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  1. FX-2 Fusion Reactor. Has two "compact" variants, one entirely getting rid of the connecting truss and one shortening it. Shouldn't the attach node move with the shorter truss version? Because currently it doesn't, it stays at the point it would be with the full "inline" variant. Questioning tone being because I'm not sure if this is a bug report or something I'm missing.
  2. So I'm aware that workshops intended to build the Ground Kits have the "Ground Workshop" function module, but what about things intended to build in orbit with the Dockable Kit Containers? Even this mod's own orbital workshop doesn't have any modules I can see that govern doing that. Which in turns is a bugger working out what to use from other mods to create orbital construction facilities. It obviously functions, but I'm not sure what makes it function and what else can be used. Currently planning to move a BIG (Thanks USI...) asteroid, and will likely have to build additions to the thru
  3. So, a realisation about another mod has lead me to upgrade the capabilities of my asteroid redirect mission plan "slightly" (oh USI. Fun at times, a bugger at others. Still, embracing this challenge). And so I am launching an NSW powered beastie with in-situ resource processing facilities to try and wrestle the over sized beastie into an orbit with Kerbin. Just thought people might be amused to hear of it.
  4. So, messing around with this in the VAB, and hit a slight issue with having more than 3 loops: The list won't scroll. It twitches like it's trying, but doesn't go any further down. Also, the reason for the amount of loops is :1 reactor separated off with it's own cooling, then an ISRU and a drill, each with it's own loop feeding into a shared cooling loop that sinks enough heat for both, but each is at their preferred temperature. Changing the order I've split them off has helped, pushing the known to be stable reactor loop to the bit that can't be seen, but it's still an issue worth br
  5. I'm currently playing in sandbox, which is why I'm so confused. Nothing locked behind research. Can't see it in the parts list in either VAB or SPH. Tried a couple things to see if I was being blind, but search isn't finding it, nor using Janitors Closet to filter to USI parts.
  6. Could I make a part suggestion? And apologies if it's been suggested before: An H form factor docking port. It would just be very handy to have a deployable docking port that could fit onto a KH vehicle, as the only ones currently in the mod are J shape. And I suggest it in the H shape because that would be easy to attach to the outer parts of a K body vehicle, would work well with the H crew compartment, and add a little more use to the very cool modular setup of the KH shape which feels underutilised with only really extra fuel and seating as options for the H sections atm. I'm aware you
  7. So, I'm having an issue trying to find the small fan from this modpack. Other USI mod fans? Got those. But only down to medium size. File missing on the CKAN version, or am I just being blind? It's even not showing up in a search.
  8. So I'm trying to use the Aeronautics heavy lift fans, and I'm having real issues with control authority when hovering with them. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to make a mostly electric powered VTOL scout plane for use on Duna, so if using something else to help then parts using Intake Atmo and electrical power are the main goal.
  9. I'm very curious how the modding community will adapt to this. KIS has been a staple for so long (almost 8 years I think), a lot of things have built off of it over time. That said, one thing Squad does do well is working with the modding community, it's one of the reasons KSP has been so successful, so I'm curious but not worried.
  10. I'm mostly curious how mods that use KIS as a dependency will adapt to the change. It's been a "must have" mod for so long, with so many things building off of it, that this change may interfere/break things for a while. I know I build a lot of crafts with KIS in mind, a selection of spare parts and utility pieces carried on board using things like OSE workshop for on-site building and expansion of both surface and orbital stations so this change, whilst not groundbreaking in terms of gameplay (at least modded gameplay), IS major for mod interaction reasons. The future seems interesting.
  11. The Light Globe I believe. Which is actually something of an issue personally because I had been using them fairly extensively around a base I'd been working on before the update...
  12. They look absolutely awesome, but the lack of life support integration is putting me off for now. Guess I'll just have to make do with the Lynx, Karibou, Malamute and Akita. Yeah, I like rovers...
  13. Well this looks like it'll be remarkably bloody handy for gathering groups to move big parts with KIS. Added to the list.
  14. That's gorgeous. What are the parts for those rovers from? Edit: NVM, worked it out. Buffalo rover, right?
  15. Shame, using an H body as the basis for a parasite craft sounds like a fun idea, but with the lack of parts for it beyond drone control, engine mounts, fuel tanks and passenger space the actual possible functions for such a thing are limited.
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