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  1. Wahey! Thanks for replying. I was thinking of trying it myself but haven't had a great deal of luck finding information on making GUI's. I need to look at more people's source code but when you don't know a lot about mods or coding it can be difficult to separate the GUI code from the rest of a mods code. No pressure at all on yourself if you are thinking of trying it. I understand the pressures of real life and they have forced me to come and go from KSP a few times in the past so only attempt it if you have the energy.
  2. Well my proposed version of the mod would only affect the craft being controlled and only when the user wants it to be affected. No permanent change to any parts in the editor so it shouldn't affect any other craft that might be using BDAc parts. Perhaps a simple solution would be to make a new small part, called for example a Buoyancy Control Unit, that you add to the craft you want to submerge and the mod only works on the craft with this unit. Kind of like how the AR202 case works for MechJeb.
  3. I think it would be ok. The mod would be off by default and only be on when you want to change all the part values of a craft that is being controlled and not permanently change any values in the craft file. It would only be used for submarines, underwater bases, VTOLs that also want to dive underwater, that kind of thing.
  4. HullBreach is a good shout. It looks like they are changing the Buoyancy value for different parts which makes things sink. Xyphos's mod already works. It changes the buoyancy value for selected parts with a value between 2 and 0. 2 is extra floaty and 0 sinks fast with values between that giving different buoyancy levels. There are no side effects that I have seen unless you start using negative values. The requirement I would like to see is to change this value in game for all the parts of the vessel on demand using a simple GUI, (MechJeb style if you know what I mean).
  5. Hmmm, I haven't seen any mods that directly adjust buoyancy except for the mod that Xyphos created. It would be nice if one existed that could do this on demand.
  6. I was wondering how feasible it would be to create a mod that adjusts a crafts buoyancy while piloting the craft in game. I made a mod some time ago that added extra parts you can fill with ballast in the game that worked well at sinking vessels however all that extra mass made moving the vessel a bit difficult and warranted specialist engines and thrusters etc. Recently I found this mod by @Xyphos which is excellent as it allows parts buoyancy values to be changed in the craft editor through tweakables however it is a little inconvenient to have to set this value for every part and it cannot be altered when the craft is being played in game. My idea would be a simple GUI interface in game that allows the user to input a value that changes the buoyancy value of every part on the craft by that value with some presets so the user can add values for Float on surface, Neutral buoyancy, Sink, Default values (i.e. off) etc. Trim, (balancing nose up or down), shouldn't be necessary if every part has the same buoyancy value but if it was needed there could be another editable value that adds a small amount of extra buoyancy to parts in front of the centre of mass and removes some from parts behind the centre of mass on top of the other set values, (or reverse this for opposite trim). Don't need anything fancy for any values, just user set values, (which would be decimal numbers between 0 and 2 from testing the mod above). I've seen quite a bit of demand for something that would make it easier to submerge vessels without having to add a ton of ore tanks to the design. I don't think I have the skills to make a mod with a GUI and a bit of programming though. Would this interest anyone?
  7. Thanks! I've uploaded it to KerbalX now as that is something that should be supported.
  8. Hello. It's been a long time since I played KSP but I saw some cool Stayputnik bearings for electric props, (well done to whoever invented them!), made my own jet powered versions, and they were strong enough to revisit some walker designs I never got working before. Therefore, I can now introduce my dream walker design. A Spider Walker! Download link in the video description. 309 parts. 100% stock. Top speed downhill 35 m/s! Works in versions 1.3.1 and 1.4.4. Let me know what you think. Direct links to craft file if you want them: https://kerbalx.com/RedshiftOTF/Spider-Walker http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=08990454721899665236 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1437397297
  9. Hey this is a cool bearing design I have not seen before. I had a quick go at making a helicopter out of it and it works pretty well. Doesn't lift a lot but it is a compact design.
  10. Thank you very much for the help! However, I have managed to work it out. The torpedoes have a cpu part on them but not the main ship. The torpedoes have a probe core on them as well as everything needed to power them. You select a target in the ship and this is stored as a variable, myTarget, so that when the torpedo is decoupled it steers towards the target using the - lock steering to myTarget:position - option. I printed the output of ship:controlpart and found that the torpedoes control part was actually the radial decoupler when the torpedo is decoupled so it was no wonder it didn't steer much. My trouble was understanding how to implement the part:controlfrom() function in code but I worked it out. Part is replaced by a variable, in this case cp, and it is important to get the name right or the code doesn't run. I managed to get the part name by using - for cp in ship:partsnamed("probeCoreOcto2") - and then adding - {cp:controlfrom().} - after it. Anyway, I might do a video on it a post the whole code as it is quite fun watching air dropped torpedoes chase a moving sub.
  11. OK, I'm making headway. Does anyone know how to use the Part:controlfrom() function? When I stage a torpedo it is being controlled from the cpu part and doesn't use the control surfaces so I want to switch to the probe core on the torpedo. But I don't really understand the syntax of this command.
  12. Woah, these things are brutal. Azimech, have you considered using a Kos script to automate all the hotkey stuff?
  13. Thanks for this. It mostly works however I have hit a snag. As soon as the torpedo has decoupled I can't get it to set a target as apparently you can only set a target for the active vessel. I think the only way around this is to run the script from the submarine and change all my commands to affect the detached vessel by name if that makes sense.
  14. Hello, I am a KOS noob, but I love it! I need some help though. Scenario is: I have a submarine with detachable torpedoes. I have written a script for the torpedoes to home in to a selected target and explode near it at a set range. How do I get the script to run automatically on the torpedoes when I stage them from the submarine? I don't mind having a script running on the submarine if needed, I just don't want the same script as I don't want the submarine to start homing in on the target too. The torpedo will remain in physics range of the submarine. Thanks.
