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  1. The Light Globe I believe. Which is actually something of an issue personally because I had been using them fairly extensively around a base I'd been working on before the update...
  2. They look absolutely awesome, but the lack of life support integration is putting me off for now. Guess I'll just have to make do with the Lynx, Karibou, Malamute and Akita. Yeah, I like rovers...
  3. Well this looks like it'll be remarkably bloody handy for gathering groups to move big parts with KIS. Added to the list.
  4. That's gorgeous. What are the parts for those rovers from? Edit: NVM, worked it out. Buffalo rover, right?
  5. Shame, using an H body as the basis for a parasite craft sounds like a fun idea, but with the lack of parts for it beyond drone control, engine mounts, fuel tanks and passenger space the actual possible functions for such a thing are limited.
  6. A fairly good way of getting wheels under the KPBS modules is to connect things via the stack nodes on the base modules, and use a FUR flatbed piece on the node underneath as a wheel attachment point. As for material kits storage, I think it may be in conjunction with USI mods, but the Lynx does have configurable storage containers that includes MaterialKits (1700 resources) that is indeed based off the ore container. I do however agree that I would love to see a FUR workshop module (partly because Nils makes great IVAs), or some KPBS-FUR adaptors. Also looking forward to the Lynx crew cabin b
  7. I'm at 96 and counting. Started with Mechjeb to use as a learning tool and for some of it's REALLY helpful information windows, expanded to trying out some life support mods (I eventually settled on USI-LS), which swiftly lead to playing with mods adding colonisation functionality with Scansat and KIS/KAS backing it up, all the while picking up parts mods that looked interesting and helped get creations that with all the life support stuff were getting increasingly large into space. These days, it tends to be stuff adding useful tweaks and functions, stuff that I see and go "Oh THAT looks usef
  8. I would, but I don't trust my knowledge and understanding to be accurate enough to be entirely trustworthy. I fear I'd do more damage than help.
  9. Agreed, and a fair bit of it seems a bit out of date as well. Hoping RoverDude gets round to it when they have time, but I know they have a lot going on atm.
  10. Could it be perhaps that the Machinery in the inflatable agroponic module isn't full? details in the vehicle assembly do mention it needing 500. It may be that the workload scales down if that's not fully stocked. The inflatable parts are great for smaller packed away things, but you do need to bring some parts for them to set up.
  11. Looking at the description for the F.L.A.T. command module, if there isn't a spider in the IVA I'm going to be sorely disappointed... EDIT: As far as I can tell, they did indeed remove all of the spiders from the F.L.A.T. module. This feels like a missed opportunity.
  12. So, I'm by NO means an expert, I've been wrassling with this mod getting to grips with it myself. But I do believe that a lot of the life support stuff isn't actually needed when landed on Kerbin. Could be something to do with that? Maybe trying using the console to put the test rig somewhere else (Mun, etc) and checking things out that way?
  13. So, I'm having the same issue another user had a while ago with the VTOL engines, that is them not mirroring in mirror symmetry mode. Tried fiddling with the symmetry in various ways, and they are DEFINITELY attached to a main fuselage part (I stripped the wings and other surface parts off to check temporarily). Am I missing something, or was this just never fixed? Checking Github shows no mention of this getting sorted, so I've mentally sidelined CKAN shenanigans and leaning towards the "This got forgotten" conclusion.
  14. Not sure why I didn't think of that. Would still need to swap out for the KAS electric winches though, as the small, manual one doesn't actually retract, so design shift won't actually change. And with the added load on the vehicles frame, some of the tracks in this may become very useful to hold up weight. With the large weight difference hopefully mitigated somewhat, I'll have another fiddle with gear ratios to see how it affects things. I already have a plan for a folding crane vehicle based around actually lifting payloads, that I know can handle some fairly large parts. So
  15. Honestly, weighing the craft down some wouldn't be a huge issue. Adding more weight would be likely under a mission load anyway, with another main feature of it being a reasonable KIS inventory to help with trucking spare parts around, some of which are surprisingly heavy. But yeah, the ground tether/winch idea does seem like the most effective plan, at least for smaller things like the half-crashed resupply mission nearby. I have plans for other vehicles being sent in down the line, including folding cranes and larger cargo movers, which should have the mass to tow bigger colony sections if t
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