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  1. Getting some odd behavior out of the Z-Pinch Aerospike. If I have it in Atmosphere mode, my log is spammed with NREs NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MuMech.VesselState+ResourceInfo.Init (.PartResourceDefinition r, Double req, Double atMax, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 modules, .Vessel vessel) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.VesselState+ResourceInfo.Borrow (.PartResourceDefinition r, Double req, Double atMax, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 modules, .Vessel vessel) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.VesselState.UpdateResourceRequirements (MuMech.EngineInfo einfo, MuMech.IntakeInfo iinfo) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.VesselState.Update (.Vessel vessel) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebCore.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 It seems to reference Mechjeb, and indeed MJ will either function sporadically, or the entire interface will disappear until I switch to Lithium and then back again. It may or may not be related, but on ascent, once I was in space and switched back to Lithium, the game has crashed twice when I go to adjust the ISP. A crash report folder wasn't created, and there's nothing suspicious near the end of the output log. When I relaunched the game, my last save had been on the surface. I noticed that the max thrust reading on the engine was hugely negative, and after a brief reactionary firing of the engine to correct for a loading bounce, all of my LqdDeuterium was gone. (must have happened after this screenshot)
  2. Came here wondering why anything I built with OPT parts got really weird with FAR, so thanks!
  3. He's actually working on his own game. Sort of a logical extension of all the weapon mods.
  4. I'm curious of this as well, although for me BOTH are in the billions. This happened after KSP updated to 1.3, and after starting up and crashing I reverted to 1.2.2 via Steam. Possible cause? Just trying to make sure this wasn't a balance change I missed before I go hunting for causes. EDIT- Okay, now the 1.25m tank is normal priced, but the 2.5 is still huge. Quite confused but at least it makes me doubt it's intentional.
  5. What they mean by "Smooth" is what's called smooth shading. This cuts down on the visible edges without adding polygons which aren't going to be much of a concern for non-collider meshes anyway. KSP is CPU(physics)-limited in nearly all cases. Be careful with smooth shading, though. It's easy to make really mushy looking models if you abuse it.
  6. Well, on actual VTOL jets such as the harrier (and maybe the F-35) those ports work by venting air from the main compressor, so it shouldn't consume fuel.
  7. If I can only use ~40% power, because that's how far I had to throttle down to avoid instant boom, that does somewhat defeat the purpose, no? And yeah, automatic switching isn't going to work real well, since the half second between the switch and the explosion isn't enough for the throttle to go down enough. Although if this is an issue other people are having, that at least means it's likely not some arcane mod conflict, so that's good.
  8. Awesome job on the parts, but the turboramjet engines have a habit of... exploding. At about 22,000 meters, they switch to ramjet mode and pretty much immediately overheat and blow up. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. In my experience, KSP is almost always limited by your CPU, because Unity isn't multithreaded and there are a lot of physics calculations. The only way to really improve FPS is to use a part-welding mod or technique to reduce part count, or to get a faster/fewer-core CPU.
  10. Yes. I just resolved this issue by deleting tweakscale. If you have it, try that.
  11. Even better, make a device that takes you to zero mass (like a Bergenholm). You'd be able to flash to Jool in a second, which is good because it's unlikely the game would remain stable that long.
  12. The expanding parts bug usually has to due with duplicate plugins. Module Fixer fixes the symptom, but not the cause.
  13. I was away from KSP when this happened... would anyone care to enlighten me why it was a problem? I mean, I never used spaceport much to begin with, and curse doesn't seem any better, but based on how a lot of people have referred to it, I'm assuming there's more to it than just a name change
  14. Module fixer just covers up the problem. What I find usually causes that is if you have more than one version of the OpenResourceSystem plugin. Go to that folder in game data and make sure you only have ORS 1.2
  15. KAS fits the bill pretty well, the only exception being the rope doesn't physically interact with anything. The connector on the end does, but the rope is always a straight line and doesn't collide.
  16. Remember that Karbonite, MKS/OKS, ART, etc... also use Open Resource System. Make sure you don't have several versions of that plugin in your OpenResourceSystem folder within gamedata. That's usually the cause of the magical exploding parts
  17. I just plug in my 360 controller, and set it up like a joystick in the settings menu. Works just fine. Any existing control can be mapped to a key, and axis controls can be mapped to the sticks. The only difficulty is each trigger is treated as a separate axis. The only thing is rumble, which I don't think KSP even begins to support on its own. You'd need a plugin of some sort to send a "rumble" signal when certain conditions are met (G force > 5, AoA > 20, etc...). That's assuming you can even get KSP to talk to the controller like that. I wouldn't know.
  18. Both KAS and LLL use a floating node like that. It's the KAS magnet and a lot of the LLL decoration pieces
  19. Last I heard someone had a model that drastically reduced the power requirements. Granted, it was still absurd, and would instantly kill anyone trying to ride along due to the radiation, but hey, baby steps.
  20. Warp drives don't lend themselves well to conventional physical analysis. You can't travel faster than light, either, but an alcubierre device (theoretically) can because it isn't actually travelling. It's the equivalent of saying you weren't speeding because you were holding the speed limit sign out the window and therefore not even moving. Also keep in mind that such a device would, under existing designs, require all of Jupiter's mass converted into pure energy just to make it to the nearest star. My first impression is to say that no, your momentum would not be affected, but I've only had up to Quantum Mechanics in college, so I'm still far from the level of actually understanding warp drive physics.
  21. You've got an install problem. I've had the same thing. Make sure there's nothing of WarpPlugin left in Gamedata, make sure OpenResourceSystem ONLY contains the 1.2 dll, etc... Also make sure anything else that rides on ORS is updated and cleanly installed. Karbonite, MKS/OKS etc...
  22. In the midst of all the discussion over whether the simplified version is better or not, I have an issue of sorts; I have a reactor, Generator, and transceiver on the ground at KSC in transmit mode. I have four relays with deployable transceivers in 90deg offset synchronous orbits, in relay mode. None of them are registering each other, even when the relay above KSC is pointed straight at the transmitter, and likewise the transmitter to the relay. do Transmitters not work from ground level? Am I missing something? Or is it an install issue (likely some remnant of the original Interstellar lurking about) EDIT- Setting one of the relays to transmit mode, and the other to relay, the ship I'm trying to send power to receives power, but only through the transmitting satellite. So maybe the problem is with the relay functionality? EDIT2- can't get power from the ground station in any case
  23. When using KSPI, putting a precooler attached to your air intakes will keep the engines cooler I know this was brought up in the dev thread, but are there any plans for a 2x2 cargo bay without the dividers? Seems kind of a waste to have such a huge open space that can't fit anything larger than what the 2x1 bay can hold.
  24. You can somewhat do this with mechjeb, but you have to enter the pitch and heading values yourself.