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  1. Going to add to your answer (which was amazing and got me on the right track!): You need to have the construction overlay activated (from the side bar, a little crane hook looking icon). Thanks a million @18Watt!
  2. Hello, Is it possible to add say an antenna to a ship part's inventory, then install that part on the ship while in orbit? Tried using a Kerbal EVAing to do this, but couldn't really see how: I couldn't add the part to the Kerbal's inventory as the volume exceeded the limit (1000.0L was way over), and didn't notice any other buttons or overlays that would let me do this (like the little arrow/circle thing that appears for surface deployed parts). If this isn't possible... what are the use-cases for placing such an item in an inventory? Thank you!
  3. Scenario: 2 stage rocket with a "moon lander" type craft at the top. So I have control engines installed both on the rocket sections and on the lander, and I want to be able to use the ones hooked up to the rocket independently of those attached to the lander. How do I go about doing this? The craft is equipped with 2 command modules (an unmanned one attached to the top of the upper rocket stage, and one mk1 capsule hooked up to the lander); by default, on launch, control is granted from the mk1 (if I understand the GUI correctly... lol) Thanks for your help! /e Thanks Johnno!
  4. Hello! I am quite new to this wonderful game, and am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the quantity of add-ons and plugins available. Is there a place where I can find "collections" of recommended/high quality mods that work well with each other, and that can be batch installed? Thanks!
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