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  1. OK! linked the old post to this one! I'll update the license at github as well asap. If you have any questions let me know! Good Luck with the mod!
  2. Biomass Development is being picked up again by linuxgurugamer! Here is a link to the thread he created for further development.
  3. Yes, we live. Just kind of busy with other things.. i can give you push access to the repository on github so you can do updates. Do you have an account? let me know and ill get you set up so you can help maintain!
  4. Sean and i are partners on the mod. Neither of us really try to control or dictate anything over the other, we just find lots of compromises! I don't have problem with you using our parts in another mod if you like. Glad you like it!
  5. It's been up on kerbalstuff for sometime now and should work fine.
  6. Ok, this has been addressed. The option to add should not have been there anymore. The tech tree parts are added when choosing difficulty level. I removed it. Thanks!
  7. I like how you reference the word "sane" and then flip through a book full of notes on a video game for a full minute!
  8. Sorry man, we have both been really busy the last couple weeks. We have mucho progress, but just finishing up converting part cfg's for difficulty levels and organizing the tech tree progression. Shouldn't be too much longer.
  9. Pretty strange, I've not seen that happen before so I don't really know what to suggest. Fortunately, we have done another major overhaul on the plugin dll and is now using modified versions of the stock ModuleResourceConverters, so any issues with resources going hay-wire are pretty much gone as of the next release. As far release date goes.., I've completed all the plugin work and polished things up a bit, we just have to sort out some of the difficulty switching details and the mod should be ready to go soon!
  10. Unfortunately there is no easy way to convert the mod so that it will work in KSP 1.0+.
  11. Visual plant growth will be new, yes. We are also... Rebuilding our biological generators by extending the new stock ModuleResourceConverter, so the rates of production will be far less quirky. Polishing up the GUI BioMonitor. Most Likely.. Extending the Techtree to include a Biology/Astrobiology path. Adding Biologist Experience Trait Possibly... Adding/updating science experiments, contracts and agents
  12. An update to BioMass is in the works for KSP 1.0+ Here's a little something you can look forward too.. We are working on it as I write this...
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