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  1. Same here with ksp 1.1.2 x64, except the CTD. Instead the ship gets rapid offcenter from the camera and totally uncontrollable. Here an output_log.txt with the TypeLoadException spam.
  2. Awesome those Portrai stats, but is there a way to change the icon colours? I have custom EVA-Suits with different colours for the traits and want to match the icon colours with them.
  3. One small thing, for example, the SDHI Service Module contains LF+OX+Monoprop. After using this up to date MM-Patch all the Monoprop is gone. I assume its the same for other multifunctional Tanks like the one of "Near Future [insert some suffix here]". Is there a way to prevent the loss of Monoprop with using this?
  4. To the 0.9/1.1 ratio of LF/OX. But never mind, it seems reasonable to maintain overall mass of the tank.
  5. Is there a way to change that, for the minority of us who don't want it that way? Anyway it was your initial idea, you know, it is the thought that counts.
  6. Its clearly better now in 0.2.1, but not all gone. Yes. Here the panels are aligned to Kerbol. Here turned in 90°. Yes, I see, its gone in current MJ build 428, sorry. :-) New one: - Model path in the Rodan_Capsule.cfg from Ven-Patch is wrong, still pointing to the old folder layout. - And something strange with placement of RCS blocks, since 0.2.1.
  7. The Rodan comes together nicely, I like the possibility of powered Landing with it. But I noticed some strange behaviour with it (v0.2). - The capsule is causing fps issues in editor and in flight until you deploy and retract the landing gear and open/close the cover once. After that, the fps are normalizing. - The trunk's solar panels function seems to be offset to the left (when you look at the panel texture) of where it should be based on the texture. - MechJeb (Build 426) has some troubles to calculate dV for the capsule, also with automatic executing of maneuver nodes. - The ablative shie
  8. Agree, seems missing something. Can confirm this auto-rotate thing. I also can not grab any parts in space when auto-rotate is on,the hand-icons when pressing "G" is greyed out the hole time, it only works if I turn eva camera auto-rotate off.
  9. Actually it works the same like Enceos's MM code. Just remove the red highlighted parts. With this you have on the KAS container both, the KAS and KIS storage, if both mods installed.
  10. I like this mod, its like the up to date version of nothke'S DROMOMAN parts, which I used a lot. :-)
  11. Thank you, I wrote a similar MM patch which don't remove the KASModuleContainer, so I can transfer items from KAS to KIS storage. Excellent! Sometimes it is good to swap out containers for resupply, and not just drag and drop items from one inventory to another. Away from that, the inventory itself is a great work, I would also like to see that going stock. :-)
  12. KIS is a nice done mod, especially the Kerbal inventory and the function of tools, very nice. BUT: The ability to move containers with stuff, on the back of a Kerbal, to a workside in space (!) is one of the finest functions of KAS. Please don't remove that, make at least one small container able to carry on the back of a Kerbal!
  13. I'm working hard on the next release (among like 5 other spare time projects) to add the one kerbal Cryopod and some neat functionality with it; so I haven't really looked into how the currently released version plays with .90. I suspect it should be ok, but you never really know. If it looks like the next feature release will be too far off, I'll try to shoot for a more straight recompile of the .14 code with the beta DLLs and get that out to people. - - - Updated - - - I am curious as well. Well then, I'll try it and report here later.
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