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  1. The creator of the mod hasn't said anything about the mod compatibility, so i got that idea.
  2. So the mod is dead? Or any plans to make it compatible or at least say something about the mod compatibility state for 1.12? @Angel-125 I actually don't know how things are handled in CKAN, but I think a mod shouldn't be available there unless its state and compatibility are clearly maintained and informed.
  3. So is this compatible with 1.12? On another note, this video is not mine but addresses something that i encountered too, there's something strange when assigning workers, inside and outside the VAB
  4. Did you end up making rain? This mod is so awesome, just needs the visual feedback
  5. Does it also happen with stock? Check the reflections settings Believe me, the higher it is the heavier the impact, those settings i just can't max out, being on the Mun with lights makes me see a PowerPoint show.
  6. Just asking because i got really confused when I tried to change those settings that i highlighted, on the Scatterer in-game menu, and having them do nothing and resetting every time i restarted the game. As for the eclipses, at least for the Mun i can confirm that the light goes trough Kerbin.
  7. Thanks for the answer! I did not check all planets, so for example Laythe or others, do cause shadows onto Jool's atmosphere, when passing in front of the Sun, and Laythe gets completely dark when obscured by Jool. The Mun does cause a shadow onto Kerbin, but as I have read sadly only affects the atmosphere, still i was expecting the Mun to get completely dark when blocked by kerbin And what about the ingame Scatterer settings? is it something to do with your config files or just a bug?
  8. If possible, would like to change my name to "Xemrael" Thank you!
  9. This is insane and one of the things I've been waiting for this game besides clouds!!! Speaking of clouds, it is just the only thing missing, weather effects, even if purely visual just to go along with the mod information would be awesome!
  10. Greetings, I've been using this mod and have some questions. First is why doesn't Mun get eclipsed by Kerbin? I mean, it still gets light by the Sun like in Stock: Kerbin doesn't cast a shadow onto the Mun This is a very rough put image but i hope you all get the idea, Kerbin is eclipsing the sun, but there is still light on the Mun ground Now this part is probably more for the Scatterer forum thread, but still I'll ask here; I have tried to set this options on but they seem to do nothing and reset every time I close and open the game, anything in particular or a bug? Changing "Fourier grid size" to any of the other 3 values always gets reset, same for "Sky reflections" And same for "Long-Distance terrain shadows"
  11. [quote name='Proot']I'm doing much more than clouds...[/QUOTE] [IMG]https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--5X3Jp-QY--/1369785588703665037.jpg[/IMG]
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