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  1. Make more models of airplanes? After 3 months all you have are more and more variants of the volksjäger, that can only keep someones attention for so long... LOL just realize, its your name...Sadly if all you are going to do are volkjgrs, the audience has already dwindled.
  2. You mean, like clicking the "+" symbol and rep amount under the OPs name and using it?
  3. [quote name='Captain Vlad']I was wondering if the crew frequently enjoyed wine. Red, red wine.[/QUOTE] Took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard).
  4. Good, lets discuss just for the sake of it. Of course I have the credentials, you get them when you log on to the internetz, did you not know that? What is good, is that no one gives a monkeys ass about your research. The dude posted a video, but no pictures because he did not want the craft's characteristics away, what part of that nonsense has not gone thorugh your skull? I do make stuff of my own, and no real need to post them here, dont need validation from nobodies half a world away, I have my job and life for that. Now, you mad bro?
  5. How can still images display any of the vehicles characteristics? Assuming its not running upside down inside a tunnel that is... Also, excuse me for having a different opinion, but that is what happens in forums. - - - Updated - - - Will you add something to the thread, or are you my new stalker?
  6. No thanks, videos are overrated. Show your interest maybe? Short description and perhaps images?
  7. Nice, simple, and not a clipfest. I must approve sir, have some rep.
  8. Maybe some images where it can actually be seen? Looks like a levitating fuel tank.
  9. Looks messy, I still dont know why when people build "replicas" that look nothing like the real thing, not even from afar, and still expect to get good reviews... But whatever, someone will be along shortly telling me how lacking in taste Im, just dont post on the interwebz if you cant take the heat.
  10. Did you one star it? Otherwise I see no reason for you to be sorry, realised in the other thread too, you seem quite invested in liking others... There are people who dislike clipfests, others dislike funny color schemes, or perhaps the whole concept. Really, dont post online if you cant take some people not liking you. << This is not directed to the OP, in this case Im loving the tanker.
  11. Looks pretty good. Look for how to embed the imgur albums, or, pretty sure someone will be here shortly to tell you how it goes.
  12. I feel cheated, its neither simple nor good looking... How is that inflight refuelling going? Success?
  13. Your link to kerbalstuff would most likely improve your downloads...
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