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  1. same for me. crashing almost everytime i want to fly a vessel or sometimes randomly...
  2. Hello, i cant download the latest KSP version froms team because the Assembly-CSharp.dll is brovcken and steam wont download because it is broken. i also created a support ticket on steam. cleared the download cash and checked for other broken files and reinstalled like 5 times. The 1.3.1 version is working and installs nicely. the 1.4 update worked but since the last patch KSP wont start and wont install. anyone got a clue? or knows how i can obtain a Assembly-CSharp.dll from the latest version? Edit: can be closed. disabled windows defender and added the KSP folder to the ignore list. could download KSP and it works now. thanks
  3. just downloaded the new update and noticed that the redesign of the Mk1-2 Command Pod has no interior and also my kerbals are not shown on the right side. pressing C does nothing but i can EVA the Kerbals trough the hatch. is this intentional?
  4. nice to see this mod again. i still have a finished modeled Stargate wich could be implemented as a beacon but i am just a modeler & no programmer. if someone wants the model i can post a downloadlink. it can be split in seperate pieces (to make it more challenging so you have to assamble it in orbit) https://sketchfab.com/models/e9b30de412fb47628964ac41a1e276a0 i still dont know why noone tried to make a stargate since it is so iconic in sciencefiction. but who knows
  5. if anyone is interested here are the Blend Files: do whatever you want with them. MEGA
  6. I am sorry guys but this thread can be closed. I think i will not finish this set since i got no time beside school.
  7. How low? since i am planning on making some more landing legs it should be possible to include a low profile one.
  8. Animation Preview I also have redone the sides of the Air and LandingRockets parts so that they match better with Squads stock parts. (not in the video) Does someone know if it´s legal to use Squads mk2 Textures? or edit them and create new textures out of them?
  9. something like this? MK2 Landing Legs V2 by lennartsolik on Sketchfab
  10. Hello fellow Kerbonauts, i am planning on making some MK2 Additions in my spare time. What is Planned? - Landing Engines - Landing Gear - RCS Module - Engine + Landing Gear (combined) - Cargo Bay - Cargo Elevator - Elevator - things that may come into my mind spontaneously and i would love to hear some ideas from you guys. I will try my best to keep them Stockalike as Possible. If anyone is interested in a collaboration to develop this Project faster send me a PM.
  11. Thank you for your answer and explanation. After reading your post i thought about something simpler than how a classic stargate works. Since my version is a fictional version of a fictional stargate () It dont has to be working like a classic one. Just fly the ship inside. Maybe the gate recognizes a active vessel in a certain range (doesnt matter how big the ship is) then you can activate the jump to another gate and the vessel will be teleported near the other stargate. But as i said i am a total noob at scripting so i dont know if this could be done easily. regards
  12. Yesterday i created a Thread and asked for some help on a KSP Stargate. hab136 suggested I should ask here because it is essential the same thing like a Stargate. I am a total noob at scripting and only can model / texture the assets and maybe add some animations. I would be pleased to work in co-operation with you. regards
  13. Hello, I played KSP the other day, designed some neat Space planes who suffered from limited fuel because of the aesthetics and thought it would be nice to have some sort of Stargate. So i created a Model with Blender. I am a total Noob at scripting and thought about a stargate mechanism like the teleport from HyperEdit. If someone wants to help me with this Project please notify me.
  14. Thank you very much for your help. http://imgur.com/a/aAziQ Edit: Animation Toggle works in VAB but not in Flight. it says "Locked"...
  15. I used one clip. Lenght: 100 OpenAnimationclip: Start 0 end 49 Close animationclip: Start 50 end 100 in unity Mainclip = DoorAnimation Openclip = Open startframe 0 endframe 49 Closeclip = Close startframe 50 endframe 99 What do you mean with MAG? Edit: MAG = ModuleAnimateGeneric... so obvious..
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