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  1. Im no longer active in game, but i had to write here because i have an idea on how much time you spended in the blueprint part, to get all the proportions right. I think a replica could be considered perfect when you don't know what to do to improve it more, and this craft does that for me. Congratulations! P.s what kind of program do you use to get the perfect craft profile photo like in the blueprint overlay?
  2. Really nice replica, just some advices, external flaps on wings should be longer than the internal ones, and the second portion of the wings (where the external flaps are attached) needs to be bigger. I get this isn't a overlayed craft, so dont bother change anything if you dont want! The plane still looks great as it is.
  3. Try to place landing gears on another spot, sometimes its just a clipping problem.
  4. Ohhh WOW! Im very happy about this, and im sure Exo too. Well, what can i say? Enjoy your flight!
  5. Really no. Probably some part clipping loaded wrong.
  6. First of all, thank you Well for the blueprint overlay i used a very simple and light program called: Image overlay utility, nothing special. Overlay surely makes the design process faster only in first place, because as you already said, you just can't ignore some details and you can always notice something new on the plane that you dont even know it existed before. Keep in mind even with overlay the measures of the craft and proportions could be wrong, because you are using a 2D blueprint over a 3D image (Ksp), so the game tries to simulate prospective based on your point of view. For example you are overlaying a top view blueprint of a sr 71 on your replica in ksp, could happen the center section of the craft (middle neck fuselage, wings attack, airintakes nosecone) matches perfectly with the blueprint, but nose, rudders, engines and wings end looks a bit smaller than the blueprint even if in reality your replica is perfect. So my advice is to do like me, base your craft on a affidable blueprint, but then try to overlay real photos of the plane in different point of view, to your replica for replicate the perfect measures. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you get what i mean.
  7. Sorry for reviving this old thread, but im glad to tell you the craft works perfectly fine again now! Patch 1.3 broke the craft, but 1.3.1 just revived it with no modifications at all. Download links still available.
  8. This one, made in collaboration with Exothermos
  9. I will like to work on a yf 32, looks strange and for this appealing to me... If only i had time
  10. I definitely like x planes! If you start a x plane thread, i think you should also add yf planes, example yf-12 yf-23 yf-32, the experimental f 16 with strange wings i miss the name right now.
  11. Hey whats up man? Are you working on something?

    1. Exothermos


      Not Really.  Im a bit distracted by Player Unknown's Battlegrounds right now. I haven't really been playing much KSP.  I'm sure that will change eventually though, i always come back to KSP :)


    2. eorin


      Im busy with for honor right now, im just waiting for some ideas to get back to ksp.


  12. I think usaf did a mistake choosing the f-22 instead the yf-23. Both are good designs, but the f22 is just a traditional agility fighter with a good stealth capacity. Is still a old way to think planes. In the other hand yf-23 follow a new way to realize fighter, what could really be the base for a 6th generation, with strike and run unseen strategy. Dogfight is cool for sure and looks like a medieval-renaissance gentleman duel, but right now missiles and radars are what makes difference. You can maybe dodge a missile with flares and evasive manouvers, but there will be a point where missiles tecnology will be better, and agility will be almost useless even with unmanned craft that supports high levela of G forces. Even stealth tecnology could become obsolete in future, but stealth has still room to evolve. Thats why i prefer f-23 over the raptor.... Ok not true... I just prefer the look hahaha, i have to be honest with myself.
  13. why laugh? Stiletto is a rapier like dagger, i think it s a really cool name, but could be because im italian.
  14. There s already a download for the sr-71 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/156011-sr-71-blackbird-by-eorin-and-exothermos Please leave some feedback thanks!
  15. Hi guys, my personal dream of building the best SR-71 replica now is real. I wanted to do it since 2013 when i started to play KSP, but parts and my personal skills weren't enough, so after I saw Exothermos sr-71 with those beautiful nacelles made of fairings, i decided to ask him a collaboration to recreate the most possibly realistic sr-71 we could. Gladly he accepted my request of help. He really added on this project what i couldn't do alone, so, many many many thanks to him! My primary goal was to achieve a perfect silhouette of the real plane, and in this im good at, but i have been always lacking in ideas to make my crafts more realistics and Exothermos had so many cool ideas instead! The shape of the whole craft was done by me using overlay of blueprints and more important, real photos.I can't deny it was a really boring and long process because im too much a perfectionist and almost crazy probably; the whole craft took about 50 hours to me (without counting Exo hours). I made the basic plane with few words, nose and neck shape, custom cockpit, wings, rudders. Exothermos made the wonderful nacelle using fairings and he focused on making things looking better: using winglets to recreate an edge on the whole craft and reworking the tail, and he recreated a nice transition to the mk2 fuselage to wings and chines using control surfaces. Well this is the results of our efforts, let the pics speak for themselves. some collage with overlays of real blackbird (old pics the craft is the finished one on the second pic) finished craft Some realistic shots taken by Exothermos WARNING 1 Before fly click "control from here" on the probodobodyne HECS (unmanned core) clipped inside the fairing nose like in these screens 2 Please be gentle with YAW imputs because the plane can stall if using too much imputs and enter on a almost fatal deathspiral. And now the DOWNLOAD 306 parts, game could be laggy. I want to thanks again exothermos P.S. let me know what you think about it and if there are bugs or glitches, and sorry for my bad english!
  16. The plane is finished. stay tuned this night or tomorrow morning (Italy time). Some shots taken by Exothermos.
  17. Well if you are going for a full wings build then try to add more engines clipping them, having a bigger thrust in the back sometimes help a bit with the weird drag.
  18. Nice plane, but i have the impression its too much tall. Edit: after watching photos i can tell you i was right Reducing the tallness (is this the right word?) you can also benefit a reduced wing surface, so a better drag and obviously increased overall performance. You can also reduce rudder size.
  19. The nacelles is a Exothermos work, kudos to him, i ve just redesigned the shockcone. The whole craft is a cooperation, i ve done the complete shape:nose wings cockpit rudders. Exothermos has added awesome details with wing edges, nose chines and obviously the masterpiece nacelle and engine design, without him this plane couldn t be so realistic. And without me and my mad perfectionism this replica couldn t be so precise i guess