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  1. I may have been getting Dres confused with a new planet.
  2. Oh crap. There's nothing new in the Kerbin system?! I've been grievously misinformed. Apologies, Vl3d!
  3. This is the KSP 1 dv map. You may as well have Rick-rolled me.
  4. Are we going to get any system/planet data early? I'd dearly love to see a delta v map for the revamped system.
  5. I want to see all the stars all the time and then fly to them.
  6. Just wait. I've been here since .23 or so and no matter how large or small the change it's the same process. By the time the 24th gets here it's going to be intense. I'm just glad to have an excuse to come back and hang with the community. It's good to see some old, familiar avatars, and all of the new ones. It'll be fun going through the journey to 1.0 again!
  7. Bah, you weren't planning on buying a new rig so you can run the new game with All The Mods? I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.
  8. I have a confession. I never used half of the engines in KSP1. They were either too hard to match with existing payloads or seemingly inferior to what I was already using (Terrier, Swivel, Skipper, Poodle) either in performance or they didn't work with landing gear. I'm hoping I can find a more useful array in KSP2.
  9. Are you going to use Blue Origin for your explosion sounds?
  10. I've been watching the videos and I've seen the passion of the people putting KSP2 together. I appreciate the level of commitment and I think it will shine through in the game. I can't wait for 2/24!
  11. I'm with you on this. I limit myself to one trip to Mun and Minmus while working through the tree because otherwise I've unlocked the tree without going anywhere. Once the tree is done, I exploit the heck out of it as a mining base.
  12. Dres will always hold a special place in my heart. Way back in the day (.25) I orbitaly assembled my first Jool-capable craft. I decided that Dres would be a good test for it. The successful voyage to Dres and back gave me the courage to head on to Jool and continue with orbital construction. Dres is a friend I don't visit often, but always smile when I drop by.
  13. I'm at the part of the game where I'm bringing the Mk1-2 Command Pod back down to Kerbin, and I'm really noticing the change in parachutes. I used to be able to use 1 Mk16-XL chute to get a pod to around 6.5m/s for landing. That is now 10m/s. A pod with a 2.5m utility bay using 4 radial chutes and 3 radial drogues lands now at 8m/s. Do I need to have an equal weight of chutes in order to land safely anymore?
  14. KER. The last time I played without KER was .23 when I first bought the game. It's the first mod I got, and the only mod I use religiously. Aside from the dv calculation, having orbital information in flight view means I only have to switch over to map view when I plan a burn or tweak an intercept. Also, having distance to terrain means I don't splatter nearly as often when I'm landing. Not having KER would make the game so much more frustrating that I probably would stop playing.
  15. You're going to have to define "working right". Landing gear skids, hops, and clips to the ground. Landing legs have the grip of oiled teflon. Rover wheels have all the grip of racing slicks in the rain. Can you seriously call this "working right"?
  16. Wait. Stop everything. Where's the animation for 1.1? WHERE IS THE ANIMATION!? **RIOTING ENSUES**
  17. My Task Manager says x64. My game version on start screen is (x64).
  18. Squad actually fixed the Stage View readout bug that's been around since .9?! Landing gear are still a mess. I just watched my basic jet pogo backwards off the end of the runway. I'm running 1.1.something (x64) according to the launch screen, didn't have to do anything other than launch the game.
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