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  1. Is that 1500 km range one way or round trip (750 out/750 in)?
  2. It's been a couple weeks since I've played but I think they have it as a result of the plume getting smaller the higher the pressure the surrounding air is.
  3. LOBE L-838 Low Orbit Ballistic Enterprises (LOBE) presents its first product to the civilian transport market, the L-838. With the use of Full BellyTM fuel tank technology, we were able to provide a jumbo jet with a 4000km range in the form factor of a large regional jet. With 168 valued customers, the KPPM is 0.017, and every L-838 comes with Self-PushTM reverse thrust technology, to eliminate the need to wait for a tug. For the low price of 279,053,000, surely you could replace your entire fleet of airplanes and ground vehicles with these babies. To activate flaps, use the lights, to use thrust reverser, press R. Taking off, use flaps 0, rotate at 50m/s, pitch no more than 10 degrees nose up. You should be airborne at 75m/s, pitch up to 15-20 degrees nose up or maintain 80m/s until 1000m altitude then increase to 120m/s for the rest of the climb. Cruising altitude is 3700m at 280m/s with a 0.82 kal/s fuel burn. Landing should be done with flaps 1 at around 80m/s and no more than 7m/s vertical speed under 500m agl. Approximately 20-30% power should be used on final approach, it increases the effectiveness of the thrust reverser on the landing roll. Once the main wheels touch the ground, apply thrust reverser and brakes, throttle up as needed to increase deceleration. Buy yours today!: https://kerbalx.com/lobe/LOBE-L-838
  4. A while back I saw a simpler alternative to Real Fuels, I was wondering what it was and if it is still in development?
  5. So, space travel may extend life if we can make everything else counteracted.
  6. lobe

    Space concept art

    Images like the bottom one
  7. Hey I am looking for a new wall paper for my computer. Now this would be easy but I am in search of a very specific one. It looks like a concept art from the 1980's, a space station in orbit of Mars. All I can describe it as is one or two astronauts with a space station and Mars in the background. I remember see it in in a space art book, can't remember the name.
  8. I do not think you should make an after burner for a duct fan. Flame holders are used to make sure the flame isn't blown out by the rapid acceleration of air through the engine. PS: I really do no think you should do this especially to an electric duct fan. If your machine fails it will catastrophically and unsafely.
  9. Well who else would have the money to study the effects?
  10. I thought the capacity was liters and thrust was kiloNewtons? Is it not?
  11. Has this been mentioned? everything else seems to be based on SI, why not the electric units?
  12. glcore seems to work, it was unstable in 1.1.3, lots of CTD from start up.
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