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  1. Uh okay, so HOW do you manage to keep that thing in a straight line? It always wobbles around for me... Other than that: darn, its nice!
  2. Well, I want to be the first to say: WOW! (finally) I guess I'll have to download it this evening or tomorrow, despite my limited internet... I just waited too long for this!
  3. Actually, they have... thing is: It would be even more annyoing for them than to simply let people delete what they don't want, just imagine, you download a few MB and delete half of that... They however upload those MB, after packing it correctly... if they did several packages, it would increase their workload quite a bit, as there may be bugs with one package that aren't there with another and so on... so they did the sensible thing and just upload one package... On another note, Baha: I really would love to get my hands on the .craft for that small SSTO you built... any chance to get it?
  4. Sooo I'm just trying to get my heavily modded KSP up to .25date Well, seems one bugging part is the FTT/Honeybadger mod... at least when i tried clicking the command pod, it crashes... weeeelll, it now crashes no matter what part I try to use... happened only after installing FTT, so I'll deinstall it and try again! Edit without editing (forgot to send): Yeah, it definitely is FTT parts that cause the error Turns out, something in the MKS/OKS mod causes a similar error, only it crashes once fully loaded, not on selecting a part although that might be Memory Issues, forgot to grab a Texture Red
  5. So, after googling for an error report, I was sent to this thread (around page 400)... I don't know if it even IS this mod, but I dont know how to read more out of the error report It says something about "mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll" So, I would love to know if it is something with this mod (if it is incompatible with something or stuff) or if I should simply test with every mod I have (which would take hours, hence this question) Thanks in advance! Edit: Forget it, apparently it is not KSP I
  6. Well, last message apparently wasnt sent, so here I go again: Thanks, I had a USI folder inside the USI folder...I felt so stupid once I noticed that, thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
  7. Huh... I just deleted the USI/FTT folder, checked KSP - no FTT parts Then I reinstalled the FTT folder to the same place - 2 of every FTT part... I dont get it, would you mind if I upload pictures of my folders for you? Or could you state what parts (folder names) should be in the "parts" folder (since I assume thats where it goes crazy)
  8. Sooo uhh... any chance you might now where the older versions of FTT hid their part folders? I still have the double parts problem, but I got no idea where they are hiding and what version of FTT it might be... :/
  9. So uhhh... The Main Hull Antimatter Reactor doesnt seem to give me any energy regeneration, as far as I can determine... I just tested it further, its actually the reactor, if i use the warp ring (as a generator) with a antimatter reactor from KSPI (version 12), it works, if i swap the generator to a KSPI one and use the main hull reactor, it doesnt generate any electricity... If you could give me a hint as to why that is the case, it would be appreciated! Edit: Apparently the Vacuum Engine doesnt work as well, its always Electricity Deprieved!
  10. Soooo uhh... is the Drone dead then? If you are there, Devo, I'd love to hear from you... if not, well, don't worry, I guess Real Life is more important
  11. Sooo... I noticed a visual bug with the AES Pod... the throttle lever (in the iva) goes in circles if you push the throttle up to maximum Interestingly, the lever is visible outside of the capsule when not in IVA. It actually looks as if the Pilot throttles up by riding a bike or stuff (Sorry, I cant take a video, no idea how to do it)
  12. Yeah, two of each part in the VAB and/or SPH... Can't find a suitable explanation, i deleted everything connected to FTT and reinstalled it, still the same
  13. Soooo... I installed the new update, deleted the old... suddenly almost every part is double... i dont really get it...
  14. RoverDude, after trying a few of you mods, I have a request: Could you possibly include or do a second pack containing your creations? Just for inspiration and to dissect (and I honestly love them ) Would be really nice... (I'm talking about the FTT VTOL CargoShuttle and the AES Hoppers) Edit: Oh and maybe update your Signature, PackRat Rover is not quite everything
  15. What is that Shuttle-ish looking commandpod? (first row leftmost one?) Oh, and what are those command pods next to the pteron? (ya know, to the left of the central part )
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