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  1. Estel

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    yes, i'm curretly redownloading the game, expansion and eveything to try a reinstall
  2. Estel

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    i can't see any "strategy" in the administration building. all the buttons have disappeared. i was hoping to use this mod and statefunding to be able to completely disable the stupid stock contracts
  3. Estel

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    has someone gotten this mod to work with kerbalism?
  4. 12 rescue contracts, all female. 2 scientists - 3 pilots - 7 engineers
  5. i have the same problem, if you delete the patcher.exe, it will redownload it, then allow you to play
  6. Estel

    Harv's 'Long Overdue' Feature?

    some ship save confirmation: this ship is not saved, do you want to start a new one? are you sure you want to overwrite the previous save? there is another ship with this name, do you want to overwrite? and a few more...
  7. i have a problem with the btdt scanner, the instrument windows is stuck on scanning, even while i'm parked 2 meter from the ksc monolith, and anomalies are not named in the map
  8. Estel

    The Grand 0.24 Discussion Thread

    extracting now...
  9. Estel

    The Grand 0.24 Discussion Thread

    thankyou squad downloading both versions now!
  10. 7zip also exist as a portable program
  11. easter eggs/surface structures on the surface instead of buried
  12. i have tried this and it's working without problems on directx11 a suggestion: by opening the unity installer with 7zip, you can acces the two files without wasting time installing and removing unity. they can be found inside $_OUTDIR\windows64standaloneplayer\ and $_OUTDIR\windows64standaloneplayer\Data\Mono\
  13. there is a big problem with this release: same ship , same quantity of rcs fuel (54/60), no timewarp with the dll from the first link of this thread, the ship run out of rcs fuel while moving towards the docking axis with the dll from the full zip from here, the ship dock with around 49 rcs to spare, someone else noticed this?