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  1. Wishin you luck with the mod. Always rough at first with someone else's code. When you get the build stable, will you be updating CKAN?
  2. @DrFumbles Yeah, I'm just trying to avoid manual installs to avoid quirks between manual and CKAN installs later.
  3. Is there an ETA on updating EVE (and its associated CKAN entry) to KSP 1.1.2? I just can't play without clouds anymore XD
  4. Any idea when this will be officially updated for 1.0.5? I like to leave my mod management up to CKAN instead of manual these days.
  5. I'm unsure what the process is for updating CKAN metadata, but I was wondering if the metadata for TAC-LS is going to be updated to be compatible with 1.0.5 in CKAN. I'd rather not have some mods installed through that and some installed manually if I can help it.
  6. Sweet. In the mean time, knowing better how it works should let me get around the issue. Just gotta alter the root element and fly again. On the upside, more experience! Edit: Just to confirm, I moved the root node to the capsule and it worked properly.
  7. Actually, I think it might be the second thing. I didn't exactly build the ship upside down, but I did change the cargo on the rocket, and I might have forgotten to swap the root node back to the capsule. I think this because when I stage to decouple the capsule, the focus stays on the spent booster stage.
  8. Question. May be a bug, may not. I'm doing a contract for the first manned orbital mission in RSS. I get the capsule up there and complete the requirements up until return home. Then after staging (get rid of small rocket booster in preparation for reentry), one of the requirements resets to incomplete, but all I see that might make it do that in the save is "disableOnStateChange". All instances of that I'm seeing for the contract in the save list it as false, so that shouldn't be it... any idea what's causing a criteria to reset on staging?
  9. Well, I did have a thought about that earlier. Procedural Wings have crossfeed. And if I use them and some engine nacelles, my ship will look even more sci-fi!
  10. Huh, well I haven't been doing much asparagus staging (except for a munar lander design, none on my lifters, though), but I can kinda see your point. I wish there an alternative, maybe less configurable way to set up a crossfeed earlier on, but meh. That aside, I saw the same thing happening with the poodle engine, so I'm going to mark this as solved, since that does seem to be the issue.
  11. that'd make sense, though don't know why they'd move it farther in. it's pretty far already
  12. I have been playing a game for a while. I researched fuel lines, added them to a few ships, etc. Then I come back more recently, and fuel lines are no longer available in the VAB or SPH, and my ships with them are listed as invalid. When I look in the R&D Lab, I can see that they've been researched and the parts purchased. I'm guessing that something borked when the game was saved at some point. Can this be fixed by editing the save game?
  13. IIRC, the original intent was to provide a tool for mod developers to use, rather than something for the end-user to use. I've been out for a couple weeks for Christmas, I'll see if I can't get it compiled for .90 at some point.
  14. The system uses Module Manager, which is very commonly used in modding KSP. You might look for a tutorial on that, and then you should pretty well understand how to use ATC.
  15. Ahh, that would be the problem. There's not an in-game gui to mess with the nodes, it's done through config files. The OP has a spoiler labelled as "Example configfile". That'll give you an idea of the format.