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  1. That is correct. Sorry I used the wrong link code for the picture.
  2. I've noticed when you attach a girder radially it doesn't align the attachment point correctly. It's hard to explain so I've included a picture. I've noticed that very simple rockets (beginning a new career) without asas will tend to spin when you have boosters attached in this way.
  3. Ahh OK. That makes sense in a round about way. Thank you. I will mark the thread answered. If I can figure out how.
  4. Chris - So if I mount the tanks directly to the decouplers it doesn't consider them in the same stack? But if you have anything between the decouplers and the tank it does?
  5. I can't figure out how to make the action group turn off the fuel crossfeed. I can make them decouple with the action group. The reason I don't have them directly connected to the decouplers is because then the tanks clip into the upper stage. ... I take that back. I did that because I couldn't get the tanks to mount near the top. they always want to attach near the center of the tank.
  6. I do have Radial decouplers. I have never set anything up in the action groups but I'll take a stab at it. I've used girders and BZ-52s before without a problem. So maybe it is the addition of the decouplers that throws it off. I believe this is the part in the craft file. But I'm not real sure what I'm looking at here. PART { part = trussPiece1x_4294748808 partName = Part pos = -1.691101,16.651,-1.691099 rot = -0.270598,0.6532815,-0.6532815,-0.2705981 attRot = 0,0,0,1 mir = 1,1,1 istg = 2 dstg = 2 sidx = -1 sqor = -1 attm = 1 link = strutConnector_4294748728 link = stackPoint1_4294747576 link = strutConnector_4294747336 sym = trussPiece1x_4294748788 sym = trussPiece1x_4294748768 sym = trussPiece1x_4294748748 srfN = srfAttach,radialDecoupler2_4294748984 EVENTS { } ACTIONS { }
  7. For some reason it drains fuel from the top orange tank first. So I just turn that tank off until it's separated. But you have 2871 Liquid Fuel and 3507 Oxidizer left when you launch it to a 200 Km orbit. And it has every fuel type plus electricity to spare. I don't even turn RCS on for launch. I have Clamp-O-Tron SR.s at the top and bottom so many of them can be docked in series at my orbital refueling depot. Plus the other docking ports in case I just want to send it to a stranded mission outside Kerban orbit. Oh, and everything but the final stage falls back to Kerban so you don't have to worry about space trash.
  8. Is there no way to attach the craft file? Anyway, there are no fuel lines except for the ones going to the nuclear engines. But when I launch all 16 of the lifter engine pull from the top orange tank first. I haven't had this problem with other designs so I'm at a lose.