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  1. Sun painted yellow. Space being a cosy canvas of colorful and bright nebulas. Gold-embossed "epic fonts" in certain kinds of games.
  2. In broad terms, state of being wet means containing adhering liquid. Not "molecules of a substance that is liquid at standard conditions", but actual liquid material, otherwise wet would be synonymous with moist and it isn't. It doesn't have to be water, either. Mercury will wet gold, but it won't wet glass.
  3. Luckily, homeschooling is illegal where I live or else many people would use it to turn their kids to ignorant spewers of cult propaganda, just like it happens a lot in places where it's allowed. Children's education should be left to professionals. Besides, going to school is not just about learning facts. There are many social functions it offers.
  4. I hate it like poison. It is and it promotes literally what its name says - a discord. A disorganized mess that attracts and promotes angry yelling in the void filled with other angry yellers. And the idea that people spend money on those "nitro boost" things... unbelieveable. It just shows you can put a turd in a can and someone will buy it. (BTW, I love your nickname. It brings back fond memories.)
  5. It's not a theory, but a hypothesis and it's disproven, nowdays circling pseudoscientific and contrarian areas of Internet obsessed with Russia. Crude oil has molecules that have biochemical origin, such as those from decomposition of chlorophyl, a telltale sign of photosynthetic metabolism. Methane and other lowest hydrocarbons could be partially abiogenic in origin, but crude oil is no doubt biogenic. As for the coal, I said some form of coal. If polyethene and polyvinyl-chloride get exposed to high temperatures in absence of oxidizers, carbon forms. Conditions would have to be more extreme since reactivity is lower, but it would have to be the end product.
  6. Crude oil comes from marine plankton and coal comes from plants on land (bogs and whatnot). Considering how carbon-dense plastic polymers are, I can see how it could turn to some form of coal with hydrogen permeating pores, all perhaps enveloped in thick crusts of chlorides (from PVC). It's an interesting thought experiment that makes me squeamish because it reminds me of how ephemeral we are. PLASTIC!
  7. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/terrifying-plastic-rocks-found-remote-brazilian-island-rcna75217 Allegedly, this has been discovered in 2006, but I clearly remember seeing such rocks on shores of Adriatic in middle of 1990s and I'm pretty sure they have been around for quite some time. It doesn't take a long time to form in conditions of hard water and broken karst. All in all, it is a sad lithospheric reminder of anthropocene.
  8. Oh yeah, that's a really good forum to brag being a member of...
  9. Such things are what makes a difference between DIY telescopes and commercial ones with larger aperture. It's not only a problem of aperture (150 mm is the minimum to fully enjoy largest possible useful magnifications in our atmosphere), but optical tube assembly warping, collimation, diffraction errors, etc. Also, don't expect to see Jupiter as in those Juno photoshopped fakeries from crappy Instagram. Jupiter is not a body with high contrasts. It's a coffee and cream, mellow looking mush of clouds with a subdued orange storm that got rather small in the last decades and is kind of difficult to see. Cassini made the last images worth their money. So don't be disappointed.
  10. What if it was a case of two quite distant bodies (distance > Neptune's Roche limit), barely held together, coming close to Neptune so that Triton was further away and twin was inside Roche limit? I can see few scenarios where twin is destroyed, maybe forming a temporary ring that later get eaten by Neptune, or just being crumbled and sprayed outwards.
  11. If there was one, Triton's twin might've been gobbled up by Neptune.
  12. "The" is English article so it should've been ditched entirely in any form.
  13. You are not alone. I mean even Manley says Mün and if his voice doesn't have weight in these matters, no one's has. What bugs me is not only dropping off the umlaut, but the annoying relentlessness on using "the" which is an appendage from goofy English language. It should just be Mün.
  14. We have finally been blessed with the developers' decision to call it Kerbol. Sadly, we still have The Mun instead of Mün.
  15. Obviously up because anything that touches the bottom of that meshed basket will be in prolonged contact with a liquid that is not sterile. It never dries up. You do not want bacterial and fungal spores from the inevitable gunk to deposit themselves and fester on the parts of the silverware that goes into your mouth. This is exclusively a matter of microbiological safety.
  16. I'm ok with enhanced textures, more diverse and richer colors and detailed terrain mesh because KSP is very poor in that department, but from what I have seen so far, all planetary bodies in KSP2 have nothing in common with KSP ones. Large geographical features seem to be completely gone. I can only recognize Kerbin's features. This means some of the long-established lore is lost. That's not good.
  17. You're recalling incorrectly. There was a vocal and relentless minority that was rabidly against any idea of female Kerbals. Its usual argument was: "Kerbals are sexless and let them stay like that", which seems like a call for equality, but it was completely ignoring the fact the characters look male and have male names. It was easy to see through this veil and notice it was really a pathetic attempt at excluding females. After one forumer drew his idea of a female Kerbal, and developers presented Valentina, this minority abruptly went silent and we never heard from them again. Good riddance. To be clear, I would be ok with completely sexless and genderless Kerbals if they were initially like that, but they were not, so there was no point in refusing any changes.
  18. I wouldn't say it was a problem with old gamers, but almost exclusively young, male, misogynistic gamers. My god, the amount of mental acrobatics they spewed trying to prevent Valentina Kerman from becoming a part of the game was astonishing. One has to acknowledge, though, that their concentration among KSP players is a lot smaller than among players of typical popular games today which are based on murder, stealing and destruction. Average KSP player is a quite different animal.
  19. Sarnus, Ablate and Ascension are the grand trio of Kragrathea's Planet factory. Revolutionary ideas that sadly never became part of stock KSP.
  20. 150 mm Newtonian reflector. It's at this aperture size where additional width results in exponential rise in cost, so that was my sweet spot. Even though its theoretical maximum useful magnification is 300x which is already the ceiling for observing from the bottom of the atmosphere, I wouldn't mind 250 mm for additional light gathering.
  21. I still remember the great female Kerbal wars back when Valentina Kerman has been announced. It was not pretty.
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