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  1. Small issue, not even a bug per se: the nodes on the Lynx Canine Adaptor aren't actually lined up right. On the Malemute side, it's too high. This has made progress on my double-ended CatDog rover stall somewhat... EDIT: So I've realised WHY they're set that way. Currently it makes the attachment nodes for the wheels all the same height. WHich is useful. And editing the model shape for the adaptor as opposed to just a quick moving the nodes takes a bit more work. Fair enough. Would be nice, but hardly a priority.
  2. So this helped. I left Kerbal where it is, but gave it exceptions under my antivirus. No issues since. Thank you all.
  3. Screenshot of GameData is in there. Don't worry about asking for the simple things, I have a sneaking suspicion I am being dumb somewhere anyway.
  4. So, with a hopeful heart I downloaded KAS 0.4.9 to keep up with the new update. ModuleManager is of course now in the download. Still the same issue. It only seems to affect KAS parts, as I can right click on stock parts to my heart's content.
  5. ModuleManager .dll placed into GameData folder. No change. I'm sure I'm missing something, but everything I can find to try and point me in the right direction seems to assume I know something that I don't, in actual fact, know. Sorry for being head-to-desk level dumb here.
  6. Hi. I, for whatever reason, can't right click on KAS parts either in the VAB or during EVA. I've tried a clean install and loading just KAS without any other mods as well, hoping to find a clash, but even then it's still giving me issues. I've triple checked that I'm putting folders in the right place and, as I said, did a clean install. I'm using steam, so it's x32 by default, and the most recent versions of everthing. OS is windows 7 Any help would be much appreciated, as this mod is in my eyes almost a requirement for KSP