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  1. If you are a fan of the Marathon series by Bungie, or you like mods of games, you might like this. Instead of short edited videos of game play, this time the videos are longer and are streamed. Marathon Rubicon X is not part of Bungie's Marathon Trilogy, but is a 3rd party scenario, or as it would be called today, a mod. Instead of posting each video here, I'll just post one link to the playlist. I think it will be updated about once or twice per week. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIof4Cp3-cakQzAL4xHJIpCDIEH83IfQs
  2. "The Forge": the final level of Bungie's Myth II: the Fallen Lords. Rather than subject anyone to 1 hour and 20 minutes of noisy cooperative banter, I chose a relatively short video which is strikingly, hauntingly different. The only sound is from the game; within the volcanic caves. The player knows some tricks and even a game exploit and uses them to advantage. The journal entries and cutscenes add a polish to the game that completes the immersion. The Forge. Not only a reference to the hot cavernous level in a volcanic mountain, but to the testing of the "metal" of the soldiers you command:
  3. Strange and curious. It's "Twice Born":
  4. Combine the rare and the capable with good level design and you get "Shiver":
  5. The boys try to keep a dam wall from being demolished and flooding the valley below. It's "The Wall":
  6. Let the fun begin! It's "Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters"! Even an idiot player cannot mess this up, but he tries.
  7. This time its up to two players to lead their troops to victory in the Tain. Of course by now one would think that they could fully utilize their various kinds of units as something other than an onscreen audience as the enemy units wreak havoc upon them, prior to their unexpected and accidental victory! It's "The Summoner":
  8. A great combination of new units, enemy units "joining forces" with the humans, detailed textures, a haunting landscape and off topic chatter. It's a "Relic":
  9. This level episode is good. What's not to like about mortar dwarves and big burly giants? Its "The Ibis Crown":
  10. Ghosts in a video game? Sure ... its "The Ibis Crown":
  11. Lately releasing just often enough to maybe not be forgotten forever, the players finally enjoy a respite from being whupped on. This time THEY dish out the punishment. Chilling out at the Walls of Muirthemne:
  12. Congrats on your recent birthday Daniel l.! The future is bright in Robotics; that is, until robots take all of the jobs in that job sector ... uh, wait ... the future is bright in ... (Warning: perpetual looping text ahead ...) uh, happy birthday Daniel l.!
  13. Way to go, linuxgurugamer! Many more birthdays to you. And many more non game crashing combos as well. You may remember seeing Mercury flight news coverage on television at school.
  14. Poor Aperture. Heheh! So many game engines, so many limitations, so little physics. Er, something like that. Anyway, while I don't consider Minecraft a simulation of reality to any degree, that doesn't keep some people from using it to replicate, if not simulate other games. They say "Winter is Coming", but really, its about"Bigger Guns Nearby" ... if you want to get right to the interesting part, skip ahead to about 25 minutes or so into the video:
  15. Before KSP reached Version 1.0, Rampancy You-Tubed a play-through called "Build the Marathon", in Minecraft. Apparently they are knocking the dust off that project and are figuring out how best to proceed, as Minecraft has jumped several versions ahead since Rampancy's last efforts to turn Deimos into the generation ship Marathon, destined for Tau Ceti. (Methinks there is nothing new in science fiction; some readers may see similarities with some of the premises of The Expanse.) Anyway, the Rampancy boys were a bit ambitious with their previous project. Time will tell as they hope to actually complete the Marathon they started. (Disambiguation intended.)
  16. The boys get their kicks "With Friends Like These":
  17. "The Deceiver", or how to mix it up with warlocks and pigs.
  18. Get yourself some package deals, like the Valve Orange or HalfLife pack or whatever they are calling it now. You'll get the Half Life series and some other games thrown in. I also recommend the Portal series. Then there are all kinds of early access games, such as Space Engineers, which just went beta. If I think of any others, I'll have to edit this later. Good luck!
  19. The OP assumption is that the first video game we had was in our childhood. The first video game I ever played was Pong. I also played several arcade video games. Those are all examples of "pay to play". However, the first video game I owned was Chess for the Commodore 64. Hehehe!
  20. On the twelfth video of Myth Two, true brothers give to us: eleven Berserkers dying, ten archers gawking, nine Maul a' shrugging, eight units detached, seven Souless throwing, six waves repeating, FIVE CASUALTIES (REPEATEDLY); four bottle duds, three restarts, two foremen and a Journeyman shoveling snow and ice all by himself! It's an ambush on the "Stair of Grief".
  21. Huh. Another one. Landing at White Falls:
  22. Its just another Landing at White Falls:
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