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  1. If the wheels are frictionless the plane won't move, no matter how fast the treadmill is going.
  2. NFUN

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Apparently the core missed the barge
  3. Wow. They updated the headline to say "CHEMICALS" rather than "BACTERIA", but the first sentence is still the same, still claiming that we found bacteria on the planet.
  4. Oh god! What is that on the bottom right? That's terrifying!
  5. I'm unfortunately well aware of the fact that British tabloids, especially their science sections, cause you to lose IQ. This was just noteworthy in its awfulness, outdoing even itself. You'd think that they'd first report the discovery of loveing life on Mars before fearmongering about it, but, well, it's the Express.
  6. You know an article is going to be good when the first words are "Space boffins". Deadly bacteria like perchlorates, iron oxide and UV radiation would prevent us from visiting Mars. Somebody got paid to write this
  7. Odin is doomed to lose Ragnarok anyway.
  8. NFUN

    SiIvaGunner is over

    I have 21 more songs where that came from.
  9. NFUN

    SiIvaGunner is over

    Not many people here probably know about the channel, but I'm sad.
  10. NaNoWriMo is soon. You could participate in that.
  11. NFUN

    Bad Suggestions for KSP

    Clearly. Somebody died of dysentery! The green should be #BADA56, btw. One off from Badass.
  12. Magnets are magic. This is a proven fact.