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  1. Going Live in 5 minutes come join!
  2. Going live right now on my channel link above!
  3. Going live right now come and join in on the KSP fun!
  4. I just put links to the calenders for PST EST and GMT. I cant figure out how to embed them yet but make sure to check them often as my schedule will change every thursday. well except for saturday streams. the nearest stream is on August 15th
  5. Ok going live 10 minutes after this post kinda of a random spur of the moment stream will be streaming anywhere from an hour to 2 hours
  6. Well for the least amount of time im not sure all i know is in an almost polor orbit along the line where light turns to dark you will eventually map the whole planet with no power loss
  7. I used to restart my saves ALLL the time whenever I felt things where not going well but now I only restart if an update breaks my save or if I add a mod such as remote tech that changes the way things are done.
  8. Rescources I have been waitingfor the past few updates for them and im excited to see them in action.
  9. Those mistakes are the best
  10. Click ^ for Stream Link Look at the top to see weather I am streaming or not, if I am it will say LIVE or look below for the schedule Stream Link Past Brodcasts Conquer The Galaxy Part 1 Conquer The Galaxy Part 2 Schedule I come out with the weeks schedule every Thursday but I will ALWAYS stream on Saturdays PST/PDT (Los Angeles) EST/EDT (New York) GMT (No Daylight Savings) Stream Link
  11. Click ^ for youtube So I am starting a youtube FINALLY! and my first series is going to be a Kerbal Space Program series in which I conquer the universe. it has plenty of mods see below for a full list. Ok so This thread is kinda barebones so far as well as my channel, so I need some help Im TERIBLE at art so if you are any good I need a profile picture for the forums and a banner for youtube. Kethane HOME Pack Extraplanetary Launchpads Kerbal Attachment System Procedural Fairings Mission Controller Extended Nova Punch Pack RemoteTech (with the probe compatability) Simple Parts Organizer
  12. I notice it updated with new things there should be a changelog on the first page should there not?
  13. OOOHHH Just the challenge I am looking for I may even incorporate it into a series one day Pics coming soon
  14. As far as I know the new Kethane doesnt have the old map it is just an overlay on the planet to make it easier to land at a deposit