  15. Thanks! I will take a look. Wow, thank you for the offer! I'm not getting into anything too intense at the moment due to health reasons but if I get back on the mend I might have a go and if I need any help I will shoot you some questions. The main thing is I am glad the mod makes submarine building a bit easier for you and others.
  16. Yeah, custom models would be nice but I don't know how to do that yet, lol. At least a custom realistic propeller would be cool.
  17. This is absolutely amazing. You should be proud of yourself for this mod! I'm going to try it out.
  18. Make submarines great again! Works for KSP version 1.2.2 - Download at bottom of post Hello, this is my first mod, if you can call it that. Since I have heard a number of requests from people who want some kind of ballast or buoyancy mod I thought I would come up with something along with a few parts that you can use to make your own Nuclear Submarine! All the modded parts are copies of Squads parts with new properties as well as a copy of one part from the excellent KAX mod, (for the electric propeller). All stock parts will remain in the game with no changes. Ballast Tank This is a copy of the Mk0 fuselage. It contains a tweakable that adds a ballast resource that weighs 1 ton per unit and can hold 100 tons. The tweakable is changeable by increments of 10 tons. A few of these should be able to sink the most buoyant of submarines. The tank also contains ISU functions so you can add or remove ballast when piloting your craft. No resources are used, ballast is simply created or destroyed. You can add or remove 10 tons per second, 1 ton per second or 0.1 tons per second. Adding or removing ballast can be set to hotkeys. If you want to toggle adding ballast 1 ton/s for example you will need to select the "Toggle Converter" option directly below the option to add ballast 1 ton/s in the hot key list, (I couldn't change the default name, sorry.) Ballast Tank (small) This is a copy of the Oscar B fuel tank. It works in the same way as the standard ballast tank but only holds 10 tons of ballast. This is so you can set the tweakable ballast in increments of 1 ton. This tank also includes ISU functions to add and remove ballast and you can add or remove 1 ton/s or 0.1 ton/s. It can be hotkeyed the same way as the standard ballast tank. Nuclear Reactor Need a bit more power in your sub? Chuck in a PWR Nuclear Reactor! This is a copy of the mini ISU and acts like a powerful RTG, generating 40 electrical units/s at all times. Thrusters Submarines can get heavy with ballast added so I have included water based thrusters to allow craft to be turned while stationary or to dock with an underwater base. They are copies of the vernier engine and use an added resource called Water to create 90 kN of thrust and consume about 2 units of electricity per second. They continually generate water so they do not need to be refilled and never run out, (you are in the sea after all). Marine Electric Propeller You will need to install the KAX mod for this part. All I have done is change the config file to add a new part based on the Turbo Prop that acts as an electric powered propeller. It generates 2000 kN of thrust, (submarines can get heavy), and consumes about 19.2 units of electricity per second, (about 24 RTG worth). Put it in thrust reversal mode if you want to mount it behind a craft. This mod comes with an example craft - a Nuclear Sub. You can put wheels on it to take it to water or use the Vessel Mover mod to pick it up and drop it in the sea. It contains no Liquid Fuel, Oxidiser or Monopropellant. The ballast makes the whole thing sink even when empty of resources! Warning: Ballast tanks are heavy and can break off some attachment points if fully filled. To avoid this attach them radially to your craft or attach them to radially attached Modular Girder Segments. The best way to use the ballast tanks is to place one at the front of your craft and one at the back and a group in the middle. You can use the front and back tanks to level the craft and hotkey all the centre tanks to make the craft neutrally buoyant. Make a note of the ballast you have used and set up these amounts as tweakables in the Spaceplane Hanger so your craft is permanently neutrally buoyant. Ballast tanks work best when near the bottom of your craft to ensure the craft stays the correct way up. How to install Download the mod, unzip, and place the NukeSubBallast folder in your KSP GameData folder. Download the latest version of Module Manager and place in your KSP GameData folder. Most mods use MM now so you may already have it. Download the KAX mod. Place the KAX and Firespitter folders in your GameData folder. I do not own, maintain or have anything to do with the creation of the KAX mod. Have fun and feedback is welcome.
  19. Ah I get it now. You just create a separate file for the changes and it works through MM. That makes sense. Thanks for your help and I will see what I can come up with.
  20. OK I see, all the changes can be made in MM. If I want to distribute it do people just download the MM file I made then? What if they already have an MM file installed? I want to make it as easy as possible for people to use rather than get people to modify files. Sorry if my questions are a bit noobish.
  21. Ah that's a shame. How do I go about using the MM / pure cfg method? Will it make new parts based on another part, (so the original and modded parts are both in the game), or does it just over-write the original parts properties? Thanks for your help btw!
  22. Oh well, I've already made the parts and cfg files, I was just wondering about permission that's all. Also, thanks for your advice about getting thrusters to work by adding a mass resource, (I read it in another thread). Although somehow I managed to get the KAX TurboProp to work purely on electricity without needing to add a resource with mass.
  23. So, I've made a small submarine mod that gives ballast functions, electric propulsion, a nuclear reactor etc but as I don't have much modelling talent I have re-used some Squad parts for various functions. What are the rules behind this? No parts will be replaced, only added, (for example I am using the Mk0 fuel tank model for a ballast tank). Also, I will be using the TurboProp part from the KAX mod to create an electric propeller. I am not going to bundle this part in my mod, I will simply state that KAX will need to be downloaded and offer a replacement config file that will give the part new properties. Is this also allowed? I don't want to step on anyone's toes so I thought I would check here first.
  24. Wow, that's pretty amazing, I'll have to have a look at how you did that. You could always use air-brakes as toggle-able levers so you can sweep the wings when you want to.
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