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  1. Just as the title says. Any reason why? Already tried chmodding 777 everything in my KSP_osx folder. Also running into random crashes and issues. Just downloaded and booted up 1.0.4 - haven't played since .24 was updated - and am very disappointed. What the heck happened in this game's development? Wasn't super stable to begin with but that was back when I was running a dozen mods
  2. Have this same problem on latest version of Yosemite. Unmodded build. Very upset and disappointed with 1.0.4 - so many other issues. Last played with .24 and it worked great - ... happened? Been playing since before .18.
  3. How do you do this on Linux? Mac is UNIX so perhaps there is a way to setup borderless window. Do you execute KSP from a terminal command?
  4. Does anyone know if the Mac or Linux version of KSP are 64-bit? Whenever my Mac version of KSP has over/near 2GB of ram, it crashes. But I seem to recall reading that the Mac version was already 64-bit.
  5. I'm also having trouble getting the client to stop "waiting for sync." Running OSX with default settings. No firewall enabled or anything on the computer.
  6. Does anyone how to properly run two copies of KSP on a Mac? I've got one 1440p display, and two 1080p displays. I run KSP on the 1440p. Only problem is that I have issues with running two instances in full screen. The problem is, I can't get the second copy of KSP to run correctly in full screen on either of my 1080p displays. When I go into fullscreen mode on another monitor, it scales up to the size of 1440p regardless of my set resolution. Additionally - I really wish KSP didn't use the mac native fullscreen. It would be better if it just made itself fullscreen on its own.
  7. If I increase the distant vessel view in the settings.cfg to 50,000,000, will this do anything?
  8. Does anyone know why I would see excessive shaking? I have SAS off and am not pushing any buttons, but my camera view is shaking all over the place. At high zoom levels the view bounces all around. I can hit warp, then unwarp with SAS off (to kill any motion) but it still shakes. Also, less important, but I have the Visual Enhancements edition of this (I have Visual Enhancements, and astronomer's visual enhancements installed) and the view of planets glitches out like this, constantly changing artifacts: Any ideas for a fix?
  9. I'm curious - is there a way to get this mod to work with the JSI/RasterPropMonitor or MFD glass cockpit? It would fit perfectly in that setting. JSI/RasterPropMonitor link MFD Glass Cockpit mod that enables other mods to be viewed on the glass displays
  10. No, looks good! I like the earth look. Awesome mod by the way. Makes this game look so incredible. How did you get the reflection of the stars in the visor of that Kerbal in your attached image?
  11. So the land texture is supposed to look faded blue with this mod then? Like this image.
  12. I have an issue with the astronomer's visual pack + e.v.e. on my mac. With default settings and everything in its proper place, the land textures on kerbin are colored blue as seen in this image: Any ideas for a fix?
  13. I cannot for the life of me find out how to set songs for different planets, or set songs that play on rapid unexpected dissasembly, or during re-entry. The OP, Readme, and others have no explanation of this! How do I do this?
  14. Okay, thank you. Ran a search for Linux, Mac, and OS X but not OS-X! Appreciate you linking that. From what I am reading, it seems like .ogg files should work fine on a Mac. I'll convert in Audacity and give it a go. Thanks! UPDATE: That works! It crashed at first, but it seems like I had too many mods installed. Memory usage was at 2.5 GB when it crashed. Removing a few random mods seemed to do the trick. I ended up just getting of Universe Replacer in the end and it worked out fine - odd though, I only had changed the celestial texture.
  15. The Mac version of KSP does not have a KSP_Data folder - I've tried just loading the game with the mod placed into a KSP_Data folder of my making (just copied and pasted from the zip file) but it does not work. Any ideas?