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  1. Hello, is there a way to add tweakscale to everything in the game through module manager? there are many mod parts that would be nice to be able to rescale (wings, adapters, fuselage, etc) and since mods parts are not a fixed thing it would be easier to just slap in into everything.
  2. Hello, the stand-alone H-sized fuselage doesn't actually have a fuel tank, even though the mounted variant does.
  3. It's definitely the seventh node definition, I had it set to 1.5, thank you.
  4. [LOG 20:53:54.734] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'HalfLargeIndustries/FuelTanks/TLFO_400/TLFO_400' [ERR 20:53:54.736] PartLoader: Encountered exception during compilation. System.FormatException: Input string was not in the correct format at System.Int32.Parse (System.String s) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.ParsePart (.UrlConfig urlConfig, .ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader+<CompileParts>c__Iterator62.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [ERR 20:53:54.738] PartCompiler: Cannot compile part I'm getting this error on the log. For some reason the game seems unable to compile my models, I don't know what's the problem since my workflow hasn't changed and it used to work.
  5. The capsule should be easy, I'm more worried about the IVA, I have no idea how to make one
  6. Thanks, that did it. Why, though? what's wrong with declaring the mesh normally?
  7. Hello, I'm having a problem where all the models for my parts are the same I hashed the .mu files and the 4 of them are different from one another, so I don't know what the problem is. I have all CFGs and MUs in the same folder because they share texture files, but the models the configs point to are different. I already tried changing each file's name but that didn't work. I tried deleting one of the models but the game just picks the next model alphabetically for all the parts.
  8. Nice ref, I've been looking for something like it I did a revamp of the textures. I'm gonna separate the different variants into different files because my computer was lagging like hell with all the different layer effects and I was wasting too much texture space.
  9. The mod is not at 0, I already have the tank models and I'm advancing slowly but surely their textures. Do tell me what you think, I'm planning on adding some part switch mod to allow people to switch textures in game
  10. Half Large Industries is a mod designed to fill the abysmal gap that exists between size 1 and size 2 parts. Currently, in career mode, the player goes from barely being able to launch a proper Mun rocket all the way to reaching out to Jool as soon as size 2 is unlocked in the tech tree. Additionally, the abrupt change in dimensions from one size to the other makes it extremely hard to build sleek rockets that use multiple sizes. Home Grown Rockets and others such mods used to fill that gap, and while I never truly enjoyed their aesthetic, they did their job properly. Unfortunately, most of them have been abandoned by their creators and only a few are being kept alive by the community. v0.1.0 License: Unlicense
  11. I personally think of KSP as a game that has a huge potential that is left untapped. It's probably because there was never a clear image of what it was supposed to be when it was released. Things like procedural construction, proper aerodynamics, dynamic realism that can be both fun and challenging, new in-game challenges, some much needed optimization, art consistency and aesthetics are things that the game should have but doesn't, because the game is a patchwork of features built on top of an unclear idea. IMO the best thing Squad could do, if they plan to continue with the idea of KSP, is to finish debugging what is already released and start from scratch a new well defined game with a clear intention and clear goals.
  12. The issue is most noticeable during reentry. It's extremely difficult to slow it down, you can reenter with a shallow orbit and it will still reach ground at +400m/s speeds. @Beale I believe stock calculates drag with node sizes, wouldn't making the nodes bigger fix the issue?
  13. Just putthe Vostok files in a folder with another name
  14. Hey Beale, if I remember correctly, you used to have a repository with PSD files for your textures, is that still available? I'd like to see how you organize your texture stuff.
  15. Oh, I was actually comparing minimum orbits, wiki says that LEO is much higher than that, but since you say the atm pressure in kerbin is actually much closer to reality then I guess you are probably right. Regarding the issue, I just realized I have realistic atmospheres installed, I'm gonna remove it and check again.
  16. I'm having a problem with the mod where I can still wrap above 70.000km even though I scaled the atmosphere to by 2x to 140km SigmaDimensions { Resize = 5 Rescale = 5 Atmosphere = 1.5 dayLengthMultiplier = 1.5 } About 10x orbits and size and 2x atmo, just check kerbins size in the wiki and earth's size in wikipedia.
  17. Hello, is it possible to add an option for vessel speed, I know the navball already displays it, but sometimes it is useful to have one next to the other stats to compare.
  18. This is a great idea, some mods are unbalanced, others are simply not balanced. Only a few have actually balanced parts in the tech tree.
  19. Thanks, that's what I needed to know
  20. It's been a while since I last attempted to mod, and some resources say that I should use Unity 4.2.2 while others point to Unity 5. I know Unity 4.3 and beyond used to have some issues with animations but I don't know if that's still a problem.
  21. This thread hasn't really been useful. I thought maybe there was something that the community wanted but it seems everyone wants something different I think I'll go with the original idea and make a 1.875m mod (including a soyuz style pod). BTW, arent Mk3 parts 2.5m?
  22. Hello, is there a way to hide parts only if this mod is installed? What I want is for part A, B and C to be available in the part catalog by default, but when this mod is installed then B and C would disappear as they are now accessible as a subtype of A