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  1. Wahey! Thanks for replying. I was thinking of trying it myself but haven't had a great deal of luck finding information on making GUI's. I need to look at more people's source code but when you don't know a lot about mods or coding it can be difficult to separate the GUI code from the rest of a mods code. No pressure at all on yourself if you are thinking of trying it. I understand the pressures of real life and they have forced me to come and go from KSP a few times in the past so only attempt it if you have the energy.
  2. Well my proposed version of the mod would only affect the craft being controlled and only when the user wants it to be affected. No permanent change to any parts in the editor so it shouldn't affect any other craft that might be using BDAc parts. Perhaps a simple solution would be to make a new small part, called for example a Buoyancy Control Unit, that you add to the craft you want to submerge and the mod only works on the craft with this unit. Kind of like how the AR202 case works for MechJeb.
  3. I think it would be ok. The mod would be off by default and only be on when you want to change all the part values of a craft that is being controlled and not permanently change any values in the craft file. It would only be used for submarines, underwater bases, VTOLs that also want to dive underwater, that kind of thing.
  4. HullBreach is a good shout. It looks like they are changing the Buoyancy value for different parts which makes things sink. Xyphos's mod already works. It changes the buoyancy value for selected parts with a value between 2 and 0. 2 is extra floaty and 0 sinks fast with values between that giving different buoyancy levels. There are no side effects that I have seen unless you start using negative values. The requirement I would like to see is to change this value in game for all the parts of the vessel on demand using a simple GUI, (MechJeb style if you know what I mean).
  5. Hmmm, I haven't seen any mods that directly adjust buoyancy except for the mod that Xyphos created. It would be nice if one existed that could do this on demand.
  6. I was wondering how feasible it would be to create a mod that adjusts a crafts buoyancy while piloting the craft in game. I made a mod some time ago that added extra parts you can fill with ballast in the game that worked well at sinking vessels however all that extra mass made moving the vessel a bit difficult and warranted specialist engines and thrusters etc. Recently I found this mod by @Xyphos which is excellent as it allows parts buoyancy values to be changed in the craft editor through tweakables however it is a little inconvenient to have to set this value for every part and it ca
  7. Thanks! I've uploaded it to KerbalX now as that is something that should be supported.
  8. Hello. It's been a long time since I played KSP but I saw some cool Stayputnik bearings for electric props, (well done to whoever invented them!), made my own jet powered versions, and they were strong enough to revisit some walker designs I never got working before. Therefore, I can now introduce my dream walker design. A Spider Walker! Download link in the video description. 309 parts. 100% stock. Top speed downhill 35 m/s! Works in versions 1.3.1 and 1.4.4. Let me know what you think. Direct links to craft file if you want them: https://kerbalx.com/RedshiftOTF
  9. Hey this is a cool bearing design I have not seen before. I had a quick go at making a helicopter out of it and it works pretty well. Doesn't lift a lot but it is a compact design.
  10. Thank you very much for the help! However, I have managed to work it out. The torpedoes have a cpu part on them but not the main ship. The torpedoes have a probe core on them as well as everything needed to power them. You select a target in the ship and this is stored as a variable, myTarget, so that when the torpedo is decoupled it steers towards the target using the - lock steering to myTarget:position - option. I printed the output of ship:controlpart and found that the torpedoes control part was actually the radial decoupler when the torpedo is decoupled so it was no wonder it didn't
  11. OK, I'm making headway. Does anyone know how to use the Part:controlfrom() function? When I stage a torpedo it is being controlled from the cpu part and doesn't use the control surfaces so I want to switch to the probe core on the torpedo. But I don't really understand the syntax of this command.
  12. Woah, these things are brutal. Azimech, have you considered using a Kos script to automate all the hotkey stuff?
  13. Thanks for this. It mostly works however I have hit a snag. As soon as the torpedo has decoupled I can't get it to set a target as apparently you can only set a target for the active vessel. I think the only way around this is to run the script from the submarine and change all my commands to affect the detached vessel by name if that makes sense.
  14. Hello, I am a KOS noob, but I love it! I need some help though. Scenario is: I have a submarine with detachable torpedoes. I have written a script for the torpedoes to home in to a selected target and explode near it at a set range. How do I get the script to run automatically on the torpedoes when I stage them from the submarine? I don't mind having a script running on the submarine if needed, I just don't want the same script as I don't want the submarine to start homing in on the target too. The torpedo will remain in physics range of the submarine. Thanks.
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