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  1. Yes! And one that works too! Hurrah! Well done, the Squaddies, and many thanks.
  2. Reckon we're all going to have to strap in for a bit of a wait -- from what I've played of 1.1-1.1.2, I don't think Squad themselves have quite conquered the new wheel system, so it's a bit churlish to assume poor BahamutoD is going to be able to fix his more complicated version of wheels quickly, especially as the target system still hasn't quite rolled to a full stop.
  3. Same here TrackIR 5, 5.4.2 drivers + x64 KSP = nothing doing, no light on. Can't test the 32-bit as I have too many mods. Here's a workaround, 'til Squad get around to putting the correct TrackIRUnity.dll in the x64 folder, though: Replace the TrackIRUnity.dll in the "Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data\Managed" folder with the one from KerbTrack 1.2 http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/224254-kerbtrack (it's in the "GameData\KerbTrack\Plugins\" folder). or Replace the TrackIRUnity.dll in the "Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data\Managed" folder with the one from here: https://g
  4. You, sir, are the Little chinglish joke for you... by way of thanks for still working on the fairings.
  5. Cheers for the update. Sorry for pointing out a well known bug -- thought it was fresh with oceans, as I've not experienced it before -- will read further back next time! And keep up the excellent work.
  6. Mmm loving the oceans -- But they bring a fresh bug (looks very much related to Hexicube's one above) for your programming pleasure (although as he's says it may be a known bug as ocean artifacts is a bit vague...). In cockpit view over Kerbin, all goes swimmingly with the pretty pretty until... ...you bank ~90 degrees from horizontal: then it wigs right out... Then goes OK again when you go off 90 by about 5-10 degrees...
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed, as the forum is all a bit Kraken at the moment ... but here's a weirdness I came across running the latest greatest 0.0195 (it seemed to fix itself by the second Kerbinset, but then seemed to reappear sporadically, but only in map view). Maybe a SOI not being registered thing - this started in kerbin orbit. I'm running a boatload of mods -- so it's in OpenGL to save memory, but visual mods are (latest versions of): EVE 1.0.5-3, Texture Replacer, PlanetShine & Distant Object Enhancement and Active Texture Management. As you have a new depth bu
  8. Not my finest screenshots, but probably my silliest project in KSP. For your entertainment we present: The Pratt & Witless GlowWorm Ic (Exploded View) The Pratt & Witless GlowWorm Ic (Exploded View) is quite an unusual jet. Due to a poorly-read schematic, it comes pre-exploded, which will probably save time. Actually, despite it's pre-exploded aspect, the GlowWorm (Exploded View) can still explode, as Jeb will shortly demonstrate. Take Off A little wobbly at first (possibly due to uncontrollable giggling) but Jeb is unperturbed. In the Air Now we've got the GlowWorm (Exploded Vi
  9. More than just working on it -- he's got a 1.0 release there, but without an announcement, I'd say it's only for the Jeb Kermans out there. https://github.com/taraniselsu/TacFuelBalancer/releases
  10. Not sure if this info helps at all, but I got it to work OK if I run the 64-bit version with the -force-d3d11 option on, which makes it only use directx11. This makes the graphics go mental and wrong on all sorts of things, but it was at least stable. Maybe that helps in diagnosing the problem -- maybe not.
  11. Daft question, really  "how do you return from the Point of No Return"  the clue is in the name: you don't. And though I wish it weren't, it's also probably the real answer too. To mitigate the worst of the warming requires more work and sacrifice than anyone is willing to make (and we're probably already out of time), and to return from it will be beyond our by then extremely limited resources  think of how much industrial clout New Orleans had just after Katrina, or Fukushima after the tsunami. No politicians will ever be willing to implement the policies required to a
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