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  1. It still doesn't let me reconfigure notifications for the vessel because of no connection.
  2. How can I disable Kerbalism from killing my warps? I have like 50 vessels in space giving me warnings all the time. I can't even disable the warnings for lets say batteries when I lose connection with the vessel because it doesn't let me access the CFG due to "Connection timed-out". I have been trying to do a Duna mission which takes years but the warp killing is getting on my nerves. Any advice?
  3. How do I set fuel prioritization for direction of tanks being emptied? I'm not seeing it in the VAB. EDIT: Nevermind, I had to enable advance tweakables. How do you even have the CoM in the front most of the time? Isn't it almost always heavier at the bottom due to staging and needing bigger engines for TWR and more fuel for delta-v? To me, this seems generally impossible for all rockets. For instance, making a general satellite rocket give me a low CoM.
  4. I am using the mod FAR, and I've been struggling a lot with having a stable rocket that doesn't flip easily. I always try to aim to have the Center of Lift below the Center of Mass, but I find I really have to work hard to get that to happen. It's either use wings as fins, use many fins, or put my fuel tanks as high as it can be while adding empty-tanks/structural-fuselages at the bottom and putting the rocket and fins on there. All of these either look absurd or just sound absurd. Here's an example where I had to do a contract by making a station with 4,000 liquid and that can habit 9 Kerbins
  5. I'm using Remote Tech for 1.3.1, and I was recommended to turn on root mode where I then made the range multiplier 0.5 as was recommended in RemoteTech's documents. I sent a probe to Duna with a 90 Gm dish and had it set to be pointing at Kerbin. The satellites orbiting Kerbin are only 90 Mm. I was told the better dish should compensate for the weaker one. However, I have no connection with the duna probe and it's only 20 Gm away. Is it because Kerbin's satellites need to be the ones with the strong dish?
  6. Why does this say it's compatible with version 1.3.1 when it's bugged with MM where I have to deploy my own patch? EDIT: Nevermind. I installed like 1 hour ago and just seen there was an update to this mod in CKAN. what?
  7. Can the sections thing get disabled? I don't use it, and I find it annoying how it keeps adding "Section 1" to parts that I decouple from.
  8. How do I set ignore beeping for a part if I don't care about repairing it like a light bulb? Right clicking the failed part doesn't show "Mute Alarms". I also got a weird bug where it kept doing 3 beeps when I came out of map mode even when I set the mod to disabled or put alert volume to 0%. But I didn't get get a warning popup or a glow.
  9. Where do I get that? I use CKAN and have the Nehemiah Inc Complete Pack version 0.7b2.
  10. I notice that it doesn't immediately go back to 1, it goes to some number like 4 and when hitting it again, it goes to 1.
  11. The KEES contracts are not being completed when I finish them in orbit and recover the vessel with the experiment in my Kerbal's inventory or even in a KIS locker, not even in the PC container. Any help?
  12. How do I make symmetry reset itself after each part automatically? It's annoying when I accidentally add 8 or 20 of a part because I didn't pay attention to symmetry.
  13. I had a space flight to the moon and had a k2 command module and the hitchhiker can. I put 3mm Pb on both but my kerbals still got up to 4% radiation. The K2 module was full on shielding. Did it work or not? Also, was I able to just have only shielding on the K2 module? Does Kerbalism calculate radiation based off a ratio of: (amount of actual shielding) / (full amount of shielding possible to have) even if you don't go into those modules?
  14. Yeah, I finally got a failure last night. But the DangIt button in the toolbar during flight brought open a window with 0 modifier or something which made me question if the mod was working.
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