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  1. @Siminator 1. Try to spawn 'IndicatorPanelRPM' prop. and tell me what happened 2. Try to spawn 'LanderCabinSmall_ASETinternal' internal. and tell me what happened 3. What other props are not spawned?
  2. @Siminator Which version of Unity and PartTools you use? I'm using Unity 5.3.4 f1 and PartTools 23
  3. and a few hours of guesswork and it looks like everything is working as it should, well, almost as it should DOWNLOAD
  4. I can only make a display of its resources. for more control requires a special plug-in for PRM
  5. I had the same suggestion, but I can not test it, because I do not have access to the PC with 1GB video memory. at least 2 GB available. My own computer has 4 GB VRAM
  6. I took the config from "LT-1 Landing Struts" and replaced the names of some of the transforms, and also added a one additional game object in the model and re-export the model again, at the same time updated shader for Unity 5
  7. then I prefer to leave discussion of this little add-on here --------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed (I hope) version of the landing legs. Dropbox I want you to have tested these landing legs in different environments and situations, and also made some nice screenshots of your Lander fitted with these legs, for the album. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. @linuxgurugamer I believe it should first be tested "in the field". If all goes well, then I can do an official release. What do you think, does it make sense to open a separate topic?
  9. @linuxgurugamer what is the "CE edition"? I decided to rename the some folders for more clarity. because it was a complete mess. MK1-2_InternalsASET -> MK1-2_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET LanderCabinSmall_InternalASET -> Mk1_Lander_Can_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET ExtCamRadialVert -> ASET/ExtCamRadialVert ASET_LandingLegs (we had a modified config to make it work) ALCOR_IVA_Patch -> ALCOR_Advanced_IVA I assume this has created some problems? if so, I am very sorry about this. I do not understand how the CKAN works
  10. If someone knows of useful tutorials for setting up landing gear (for Unity 5 and KSP 1.2.2), please let me know. I tried to fix my landing gear and all consistently ends with epic explosions (((
  11. @ALL I find it difficult to come up with names for all navigation stations. so help me, please, with this. it should not be very long word (or two words), should have some meaning, perhaps something funny...
  12. @Ser At first. thank you very much for your feedback about navigation. in fact it is the first effective response on this feature for all time No. You should hear the Morse call sign, when you have capture localizer. capturing condition following: distance < 30 km from TDZ you must be in the beam cone +/- 17,5 deg altitude < 4000 m (ASL) HSI should be set on a course 90 for 09 rwy (or 270 for 27 rwy) "LOC" mark should appear on 'NAV 1' radio You have the ability to configure both radios on the NDB station. Use the "STEP" button to quickly change the frequency @linuxgurugamer No. there is no need to separate these packs
  13. @Ser implementation of navigation using RPM - is a real tricky hack. So features that you have to offer, there is no sense to discuss for now. BUT. when @MOARdV release its magnificent mod MAS, we can talk about this more substantively.
  14. ok. completely remove the existing "ASET props" folder and install it again
  15. Design of warning lights ("LOW ALT", 'LOW FUEL" etc) indicates to me that you have an older version of props
  16. @SkyKaptn I highly recommend you to fill "storedStrings = " in the "RasterPropMonitorComputer" module, and edit the "COLORDEFINITION" blocks as well to make more 'military' green shade of instruments like on this picture
  17. ok. do you have 'ASET_props 1.4' installed? It's looks like you have old version of ASET Props
  18. @MrFancyPL It seems I'm confused. you are creating this mod or you just use them?
  19. you need to put this in the config of the PART, not in the internal config text should appear on the "Stand by" screen of MFD. On screenshots above, I can only see the blue lines without text, indicating the lack of the " RasterPropMonitorComputer" module in the part cfg
  20. @MrFancyPL It is required to add RasterPropMonitorComputer module in your part config MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer storedStrings = v|26.12.2016| MK1-Cockpit | MK-1 ||ASET-A1|MK1| SQUAD & A.S.E.T. // = (0)<version> |(1) <date> |(2) <name for MFD STBY screen & Flight Books. 18 char max>| (3,4)<full name (2 lines)> |(5) < version of flight books, manuals...>|(6) <short name> |(7) Company triggeredEvents = ASET_AUTOBRAKE|ASET_AUTOSPOILER|ALCOR_CALLRECOVERYTEAM RPM_COLOROVERRIDE { // push buttons backlight COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PUSHBUTTON_BACKLIGHT_ACTIVECOLOR color= 110,155,110,255 } // switchers COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_NAME_POSITIVECOLOR color= 80,255,50,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_STATE_POSITIVECOLOR color= 160,255,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_BORDER_POSITIVECOLOR color= 10,50,10,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_MARK_POSITIVECOLOR color= 255,155,20,255 } // LEDs off COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_LEDS_POSITIVECOLOR color= 0,200,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_SWITCHER_LEDS_ZEROCOLOR color= 50,50,50,255 } // Numeric Input display // background COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_DIFFUSE_ACTIVECOLOR color= 0,0,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_DIFFUSE_PASSIVECOLOR color= 50,30,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_EMISSIVE_ACTIVECOLOR color= 50,30,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_EMISSIVE_PASSIVECOLOR color= 0,0,0,255 } // readout COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_POSITIVECOLOR color= 255,85,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_ZEROCOLOR color= 130,35,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_NEGATIVECOLOR color= 0,0,0,0 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_GHOSTCOLOR color= 85,35,0,80 } // label plate // background COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATEBKG_DIFFUSE_PASSIVECOLOR color= 130,130,130,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATEBKG_DIFFUSE_ACTIVECOLOR color= 130,130,130,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATEBKG_EMISSIVE_PASSIVECOLOR color= 0,0,0,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATEBKG_EMISSIVE_ACTIVECOLOR color= 0,0,0,255 } // label text COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATETEXT_POSITIVECOLOR color= 80,230,10,255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PLATETEXT_ZEROCOLOR color= 255,255,255,255 } // panel lines COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_PANELDIVIDER_PRIMARY_BACKLIGHTCOLOR color= 50,100,10,255 } } } You can edit the values of 'storedStrings' and color definitions as you need
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