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  1. 0 = 1 for sufficiently large values of epsilon
  2. I'm not sure an article talking about stars formed a few hundred years after the big bang is worth a read
  3. I dunno. I feel like I've thrown baseball with more energy than that off of a building, but still
  4. If they bored into another dimension for energy and the beings that lived there altered physical constants in our universe to extinguish their consciousness they could certainly go extinct regardless of how far they'd spread
  5. depends if the landing was soft enough. If the retrorockets didn't work well as some think and would've killed passengers, one fatal accident in 23 launches is pretty bad
  6. Let's be real. Whether or not it's viable doesn't change that it's insane
  7. Oh is that what they're trying to do? Sure had me fooled given literally everything about the project (except, I suppose, the cost)
  8. how. the whole pluto debacle is because of how it isn't gravitationally dominant. webb won't be able to detect smaller bodies that would form rings, nor any other likely edge cases
  9. https://getpocket.com/collections/one-great-article-about-every-planet-in-the-solar-system?utm_source=pocket-newtab include pluto if you want, but if you do don't shut out ceres eris huamea and makemake if you do!
  10. if an alien's appendages aren't capable of building a radio then they aren't capable of using or making electricity, rockets, or anything else that would qualify them as technologically advanced. The assumption isn't that every intelligent species will have them, it's that every technological species will... actually, no, it isn't. There's actually no assumption or logic of any sort beyond "this is a thing they might do and it is a thing it is feasible for us to check with the telescopes we have, unlike any basically any other test". Nobody is making arguments that are taken seriously that if we don't find radio signals with SETI (or even more generally, if alien life isn't generative radio signals) then there is no alien life out there
  11. keep in mind that they're never in a line on the same side of jupiter
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