I will replay to all question in this thread , but no question about code (I mean, if some one want to see some parts of the plugin).
  10. You too Carrot! And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE everybody!
  11. We hope too. My and Carrots want to release it this week, the date is unknowned ... But we work hard to do the server part and some features, anyway if we release it, it will be in Pre-Alpha. With some features less... (for the moment!) Edit: Maybe some guys, won't like the surprise ... Maybe ...
  12. Yes, we maked progress. Is a surprise the progress. I can't tell you, you will see when we release it :>
  13. Yes. Ehh, is much 90%, 50%. It is 10%-5% left. I will try to finish it.
  14. Yes we done some importants features. But I rewrite complety the server and that keep us on the place. I must to do something at the server. Thanks you for support. Maybe we release L.O.G. in Pre-Alpha to catch the bugs (if Markus want that ...).
  15. I don't find any issues until now ... It work perfectly. This is good. Edit: Maybe will be the issues, because they update the game at Unity3D 4.2.2 version. But! We will fix it.