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  1. I think that soviet emblem is the main symbol of victory day. It always been there.
  2. I worked on voskhod's IVA for a long time and almost finished it. But tomorrow i'll have to leave my city for a few days. So i'll try to complete my work as soon as i can. Here is some screenshots. I hope you will like it.
  3. But this is not Russian game) It's Belarusian.
  4. World of Tanks, i heard about this game. But never played
  5. Can you show your model? I didn't find it on your pages.
  6. Many modders made stocklike things do not worry.
  7. I spent a few days relaxing and making what i want. Now i'm going to continue working on Voskhod. Here is stock-like engine from me. If you want - you can download it http://www./download/oo25msc1icnt9zh/FTL-180_Engine.zip
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