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  1. ok and they could've created a makeshift program intended to keep the industry alive that could also, like, do something useful
  2. edit the first post to have a list of the existing threads for ongoing nasa projects
  3. But then how would we know that's he's not interested!!?!?!
  4. Planet Nine wasn't even theorized then And it wouldn't be a dwarf planet as it's hypothesized *through* its very significant effects (assuming they're not an artifact) on its neighborhood, at a significantly higher mass than Pluto (and Earth). If they did call it a dwarf planet, it would be an actual case of the definition being bad and need reworking, as opposed to it being entirely appropriate for Pluto
  5. and how much of the material is being heated... (and energy lost to effects like ionization and chemical reactions, which isn't as relevant to your point)
  6. so you're calling us out for making this a fanclub by being annoyed at a comment even you don't think is productive meanwhile mikegarrison is very skeptical and good discussions are had with him
  7. A better than awful movie does not make it a good movie.
  8. Funding was cut. They built the planet but failed to include anything interesting. At the least, we should be able to build the mile-high molten lead slide
  9. What's the test schedule looking like?
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