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  1. Probably just a little overbuilt... :-) This was originally an orbital comm relay, temporarily repurposed to deliver some parts down to Gilly.
  2. Turns out, Gilly's gravity is so weak that as long as you don't fall over too fast, even the entry-level 1x6 solar panels will hold up your ship... :-)
  3. Wondering if anyone has seen this before; it feels like a bug to me... I'm having intermittent problems transferring fuel between tanks after docking two vessels together for refueling. Typically I can make around two transfer operations, emptying a source tank into my being-refueled ship, and then further transfers don't do anything. I can select the tanks I want, but when I click "IN" on one or "OUT" on the other, no fuel moves. Sometimes the button will change to "STOP", but no fuel or oxidizer actually moves. If I switch to the KSC and then immediately switch back to my ship, now
  4. It looks like the inflatable habitation modules are not recognized by missions that want to you build something "supporting n Kerbals" -- is this a known issue? Sorry if this has been asked before; I did skim through the thread first and didn't see it. (And yes, I did make sure it was actually inflated :-) ) Thanks! EDIT: nevermind -- restarting the game seems to have fixed it.
  5. As the subject says -- career mode, picked up a mission to fly by 6 bodies with one ship; most are moons so they should be easy, but the other two are Eve and Duna, so is it generally more efficient to hit Eve first, or Duna first? Or does it just depend on where they happen to be?
  6. What do most of you do as you work through career mode and you accumulate more and more stations, bases, etc.? Ultimately I expect it's a performance issue, but more immediately it makes the list in the tracking station annoyingly long. Do you just terminate bases and stations that you don't need anymore (after making sure no one is on them)? Or do you let them pile up as evidence of your expanding dominance of the universe? :-)
  7. Does KSP penalize you for rear-facing flat surfaces, which in the real world would be a significant source of drag? In this example, are my two side-pods draggy in KSP as shown, or no? I can certainly put reversed nose cones on them if need be, but why spend the money if the game doesn't model it... :-) Thanks!
  8. Hm, ok - thanks! Not having tried this before, I had noticed the "same vessel interaction" option for some parts, and kindof assumed that if I toggle this to the correct value I could get my extra klaws to attach to the asteroid even after it's considered part of my ship... maybe not. Thanks!
  9. What do you all think of this, or something like it, for catching larger asteroids? This idea is to grab the asteroid with the center klaw, then line up with the center of mass and lock the pivot. Once that's done, the four outer klaws (which are mounted on extending hydraulic tubes) can be extended to also grab the asteroid and add rigidity. They were added one at a time, without using symmetry, so I should be able to extend them differing distances to accommodate the asteroid surface. I'm thinking the center klaw needs to extend farther ahead of the others; the hydraulics extend farther
  10. If I want to re-install a new, clean KSP install but then move a saved game into it to use, what all do I have to copy? It looks like the folder from that game, and within that folder probably the "persistent.sfs" file and "persistent.loadmeta" -- but everything else in the folder seems to be backup copies (or ships, which I'll rebuild). Do I need to move anything else too? Thanks!
  11. This applies equally to auto-struts, I assume?
  12. Ok, so, going to capture an asteroid, per contract, to build a station on. Found one, tracked it, rendevouz'd with it, grabbed it with a claw, and now the (not) fun begins. How the F do you control the thing??? It's class D. I know about setting the target as the center of mass; doesn't seem to help. Any time I try to make any control input, my ship starts flapping back and forth as though it were made of silly putty, and so does the asteroid, acting like it weighs about a pound. I can set the asteroid CoM as target, but then if I tell MJ to point T+, wild oscillation. At this point
  13. Has anyone tried making a ship that uses the Breaking Ground robotic parts -- rotary servos in particular -- to mount engines that swivel? I should just try a couple, I know, and I'll do some testing, but just wondering if they are strong enough and can feed fuel. I'm assuming the stock fuel lines are not flexible once placed. The long-term goal is to make an asteroid catcher where the engines are at the back, but once I grab the rock I can rotate the engines 180* to make it into a puller configuration...
  14. Thanks, I have ZeroMiniAVC installed now. Still seeing random crashes, but not too frequent, and I don't think KAC is involved at this point. However -- a "how to use this" question, since I'm fairly new to it; it seems like it doesn't play all that well with Mechjeb's ability to "execute next node" or worse, "execute all nodes" -- which is very handy, except when an alarm pops up in the middle of the process. KAC kills the warp as requested, but if I'm not really on my toes, Mechjeb says "auto-warp checked? Yes! Fire it up again boys!" and suddently I'm five days past my maneuver node. I
  15. How do you guys handle long burns? I have an ion-powered rescue ship meeting up with someone in need of rescuing from solar orbit, and one of the burns to get there is 55 minutes. Can't warp, can't switch away... boring. What do you guys usually do? Go make dinner or do a crossword puzzle until you can play again?
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