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  1. I wonder if this is the same type of error that Scott Manley made a video of. I don't remember off-hand what the name of the failure was, but it involved planes getting ripped apart at low altitudes. I still haven't messed around with FAR, but I need to! I'm glad my vids were still able to help you out even without FAR
  2. I loaded up the latest version and it is working great! The lights are gone as well Are there any plans for recording the smoke/exhaust trails from rockets/planes in future updates? I imagine that would be a fairly large feature to add, but it would be really flippin' sweet!
  3. It definitely does! It needs some ducted fans instead of jets, but it's still pretty close Thanks! And ya I actually used that video to help get a better feel for the design of the ship. Most of what I found were blurry screencaps and concept art. That model is soo sweet
  4. A quick note: I updated the OP with an album to show off the looks a little bit better
  5. Hehe thanks! The part count got a little high by adding in all the smaller details, but I figured it was worth it
  6. Oblivion Bubble Ship Powered by Infernal Robotics I had made a 100% stock version of the Bubble Ship before, but I got a lot of requests to update it with the Infernal Robotics mod. The result turned out pretty well! I love how the legs can fold up behind the body now instead of hanging in front. The rotating engines are somewhat useful, but they can get you in to trouble since there isn't any lift coming from wings. It takes some getting used to, but it isn't too bad The overall design is pretty similar to the stock version aside from the landing legs and vtol engines. ALBUM VIDEO If
  7. Ah ya that's the tough part I'd recommend using a plane that has a fair amount of lift on it to give a better glide ratio. This will let you hang in the air a little longer to correct the alignment if you need to. For the most part I'm about 90% lined up with the runway by the time I'm 1km away and then do minor adjustments with the rudder and a little roll to line up as best i can before committing to a landing. What is the design of the plane you've been using to try and do this with? I could maybe whip up a training design with good handling to make landing easier to practice. Grats on ge
  8. Alright, time to get to work on this challenge BTW, your download link doesn't actually link to anywhere. Copy/pasting the text of the link works though. This link works: Fixed Link
  9. That's sweet! I might have to take the KSO for a spin one of these days As for lining up...there was a trick I saw on reddit once by Sattorin. He planted a flag at either end of the runway and would line up the two markers on approach so they'd overlap. When they line up like that you'll know that you are coming in fairly straight. I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds like it should work pretty well!
  10. This video is just to showcase some easy rocket configurations using the new parts. They're powerful and efficient enough to be SSTO's mathematically, so I put the to the test! P.S. Not sure if this is the right place, but it's not my usual tutorial/craft file type of video
  11. Hmm that's an interesting idea. I'll see if I can come up with something! No problem! That's great to hear How do you like the KSO?
  12. Cool! And congratulations on taking 2nd btw
  13. The new parts are pretty powerful! here's a LFB SSTO Only 8 parts if you don't count the launch clamps! Not efficient by any means, but it's cool these new parts can be standalone SSTOs lol
  14. A little late on the video, but here's a quick summary of the finalists. A little redundant at this point I guess Thanks again Xeldrak! See you guys at the next challenge Side note: If either Giggleplex or Filthy would prefer not to have their design in this video just let me know and I'll take it down. I forgot to ask, sorry!
  15. Mine would definitely have to be building/flying planes/SSTOs!
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