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  1. I have this installed via CKAN, and seem that the slides do nothing... saying Ver 2.1 is installed. I have changed sliders on tests, then check the contracts and no change though i did on restart change a offered contract from 8 to 1 science when i have science set to 150% so not sure what is happening, even tried reloading... Though it seem it just set the sciences i did have offered from original values all to 1 lol.. Could be user error on my part not sure though.
  2. RoverDude, i have to say your Mods really do make me keep playing KSP! all of them... WELL DONE!!! With a side order of Awesomesauce!!!! And now this little expansion pack for Karbonite.... Hope we aint gotta wait long for release
  3. as you asked, i voted for tracks because they are cool, but more so because they are far more stable and functional in low gravity. If i had a second vote i would have asked for rover bodies because they is zero dedicated rover bodies in any part packs, except for thinng like trucks etc.. which is not kerbaltastic in my view.
  4. Do Karbonite locations change each time you got to a planet? I'm looking to scan for a landing site for a base, then land there later. but i'm unsure if the Karbonite locations change.
  5. Also perhaps i'm missing something simple here with the tracks but when i place two track on either side of a rover, the track turn in opposite directions making my rover spin around... for the life of me i can seem to get them to both turn in the same direction.. its obviously something simple, but its late and i still stumped!!
  6. lo-fi... Great work, and keep it up, foaming at the mouth for you next release
  7. Hello, on the science mission i have one to do the following @ MUN: - High Orbit - Gravity Scan - High Orbit - Collect Particles - Low Orbit - Material Study I have tried multiple orbits ranging from 500km to 15km and i cannot get any of these items on the control to complete... Any ideas?
  8. It already is... Extend and Retract are Up and Down respectively. each time you press extend it add 0.5 to height. so press extend 16 times to get max height of 8. and opposite for the retract function.
  9. Could i ask for the mod to work with tweakable Mod to be able to change the sizes of the wheels and track.. But as a wish items perhaps a few extra Tracks as well. Again I LOVE the repulsors, Moon Speeders are the way to go
  10. Can someone explain how to get the Gantries and telescopic pistons working properly... they just seem to act all weird when i tryt o use them.. For gantries they twist and turn, and the pistons i cant sem to get them to work with the Hydraulic Cylinder, there seem to leave a sort of air gap between them....
  11. Any breaking news on the TAC update? realling missing wedges for food, waste storage ect.. Really great MOD!!!!!!!
  12. Whats the best way to find the precious metals... i seem to be having issues i have ORES and SCANSAT installed but clicking on precious metal does not show anything...
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