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  1. I wish I never known his works and plans. My heart really broken when I heard their departure.
  2. Patch after patch. Feels like the good old times
  3. So basically we're at Beta 1.0.4, the first REAL release will come out at 1.69.42 or something.
  4. Most RTGs IRL last 10 years or more. 10 years is longer than most trips in Kerbol system, I think making it an infinite power source is not a big problem but a reasonable simplification.
  5. I really hope they nail the x64 version or solve the memory leak before the MP comes out. SP+memory leak=crash in 20 minutes MP+memory leak=?
  6. Your test really helps! My test was done assuming that things in the service bay won‘t affect anything related to the aero performance, it's not true however. The result looks really strange, I‘ll check the service bay later.
  7. I‘m not good at aerodynamic, but I never saw any plane fly in fire at mach 2~3, only in KSP
  8. 4. Rocket/Jet sled +It's a rocket sled! +Cheap +Stop anywhere +Good way to enjoy the beauty of Kerbin +Anyway it's a rocket sled -Slow -Not for mountains -You need a set of good turnover device
  9. HarvestR said the new drag system will make streamlined designs fly easier than non streamlined ones, then I tested it. How the tests were performed: 1. Load and launch the rocket 2. Turn on SAS, full throttle, press space 3. Switch to map view, click on the AP label, observe the maximum altitude it reached before ran out of fuel. (The number will decrease after that, due to the air drag) Ships used in the tests: Very Flat / Flat / Pointy / Very Pointy * By adjusting mono fuel and adding/removing parts in the service bay, all ships are now exact 20,000 kg, all of them have 1,553 m/s delta V.
  10. Cool, now wheels are not the only thing that has mass on my tiny rover. Sounds much more reasonable.
  11. My game with mods need 2.x GB RAM in 0.9, but it's 3.4+GB now. So any reentry will crash my game, that's really frustrating since I don't want to remove any of my mods (they are mostly gameplay enhancer with very few texture loaded, except the clouds)
  12. That stupid ‘oof‘ sound, man... I feel that KSP is incomplete without it now.
  13. Absolutely correct. Camera shake, sound enhancement, new particle effects, many of the new features are made for better explosions.
  14. Squad should add a new overlay shows basic controlls on screen, just like that in space engineer. The last tip is “You can turn this off in the option menu“ Throttle problem solved, newbie knows something called “options“ Win win.
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