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  1. Hi ! Nice work on adapting an ENB to KSP ! I've already tasted it in Skyrim, and loved it However, it seems that your link is dead, could you update it ? Thanks !
  2. Ok, this is not a creepypasta or any other invented stories about some scary things. But this really happened to me today, when I was showing my girlfriend my lander on Eve. Actually, my Kerbal was in his lander, doing Kerbal stuff. I decided to do an EVA, so I extended the ladder and let my Kerbal in the toxic atmosphere of Eve. But as soon as my Kerbal put a foot on the purple ground, the screen turned black (the UI was still here, though), and my altitude was locked to 666 666m. I was so deeping scared that I didn't took the time to take a screen but when I restarted the game, everything was normal except that my lander (just the lander part, not the fuel tanks or any legs) and my flag (yes, the flag which have been planted before on Eve) were flying together in space, on an escape orbit around the Sun. Yes, escaping the world toward the infinite. Well, this could be some creepy bug, but the real scary thing, it that 666 666m ALTITUDE ! Is there a new specie of Kraken, coming from Hell or anything ? I'm really questionning my atheism right now xD
  3. If you want to make the translation, so please contact me by PM ^^ If you just want it... wait a bit
  4. That\'s ok, I\'d love it, send me a message if you want I will tell you what sentences to translate ^^
  5. Yes, it is maybe the first thing I\'m gonna do ! Thanks everyone, as a conclusion we can say it\'s written in .net wih Unity Engine, supporting C#... Right, so then i\'m gonna begin the translation of parts in French, we will see after for deep modding !
  6. Okey, right then. Can someone give me a link for the guy who translated the menu in Russian ? Ah, and for the modding, I know how to create Parts (I should begin to create some to post on the forums), but thanks for recommanding me Blender
  7. Hello everybody, I got an awesome (well, maybe not too awesome ;P) project. I want to create a mod which will translate the game in another language. French, Spanish, Martian, 1137, whatever you want. For the moment there is just one, big, problem. The game is not like Minecraft, or Skyrim, where you can easily make mods. In KSP, modding for new parts is reaaaaallly simple (I enjoy the devs who created this system of parts ;D) ; but doing deep modding, like changing settings, textures, texts, etc. is very hard. For the moment, no one tried to decompile the game or to make a SDK (there is already one existing but it is more like a Viewer of new parts before they are put in the game). So... it\'s complicated. Very. I need help from people first, to answer my few questions : - Can it be possible to mod inside the game ? - What is the language of the game\'s code ? - Have someone already created a tool for modding ? - Where is located the data files ? For the moment, my project is at his very beginning. But, I know that maaaany people who plays KSP are not all english-born, and would enjoy having the game in their language. I also know that a French community exist, and I\'m french (dédicace aux Français ;P), so the first release will be French. I say it now, for the moment, unless I find someone for translating, the first releases will be French and Spanish (the two other languages I know apart from English). So if you find this project nice... Just look at it and try to find a way !