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  1. Sorry for the pixels; I was running half texture quality at the time. But I thought this had some great colors and composition.
  2. This is the only thing I thought. Screw landing benefits; taking off is where it's at.
  3. How could you simultaneously use resources from the planets to fuel the sun and make the cores denser? That matter would have to come from somewhere. Besides, I don't think the quantities would be more than a drop in the bucket for a star.
  4. I had to point out that once you drop parts during ascent it's no longer SSTO. However this could be easily tested with MechJeb and a dV calculator I imagine.
  5. This is what has stopped me so far. Although multiplayer would make it really interesting, really fast. XD
  6. I wouldn't support stock weapons; the game's full enough of destruction as it is. However, as a fan of space warfare and diversity of play styles, I like to think of my particular program as a military force and plan to mod in weapons when I figure out just getting around first. XD Now if the game let us insert custom insignias for space suits to serve as rank patches, or features like nose art on planes, that would be fantastic.
  7. I'd support this. Choosing the other SAS modes upon pain of mode change hasn't caused me a ton of problems (I mostly use simple stability or at least keep mindful of my upcoming interactions) but it seems like an obvious thing to make optional.
  8. Because more than once I didn't remember quicksave was a thing before the bug struck (I usually just use reverts or accept problems as they come if it's not available, never had this problem until recently) and occasionally even using the f9 tactic didn't fix it. I didn't feel like mucking with the same tired mission I'd been trying to do for a week so let it sit for awhile. Technical difficulties are welcomed because that's an engineering challenge. "Your engines don't work because screw you" doesn't endear me the same way.
  9. Not too impressive in the grand scheme of things: probably built some space station fuel tanks with advanced assembly techniques. Sadly I have no pics of it (found one hehe), but I was able to dock two orange tanks in parallel (one per launch) to the ends of a T-shaped brace, securing the near sides to the central boom with KAS struts. For the longest time I hadn't managed to rendezvous at all. Eventually I could dock modules only with integral RCS, so graduating from that, to using a construction tug, to connecting one to a perpendicular docking port in the middle of a large module, I felt like I had made LKO my own. One of the eventual two tanks, colored grey, black, and yellow with Kerbpaint, is shown below on the SCI Hansbach. God I miss that station XD. Getting ready to rebuild it in my more recent save when I gain more tech.
  10. Putting in a bump for this. Is there any solution beyond the f5-f9 workaround? It has completely put me off KSP for at least a week. >.<
  11. A military capital ship on the scale of a Star Destroyer, complete with internal environment. And deformation of parts before critical failure sort of like Space Engineers has.
  12. Holy crap! Never would have thought of that but I do have a stick with its throttle half-raised. Gonna try fixing that.
  13. Is anyone else having the issue of an uncontrolled zoom-in until it clips through the craft and focuses on the dead center? In order to see crafts I have to continuously scroll out, and even then it's sort of a losing battle. Maybe a problem with FireFox?
  14. I don't think so; this is probably a bug or a feature that is most undesirable. It even happens when the engine is totally unobstructed and at the moment is crippling everything I'm trying to do as well. Although if it's fixable with a mod I want to check that out. If I design a rocket that fires an engine inside a fairing, why not? The worst that can happen is that it all explodes.
  15. Same as most games-- good as is, but could always use tweaks. Which is why I'm happy its development continues.