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  1. wow. this is gorgeous. I wonder how much it took to assemble in both game time and real time!
  2. that's a beauty of a mission buddy. Pretty station too. These kerbals will not lack "living 'n space".
  3. Well. The good AI is not supposed to sound as most humam-like a machine can achieve/afford to be? IT'S the Test of Turing principle. The machine is trying to be indistinct from a humam being. Also i really like the intimate and even childish way asimov robots explore the universe.
  4. Powerful hook! Such a first impression! Is this a unofficial monolith backstory?
  5. Before i vote. What mods will you be using in this endeavor? I Ask because mods like KIS can give completely new experience to minmus bases... Also, what will be our roleplay? You know, all good mission reposrts begin with a good "once upon a save..." feels. Like the Scence career of VAOS that became the astounish Solar Nations... Just saying
  6. Ah... That was pretty original... i guess? Ok, I will be tuned for the sequel, my friend!
  7. That was very fun to watch my friend. Can i ask why the base name is Scarlet?
  8. Hei Climber! Eu vi seu mod no Kottabos youtuber! Parabens cara! O Omicron tem tudo pra ser o All purpose vehicle que todo mundo pediu. Eh um bom mod. Parabéns!
  9. Thanks for the chapters! Loving it all! You Jeb is pretty DumbS, I hope Bob and Bill also impress... He He. GPP is quite on the wave eh? I remember that even Scott Maley begin an career mode in this planet pack. Otherwise, i realy liked the style of your crafts, they were very pretty and practicâl too. Thank you again! ^^
  10. loving to see this story back at the threads. IT'S so carefree and easygoing, and so fun to read. Just like a sundae in a sunday during a sun day...
  11. Hoho! having fun with this one! And nothing like Jeb Being Jeb! Once in early career mode we all meet with the same dillema. It's a shame that i never get to conquer the art of SStOing...
  12. Enjoing this series so far. I simply LOVE your Roleplay! Thanks for the good work! Also, did he ask the kerblady off??
  13. Superb! Amazing pictures and great mission planning sir! Was a delight to read! Thank you for sharing with us!
  14. Woa! Naked kermans? LOL How nice they were in the KSC. I believe Wherner will feel some resemblance when see a actual Von Braun picture, hehe. Oh and also Gene...
  15. Hypersonic Tecnology? This is so 90s...