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  1. To the squad guys. You DON'T need to justify a break to us. We ALL know you've been working as hard as humanly possible on this game and if you want to take a vacation you don't need our permission to do so. We don't expect you to live at the office and I think most of the community would say you've all more then earned a nice long vacation! NEVER feel guilty about taking time for yourselves. You've done an impressive job with this "little rocket launching game" we all support and respect you guys. Keep up the good work!
  2. Just wondering what like companies/groups would you be most excited to see the devs try and partner with? I was really excited when they announced the whole NASA pack. Id love to see them approach SpaceX personally. I think that could be a great partnership both for squad and SpaceX. Anyone else got any ideas? Doesn't have to be a space company persay.
  3. Will there be an option to disable the camera shake? Not that its a bad thing its just in third person with camera shake can be uncomfortable for some people to play with. I know for me I get kinda motion sick with to much camera shake and normally disable that feature in any game that has it.
  4. Yes an mm file is 100% fine. However judging from the lack of update I would call into question the full legal binding the license has in the first place. I know things like copyrights expire if not renuid after X number of years. Seeing as EPD seems to have abandoned the build I think its time for someone contact him and ask if he's ever intending to finish this mod/update or if its become fair game for anyone with modding skills to pick it up and create things themselves.
  5. Okay I'm a bit confused here. Is this mod currently working with the latest version or is it having problems? I've completely deleted and redownload KSP. I have no mods installed. Just need to know if this is working as I will not install anything unless this mod works. It's a life saver!
  6. Okay I want to know is there a way to kinda pull this pack apart and add only certain things? I love this pack but don't use any of the big parts. I'd like to just add the mk2 parts and maybe some wings. Is there a way to do that?
  7. Okay I'm not sure what the state of mods after the update is? I've read that it's having some major issues with mods like ATM. Did this update bork most mods or only a certain group? Also what does this do to spaceplanes+?
  8. Thanks wasn't to sure if it was the same or if it was an add on pack like the NASA one
  9. Okay I've played for quite some time. Took a break then came back. Has KSP gone to .25?? I can't find any information on the threads other the dev notes about it. I looked at the thead dev notes and all it says is go play economic boom. Is that .25? So confused right now!!
  10. Okay I've been gone sense NASA pack and have only just come back to KSP other then them changing mods to curse has anything major happened? Also I here KSP has now gone to 64bit. Is this true or just rumor? If its true how do I get the 64bit version? I use steam to run KSP so I'm not sure if it just gives me the 64 edition or if I have to find it elsewhere?
  11. Helldiver please please please make a separate super 25 download!!!!! I've tried trimming several different mods and removing others. Nothing I try will let me keep the super 25 and more then 2 other mods. Please I love this craft! But sadly I can't use it without crashing my game or uninstalling some of my favorite mods:(
  12. Okay question, as you've worked on the super 25 and are using many different mods with it. How does updates to each one effect the build? I know some mods don't effect the flight ability as much but like when they update the engines you used doesn't that throw all the settings out of wack?
  13. Hey helldiver will this be hosted on curse or will you have your own link to a Dropbox version? And is the latest version of the KSO on curse or in Dropbox only?
  14. Please helldiver could you maybe add an orange option for the tank? It just looks very sterile and kinda out of place with the rest of the textures. Other then that I love it!!!! Only question I have is are the boosters two side by sides? Or one single one just cut to look like two? Can't tell from the pic
  15. Love the look helldiver!!! It looks perfect!! Only could you maybe change the EFTs color to orange? Looks a little to like clean to me being all white. Or if possible make the body orange and the nose cone white? Again looks a little to like odd being all white.
  16. Helldiver could you maybe make two different lifters? Like an Energia launcher and a regular shuttle stack? I like the energia but I'd rather have a shuttle style launcher. Like the look of the booster main fuel tank better.
  17. Not trying to rush you helldiver. Do you have a rough eta on when the super 25 will be ready? Like are we looking at this weekend, 1 week, 2 weeks or like next month? Just wondering so I know if I need to begin deleting mods to make room for the 25.
  18. Well if its really a problem I'm sure you could add an extra wheel in the back to stop it from flipping when you flare.
  19. Hmm odd ill check again as I have 8gb of ram in my laptop with a Gforce GTX 650m graphics card. I run far more resource heavy games like planetside 2 just fine. I'll do some digging to see if I double installed something. But just for those that want the 25. Could you please make it it's own pack? I will really have no use for the KSO once the 25 gets here, as the KSO can't hold the big parts.
  20. Woodstar I already use the txt manager pack. With it my gamedata file is 1.5gb. That's with just the KSO mod and nothing else. It's a fairly large mod even with trimming.
  21. I know it's still a WIP but do you have a memory size so far you could give us? Or an eta till you'll have the 25 out? I only ask cause I may have to remove some current mods to make room and I'd rather not get any new ones only to find out the 25 takes me over the mem limit.
  22. Here is a thought. I notice that the cockpit has a lot of not to be mean but unneeded features in it. Don't get me wrong I think the center screen is awesome!!! But being that very few people use it to fly and that MBs are at a premium I'd like to see the option of having just a plain cockpit version. I love the extra cool features in the KSO but to be honest I'd rather have more space for mods then a cool cockpit screen. Just giving my opinion.
  23. Okay cool!! Will the super 25 be its own thread/download pack? Or will you bundle it with the KSO? I'd like it if you could make them separate packs, as the KSO already pushes my game data over 1gb by itself and I'd guess adding the super 25 to that pack will push that number past 2gb. leaving little room for any other mods:( not saying you have to do that. Just giving a thought.
  24. Okay bit confused. Is the super 25 out? Or is it still being developed?
  25. Can you PLEASE add a report button to the spaceport. Multiple users are spamming the pages with the same upload that multiple pages get filled with the same file.