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  1. You seem to be on the most likely path, however, I have also found that mk1 Lander Cans were the biggest factor in this aswell as the modded capsule, so removing them seems to have fixed this specific problem. Noticed that on the last ship it did this it also had those cans. Yes, unless suddenly stock installs have started coming with mods, I have experienced it in both modded and unmodded, both with and without KJR.
  2. I've posted this issue before, but on scene loads a space craft will have part off set from one another, ie not loading where they should be doing. This is an issue that has plagued me in 1.8 through 1.10.1 and in both Modded and Un-modded installs, and is quite often the reason why I stop any space exploration saves as it makes any interplanetary missions that require docking next to impossible. Anyone got any idea why this happens?
  3. So i'm having a slight issue, not serious as it doesnt affect how the mod works, but radar dishes rotate in 180 degree segments rather than smoothly rotating. I've had this issue a few years ago and I discovered that the Physics delta time slider fixed the issue, however it is not working this time, anyone got any idea how to sort this? I know its not a default BDA radar and its in space and BDA doesnt like space, but this happpens on the ground with the default BDA radars too. Attached is a link to a video of how the dish is behaving Thanks in advance.
  4. So this issue has occurred in both versions 1.9.0 and 1.8.1, both fully stock and modded games, both with DLC and without. I have no idea what is causing it but when I load a craft that is in orbit with even a moderate amount of clipping the results can range from slight annoyances, mission critical failures or disasters. This can happen both with reloading from other scenes (such as going to the ship from the Tracking Station) and even when entering physics range with another ship, although that seems to prevent the disastrous category. Here's some pictures; v1.9.0 - modded v1.9.1 unmodded (before reload) - Stock v1.9.1 (After Reloading) v1.8.1 - Modded, however the same thing happened without, only modded parts being surface lights and a PParts piece. (Before) After Reload (Note the craft docked on the bottom port had left, hence why i reloaded) I'm not so much looking for a solution as more of a knowing exactly why it is happening.
  5. I have been experiencing a similar issue, except they don't spaz out but do what I call borking up, upon a hard load (Scene change or entering physics range in timewarp) the ship will have a load of parts misaligned. Happened in a modded install and a completely core game install. No idea what is causing it but it makes things damn near unplayable.
  6. Thats the Stock Vessels folder. They are still in that folder, you need to go into that folder and delete them manually. The crafts that are created in your saves are located in "save > [Save Game Name] > SPH/VAB"
  7. Than you hebarusan reinstalling the audio device and drivers has fixed the issue.
  8. My system's audio did have some issues recently as in it wouldn't work but i restarted the computer and I thought it was working again. Since you brought this to my attention I loaded up a YT video and no sound was played, opening the volume mixer has given me the message "No audio device is installed" So I guess that would be my problem. I'll try to fix that and report back. Thanks for a quick reply.
  9. Some background: The game was running fine on 1.3 on Monday, I installed retrofuture, KAX and KAS and suddenly the game would crash on loading. I removed the mods and it still crashed on loading. I then took out all mods so it was just stock parts and it still crashed on loading. After all that my 1.2.2 install suffered the same issue but no mods were added or removed and it worked fine 2 weeks ago. I have deleted all copies of the game on my computer and reinstalled 1.3 and it still crashes on loading. Strangely the 1.0.3 copy worked fine though. Honestly this is the most info I can give you, log files in comment below, the game crashes once it reaches the end of the loading bar. P.S. I've had to make do with no map for the last 4 days due to this. Crash Files There are 2 in here, one for each of the two HDD's i had the game installed on. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhictjrcwzx1llk/crashes.rar?dl=0
  10. You can download versions of the game from the store as far back as 1.0.5 Go to: Buy>Sign In>My Account>Download>Pick the version you want.
  11. Pretty sure in life I can see where the water is and there is a shadow of an aircraft coming in for a sea landing, unlike in the above picture. Also pretty sure there should be waves.
  12. Question: Is it supposed to be almost impossible to see how high above the water you are?
  13. Any chance of alternate Download sites for when Spacedock decides to go down? (Like it has as I'm posting this and for the last day)
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